I am getting really fucking mad at this theme.

Everytime I change the title font in the HTML to Arial or something, it’s still this stupid squiggly font:

I’ve even changed the title font in the customise section, because it’s an option. I want to shoot something. Someone help me, please.

Helping a friend set up his Tumblr tonight really made me appreciate mine and how well established it is.

I appreciate every single one of my followers for giving me the time of day. I appreciate coryjohnny for making my theme. I appreciate bloody-brilliant for inspiring me to create my own Tumblr and I appreciate Tumblr for actually existing!

Oh, and Ben’s (my friend) Tumblr URL is apparation-dedication if anyone’s interested. He’s only just getting started and will take awhile to get the hang of it but he’s a massive Potterhead and Gleek. :)