And I cannot lie
You other brothers can’t deny
That when Chris walks in
With his itty-bitty waist
And his round butt’s in your face,
My dick is sprung

Wanna pull out tough
Cuz you notice that that butt is stuffed
Deep in the jeans he’s wearing

Oh baby, I wanna get with you
And take your picture

My homeboys try to warn me,
But that butt you got make me so horny
Warm Milk

1 dey kurt went 2 fins room 2 bring him sum warm milk

“i has warm milk 4 u”

“cool were is it?!!11” fin asked

“open wide!!!11!!1!1” kurt sed. 

fin did and kurt cam in2 his mouth omg !1!!!1!!11!!1111 

it was a explosion of rainbows n unicorns n milky yumminess

“omnomnomnomnom” fin sed, eatin ti up “dat wuz nummy”

den fin stuck his doodliedoo in kurts ask omg !1!!1!qaQ! 1Q1QA

fin cam

kurt cam

n dey were happy


Tinychat is fun xD


 Titties for Tykwan!

 More titties for Tykwan!

 I kept making this face in hopes that people would take a picture. I did anyways xD

message for me…

 A message for me…

These are like the least pervtastic. Apparently my tits are something people want to see. At least when I don’t have a bra on.

Sean got scared by Kayla


Just a sample of some of the people


We’re all attractive


We’re awesome

And I got hit on. So. Fucking. Much. Creepy but funny and semi-flattering, really.

That awkward moment when you're tumbling on your phone and your friend wants to know what you're laughing at

So you show her the post and it mentions Kinn and Monfer.

Then after a few seconds she understands what Monfer means

And freaks out and says “YOU CAN’T DO THAT WITH REAL PEOPLE!!!!”

And you pray to God she never sees what your tracked tags are and what Royal Families you are a part of