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Trump asked his advisers if he can pardon himself

  • Trump reportedly has been asking his advisers about his ability to pardon family members and even himself, according to the Washington Post.
  • In a new bombshell report, the Post claims that Trump and his team have been looking into ways to “limit or undercut” special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into his campaign and alleged ties to Russia.
  • Trump was reportedly frustrated to learn that Mueller’s investigation can go beyond the Russia inquiry to explore his and his family’s finances.
  • The Post reported that his team in the White House is looking into potential conflicts of interest that Mueller might have. Conflicts of interest are one of the potential avenues available for removing special counsel under the law.
  • Trump is also said to be especially concerned by the fact that Mueller could access several years of his tax returns. Read more (7/21/17)

The Russia investigation may be reaching a “pivot point” — which could result in a constitutional crisis

  • The New York Times reported Trump’s attorneys are looking for ways to discredit Mueller’s Russia investigation — and potentially fire Mueller.
  • The Washington Post also reported the lawyers are looking for potential conflicts of interest among Mueller’s attorneys.
  • “If you’re trying to fire prosecutors … we’re coming toward a real crisis,” Ron Hosko said in an interview Thursday afternoon. 
  • The head of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, who once oversaw the criminal investigative division of the FBI, Hosko said that Trump considering interfering with or firing Mueller would be a “pivot point” for the country in the Russia investigation.
  • It’s not clear what would happen if the president tried to fire Mueller or direct his investigation. What is clear: It would trigger a legal and constitutional crisis. Read more (7/21/17)

David Ayer talks Gotham City Sirens

On why Ayer chose to tell this story, as opposed to a direct sequel to Suicide Squad, he responded, “It’s a story about three fantastic women who’re trying to find their way in the world, and realise that they have more power together than they do individually.” He added, “I have daughters, and I want to create something that might be able to help them get along in the world a little bit.”

When pressed on whether Harley Quinn, who will once again be played by Margot Robbie, will switch up her iconic look, Ayer replied, “Let’s put a pin in that. Maybe next Comic-Con.” He did tease a bit, adding, “Everybody evolves.”

David Ayer signed on to Gotham City Sirens back in December of 2016. Though the question of whether or not Jared Leto will reprise his role as The Joker is still up in the air, recent rumours point to Black Mask being the film’s main villain. The film doesn’t have a release date yet, but Warner Bros. Pictures has set two dates in 2020 for unspecified DC films.

Bernie Sanders is taking a stand against bipartisan energy bill that could increase fracking

  • With the Senate focused on health care reform, a little-noticed bill that could increase America’s production of fossil fuels may see a vote on the Senate floor as soon as next week.
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) does not plan to let that legislation pass quietly. “Our job is to move away from fossil fuels toward sustainable energy and energy efficiency. This bill does the opposite.”
  • In an email statement on Thursday night, Sanders said he opposes the current form of the Energy and Natural Resources Act, a bipartisan bill introduced in late June.
  • Those senators say the bill would modernize America’s energy infrastructure by finding “common ground” on energy issues.
  • The bill would also continue funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a fund that taxes oil and natural gas earnings to preserve U.S. land and water resources. Read more (7/20/17)

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Jordan Edwards’ mother speaks out after Monday’s indictment of the officer who killed her son

  • Attorneys for the parents of Jordan Edwards hosted a joint press conference in Dallas on Thursday to publicly refute claims made earlier in the week by lawyers working for the officer who fatally shot their unarmed black child in April.
  • Former Balch Springs, Texas, police officer Roy Oliver, 37, was indicted for murder Monday for shooting 15-year-old Edwards in the head with an assault rifle on April 29.
  • Edwards’ father, Odell Edwards, and stepmother, Charmaine Edwards, filed a federal lawsuit against Oliver and the Balch Springs Police Department in May. The teen’s biological mother, Shaunkeyia Stephens, joined the suit in June.
  • On Tuesday, Oliver’s attorneys released a response to the parents’ complaint, denying that Oliver shot Edwards unjustifiably and claiming someone in Edwards’ car that night was affiliated with a gang. Read more (7/20/17)

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Greyson Chance comes out as gay
"I am happy, I am here for you, and I am proud of who I am."

Greyson Chance, the 19-year-old singer who got his start as a kid singing on YouTube and the Ellen Show, came out as gay in an Instagram post this week.

You might remember Chance as the amazing then-12-year-old who performed Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi at his school talent show years ago. Ellen signed him to her label soon after. He says he’s known he was gay since he was 16, but took his time to get ready to tell the world. 

Here’s what he wrote on Instagram:

The decision to write this came after I received a message from a brave individual. Such message inspired me to shed light on an aspect of my private life which I have kept distant from my career in music. I came to fully recognize that I was gay when I was sixteen. I decided not to publicize my sexuality largely due to a matter of privacy, as I was still trying to find comfort and confidence within my own skin. Further, I always found conversations regarding music, politics, art, books – and the greatness of Nas’ catalog – to be far more interesting than what type of guy I was into. This is still true today. While this message is most definitely overdue, I encourage anyone who is navigating their sexuality to devote as much time as they need to the process of finding self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-love. Hell, for me, it took years to write this message. Nevertheless, I figured now was the time to let a few more friends know that I am happy, I am here for you, and I am proud of who I am. 

Congratulations, Greyson! 

Kenneth Jay Lane turned designing “fake” jewelry into a global business. He didn’t take himself too seriously — joking his costume jewelry wasn’t fake or junk. Instead, he would pronounce it “faque” and “junque.”

Lane died in his sleep at his home in Manhattan, according to Chris Sheppard, executive vice president of Lane’s company. Lane was 85.

A documentary film about the designer, called Fabulously Fake: The Real Life of Kenneth Jay Lane, is expected to be released in 2018.

Costume Jewelry Designer Kenneth Jay Lane Dies At 85

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Black Widow… there’s stuff coming up. I don’t think you’ll hear about it at this convention, but we have a lot coming up.
—  Nick Lowe, when asked about upcoming Black Widow plans at the SDCC Next Big Thing panel.