February 24, 1986. Monday. Radio Veritas, the Catholic radio station, was the only station that could be relied upon since it was the only radio news independent from the government. And in the days that passed since Jaime Cardinal’s Sin and Cory’s call for the people to support the military rebels, the radio station was a beacon of light against the dominant Marcos propaganda saying that the rebels committed high treason against the country and that the crowd in EDSA was just a sizeable few.

However, yesterday, military men controlled by Marcos have destroyed the transmission tower of the radio station, limiting the station’s reach to Luzon. At midnight, today, however, a mysterious radio station went on air, calling itself Radyo Bandido. The “bandit” station never divulged its radio transmission channel, but played “Mambo Magsaysay” every now and then so that listeners would recognize that it IS Radio Veritas. Hence, as Radio Veritas went off the air, Radio Bandido gave the people a blow by blow account of what was happening in Malacañang and EDSA. It was the radio version of the Mosquito Press, those independent news organs during the Martial Law period which the government couldn’t suppress, but have instead labeled as subversives for not passing through the strict censorship of the Marcos dictatorship. Since the transmission was never revealed on air, the government was clueless where the transmission was coming from, nor could they locate the transmission tower of the station. In a pre-Internet Philippines, it was the only radio station that people around the country were glued on in the final days of dictatorship.

It was here at around 1:00 a.m. that the thousands of crowd in EDSA went grim. Radyo Bandido has just announced that marines could attack any time soon in Camp Aguinaldo. Church bells rang in support of the RAM rebels as people formed human barricades outside the Philippine Constabulary headquarters.

Every now and then, Cory Aquino would speak live on radio. By 3:30 a.m. Defense Minister Enrile would go on air via radio announcing that “two armored personnel carriers were on their way towards Ortigas.” He got the information from a look-out soldier.

At Gate 2 of Camp Aguinaldo, the human barricade of thousands braced themselves against the possible shelling. Ramos would recount:

I called upon everyone who was not needed in headquarters-either they were not part of our staff or of our operations center-to seek a safer place. I advised all foreign nationals that we would no longer be responsible for their safety. Also, over the radio I advised the foreign embassies that we were expecting an attack and requested them to inform the outside world of this.

The Marine troops came and this time they moved with efficiency. Tear gas and truncheons were used to disperse the barricade at Camp Aguinaldo, and Marcos’ forces broke through the eastern wall of the camp. They marched, but to no avail. The civilians led by priests, nuns, and pastors were determined to stand their ground. As the smoke subsided, the crowd sang the National Anthem, some prayed, some clapped. The attacking military was stunned.

At around 6:00 a.m. choppers hovered around Camp Crame. Ramos, and the defecting soldiers, including the civilians thought it was the end. “Disperse! Take cover!” The instruction was not to fire unless they are fired upon. The reporters took cover as the Marines surrounded the camp. Seven choppers, all with rockets and guns landed in Crame. This is it.

National Artist Nick Joaquin writes:

“We could see their mounted machine guns pointed downward. The crowd prayed louder, the religious continued singing. Then it happened. The lead helicopter waved the white flag! The others did the same. The soldiers on the choppers leaned out to flash the Laban sign. The multitude went wild! People were laughing and crying and hugging each other. A sort of miracle had likewise happened at Libis.”

The entire 15th Strike Wing of the Philippine Air Force has defected to join the EDSA Revolution.

Meanwhile, before the sun rose in Manila Bay, Commodore Tagumpay Jardiniano, Chief of the Naval Defense Force announced to his fleet:

“As early as Saturday I committed my unit in support of the Minister and Gen. Ramos for what I believe is a cause worth fighting for.”

The officers jumped with joy and with tears. Soon the frigate would point its guns on Malacañan.

In Manila, a rebel helicopter was able to fire a few rounds from the Post Office area to Malacañan, hitting the Palace grounds near Imelda Marcos’ bedroom causing a loud crash sound that caused panic in the Palace. Col. Irwin Ver, chief of staff of the Palace guards and Fabian Ver’s son called the Marines in Crame. By this time the Marines have already defected and sided with the EDSA Revolution, and had effectively turned a deaf ear to the kill order from Marcos.

In a fit of rage, Fabian Ver ordered the wing commander of the F-5 jet fighters over Manila to “Bomb Camp Crame immediately!” despite the presence of overwhelming civilians. The commander only replied sarcastically: “Yes, sir, roger. Proceeding now to strafe Malacañang.”

The crowd grew to millions in EDSA, as President Marcos appeared on television that morning, posturing on TV by telling his Chief of Staff to disperse the crowd without hurting them. But this was all just for show, for thirty minutes after, General Josephus Ramas would confirm that he was already given a kill order, relaying it to the Marines. The Marines however, turned a deaf ear to the order.

“Colonel, fire your howitzers now!”

But the colonel would lie to Ramas:

“We are still positioning the cannons and we are looking for maps.”

Marcos has already declared a State of Emergency, stating that the government’s maximum tolerance was officially lifted.

At 3:00 p.m., around two million people filled EDSA from Cubao to Ortigas, and also in Santolan, Libis, San Juan and surrounding streets. It was no longer about protecting Enrile, Ramos or the rebels. It’s about putting one’s ass there, for liberty, for freedom.

Channel 4, now overtaken by the rebel military, began its broadcast telling the soldiers on Marcos’ side to defect, for honor and for the people whom they serve.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of POEA building in the Ortigas-EDSA intersection, Cory Aquino appeared for the first time again since Saturday. In a makeshift stage, she said:

“We have recovered our freedoms, our rights, and our dignity with much courage and, we thank God, with little blood. I enjoin the people to keep the spirit of peace as we remove the last vestiges of tyranny, to be firm and compassionate. Let us not, now that we have won, descend to the level of the evil forces we have defeated.

"I have always said I can be magnanimous in victory, no more hate, no more fighting. I appeal to all Filipinos of both sides of the struggle. This is now the time for peace, the time for healing.”

Seeing the overwhelming influence of Ninoy’s widow to the millions at EDSA, Enrile conceded in the leadership of what was planned to be a military junta. Cory, he realized, was the “moral leader” of the revolution. As night came, the entire military have turned their backs from the sickly Ozymandias in Malacañang who milked the country dry. And the people in the streets, the Filipino nation, full of cheers, song and prayer, wished above all else, to eject the dictator from his place.

One day more and that wish would be granted.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution of February 1986, a peaceful revolution that ended an oppressive dictatorship in the Philippines, to the shock of the entire world.

Photo above:

(1)  Instant jubilation as the helicopters did not fire. Photo by Manuel Ferrer, courtesy of the Presidential Museum and Library.

(2)  The people’s uprising engulfs the helicopters which had just defected.  Photo by Jaime Unson, courtesy of the Presidential Museum and Library.

(3)  Puny hands against a hefty metal of tanks: this was people power at its most visible during the confrontation on Sunday afternoon. Photo by Peter Reyes, courtesy of the Presidential Museum and Library

(4)  Before noon: Marcos appears live on government television to say that he was in control.  Photo by Manuel Ferrer, courtesy of the Presidential Museum and Library. 

(5)  Rebel troops surround Channel 4, the government station. Photo by Mon Santos, courtesy of the Presidential Museum and Library

(6)  A reformist and a Marcos loyalist soldier embrace. Photo by Sonny Camarillo, courtesy of the Presidential Museum and Library

Joshaya Week Day 6: The Lens of Unconditional Love

Okay I know this is like crazy late, but I was truly very busy with work and school. I’m in my final semester for college, and also volunteer at like 3 different places, along with a part-time tutoring job all at the same time, so this weekend has been so cray-cray and hectic. And that means my joshaya writing got the short end of the stick unfortunately. Nevertheless, here is what I came up with for day 6. I know it’s not great, I got writers’ block, but I hope you guys still enjoy the read. I was all smiles writing out the joshaya scenes ehe. I can’t help writing cheesy, cliche, fluff stuff. I blame Joshaya aha.

Context: Maya gets sick in Riley’s absence while Riley and Topanga are visiting her grandparents in Philadelphia over the summer. Cory immediately takes her in at the Matthews’ house, and Shawn and Josh are also staying the night.

It was 2 a.m. The moon glimmered in the night sky outside, creating a peaceful and tranquil sight; but inside a certain Matthews’ apartment in New York, one boy by the name of Joshua Gabriel Matthews was as restless as ever, his eyes peering at the white ceiling above him, distraught with the distressed thoughts of a certain blonde, a gorgeous one at that.

He’d had enough. He couldn’t take it anymore; the anxiety was killing him inside. He got up out of his bed in the guest room, convincing himself that he needed to go check up on Maya. Seeing her sick state before being practically forced by Cory to go to sleep wasn’t going down well with his heart. His mind said he wanted to sleep, but his heart begged to differ.

His anxiety proved true. When he walked into Riley’s room, he saw her on her best friend’s bed, shaking slightly, shivering. It was a reason to panic, as it was summer, and there was no reason that one should shiver in this season unless you had the flu or a fever. Either state would bring about symptoms where your internal body temperature would be high, and at the same time, you would feel like your body was standing in the North Pole. What was more was that the covers were sprawled over, the multi-patterned quilt not doing a good job at all of covering her form.

Josh rushed over in a heartbeat, but still quiet enough to not wake anyone else in the house up. Pulling the covers over her, he put his right hand on her forehead, feeling it burning up. Knowing what to do, and with past experience of what his own mother would do when he was sick, he walked out the door towards the kitchen.

Shawn Hunter stirred in his sleep while he lay on the couch in his living room. In his subconscious mind, his ears could pick up faint noises of clanks and soft clutter nearby. Sure enough, he slowly came to into full conscience, and got up from the couch with a groan. Darkness was around him, as it should have been. Huh. Must’ve been a hallucination. Seeing as his slumber had been interrupted, he went to check up on his surrogate daughter. She had entered his life by storm, and his life had never been the same since.

As he made his way towards Riley’s room, his jaw dropped slightly, and he rubbed his eyes vigorously with his hands, completely shocked at what he was seeing. Joshua Matthews was sitting on the edge of Riley’s bed, by Maya, wringing out a small hand towel after taking it out of a cold bowl of water on the desk by her bed. Concern and care was in his eyes; he watched as he gently and delicately placed the towel on her forehead, and the wrinkles and strained lines on her forehead instantly withered away, her body relaxing.

Sure, he’d expected the sight, but he definitely didn’t picture Josh as part of it. If it was Riley, it’d be completely believable. They were two peas in a pod, always co-existent. Riley was always there for Maya in an instant. But Josh? He didn’t understand. He had never shown an extra ounce of concern for her apart from the normal, chivalrous, gentleman-like guy he was. And the way he was taking care of her, panic and concern written all over his face. It looked as though he was the one hurting from the physical pain and discomfort Maya was feeling, as if they were connected in some way.

The realization then dawned on him. He cared. He was concerned. He was here because, perhaps, no there wasn’t another doubt about it – he harboured the same feelings for his surrogate daughter that Maya had, if not more.

He had the same look in his eyes that Shawn Hunter had once seen years ago in Cory’s eyes for Topanga.

At first, it was shock. Then disbelief. He couldn’t believe it – his mind went through several flashbacks of the past year since he first returned to New York on that memorable Christmas evening. And indeed – he started to see the signs. The hints from Josh were extremely subtle, but still existent nonetheless. The way he was extra delicate and gentle around her, the way his voice went soft and gentile whenever she talked to him; actually, now that he’d thought about it – it was clear that what Josh felt for Maya was completely pure, deep, and unconditional.

After all, he was a Matthews. And when a Matthews boy gets whipped, they get it bad.

That didn’t overpower the fact that he still had his inhibitions and second thoughts of the implications and complications of the bond between them. He took a step forward, wanting to end it before whatever this was that he could see developing began. It was too dangerous, and too complicated, at this current time. And as much as he wanted to trust the boy, there was no denying that he was, after all, a boy. He had the potential to make mistakes, and there was no way he would let Maya receive the short end of the stick. And so, with a more definitive step, he started to approach inside the room, when he felt a firm hand clamp onto his shoulder.

His best friend of over 20 years. Cory Matthews. A knowing look was on his partner’s face, telling him that he knew. With a simple gesture towards the living room, it was clear that Cory wanted to talk to him and avoid the confrontation that Shawn deemed important with his baby brother.

After Josh was convinced that Maya was completely safe and peacefully sleeping, he got up from the bed, turning on his heel to leave the room.

He felt his feet stopping himself from moving another step forward, a hand on his wrist. He looked at it, then slowly trailed his gaze, turning around to look at the girl who had took hold of his arm so desperately. A slight frown was on her lips, as if she subconscious knew of his departure.

He gazed at her unconscious form of slumber, while slowly kneeling down to the ground, his knees on the carpet. Josh took her tiny, fragile and weak hand in between his own, generating warmth. Raising her hand up slightly, he pressed his lips to the soft snow-pigmented surface of her hand, muttering words of comfort and solace while doing so. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m not going anywhere, promise.”

A smile found its way on his own lips as he pulled away, admiring the way she inhaled and exhaled in slumber in a tranquil manner. “Sweet dreams, gorgeous.”

Soon enough, sleep caught up with him as well, and before he knew it his head lowered down onto the soft covers of the bed, dropping near the hand that was wrapped around hers.

That was the most peaceful sleep he had in his entire life. In fact, for both of them.

“How long?”

Cory stayed silent.

Shawn looked at him firmly, demanding answers.

He let out a rue-filled sigh. “I’d like to say since he first saw her while wearing that star wars t-shirt when he was ten, but really he started to really acknowledge his feelings after Maya crashed a college dorm party to see him.”

Ah yes. Him and Maya had talked of the incident briefly. He knew of her affection towards the chestnut-haired, blue-eyed boy, but the fact that those feelings were reciprocated? That took him by storm.

“Shawn, you know me, you know our family. You know that Josh would never do anything to hurt her in any way – “

“I know. It’s just that these new emotions in me just can’t stand the thought of any boy for that matter coming close to her, I don’t know I feel so protective, like I want to protect her from anything that could potentially cause her harm.”

“I get it. I’m a father too, any boy in our daughters’ lives would be a villain to us.”

His best friend was right, like always. Joshua Matthews was a one-of-a-kind, a gem of a person. He was a Matthews after all. Indeed, he had nothing to worry about, except…

“But Cory, you know the issue – “
“Yeah. The age difference. I’ve talked to him about this. He’s aware of his limits, and he knows his boundaries.” At first, he was dead set against the notion, but his younger brother had convinced him that he wouldn’t do anything in his right mind that would disappoint his older brother. Josh simply didn’t want to run anymore; all he wanted was to be by her side, whether it was as a friend, or more. Cory was convinced with the promise from Josh that nothing intimate or any other frowned-upon notion would happen until the time was right.

“Wow.” That was all that escaped Shawn’s lips. He was stunned at the degree of nobility and maturity that Josh had instilled in him, and had now realized he couldn’t have asked for a better guy deserving for his surrogate daughter.

He let out a small chuckle at the thought. “Cory, you do realize that Maya could be your sister-in-law in the near future one day?”

“Don’t remind me.” He replied, with a similar voice of slight disdain, reflective of his own brown-haired daughter, who was as equally as initially repulsed at the mere thought of her best friend being her Aunt.  

Josh squinted his eyes, feeling a bright light suddenly blotching up his vision. Slowly, he came to, and peered around his surroundings. It was now morning – the sun had risen, and its rays shone, penetrating through the glass of the window behind him. After glancing around, he smiled at the sight of his hand still wrapped around Maya’s, who was fast asleep, dreaming dreams. He always enjoyed seeing her asleep – the same innocence on her face as when she was little.

 It was her turn to squint her own eyes now. Josh noticed the same, as well as the discomfort caused by the rays of the sun shining down on her. Not a second had passed as he moved forward, slightly getting up from his knees on the ground and extending his legs to move his arm that wasn’t involved in holding her hand, hovering it over her eyes. His tactic seemed to work, as her features relaxed again, slipping into deep slumber once again.

There was no doubt about it. Joshua Matthews knew that one day, if the universe and the omnipotent force willed, Maya Hart was the only girl and the first face he wished to see when he would wake up every morning.

His older brother was indeed right all those years ago – he had indeed met a woman as wonderful as Topanga.

ok I saw a theory post about how maya might need glasses and do you know how cute that would be??? like the smol angry blonde refusing to get them because she thinks they make her look weird but cory realizes that it affects her learning so he makes her buy some and???? riley gushing about how cute they make her look and farkle finding them nerdy aka he’s in “love” aND LUCAS oh my god lucas would look at her so smitten when he sees her with them on for the first time like wow could she be more attractive?? but then he sees her trying to go without wearing them sometimes like in public and he asks her about it and she tells him how different from everyone else she feels when she wears them and he’s like “well I don’t think it’s much of a difference… you look good either way” or some stupid shit like that because he’s a dumb nerd in love with maya and she’s a dumb smol child in love with lucas and I don’t know where I was going with this but glasses!maya needs to happen

anonymous asked:

riarkle headcanon about one of them falling sick and the other trying to help/cheer them (whether they do it well or not is up to you lmao) please! xo


  • Okay so Farkle sleeps over Riley’s house a lot
  • Because sometimes his parents just get too loud and if he doesn’t wanna die of sleep exhaustion Riley’s is the place to be
  • Mostly because she lives closer to him than Maya does, but also because Riley lowkey just cheers him up by existing lol
  • Okay so anyway, he started sleeping over a lot in like 5th grade, so the Matthews never question it if he just shows up late at night, or if they walk into Riley’s room in the morning and see him passed out
  • And Farkle has never been sick a day in his life, we know he has a perfect attendance record at school. So if Riley every gets sick and has to stay home, Cory just drives him to school and that’s usually it. Luckily, though, Riley’s also a pretty healthy kid too
  • Okay but then so one day in like 9th grade
  • Farkle comes over around dinner time but it’s pretty clear he’s probably not going home that night
  • Anyway, Riley is literally transforming into Death Incarnate before everyone’s eyes
  • Like he walks in and she sneezes and that’s not a problem
  • But 20 minutes later at dinner, she has huge dark circles under her eyes and she’s super congested
  • Barely an hour later and she’s shivering uncontrollably and sounding close to coughing up a lung
  • This goes on ALL NIGHT omg this poor girl just gets worse and worse
  • Everyone’s fussing around her which she finds embarrassing but they all eventually pass out
  • They wake up at like 6:00am to Riley puking her guts out omfgg
  • Cory and Topanga are trying to do what they can to help but are panicking because they ran out of the cold medicine they’d been giving her and tissues last night
  • So Farkle, who’s still in his freaking pajamas, is like “I’ll run to the drugstore down the street” and is out of the apartment before they can even argue with him
  • Okay so Riley’s stomach gives her a break and Cory’s trying to get her back in bed while Topanga tries to whip up some weird herbal remedy she remembers from her Hippie Youth
  • Maya’s climbing through the window by now and Cory’s immediately trying to keep her out of the Designated Quarantined Area which is pissing her off so she’s not exactly listening to him
  • Auggie’s upset because Riley’s sick and he’s a little sweetheart aww
  • And Topanga comes in the room after the finishes her weird herb stuff and she’s like “Where’s Farkle???”
  • And Cory’s like “He ran out to the store remember??”
  • “Yeah but that was like 45 minutes ago???? The store is only just down the street”
  • So just as the are getting ready to Panic over child #4′s safety, he stumbles up the fire escape and climbs thru the window
  • He’s shivering even harder than Riley is and he looks like a freaking Zombie right off the Walking Dead
  • And Cory’s like???? You okay buddy?????
  • And Farkle looks so miserable omfg he just goes “Either on the way to the store or on the way back, I puked 3 times. Maybe 5. I can’t remember.” omfg
  • The little champ still has a bag of everything they need tho
  • So Cory’s trying to gently shove him into the bed (he’s trying to argue he’s okay enough to go to school lol) and Topanga is FLIPPING HER SHIT because Riley got progressively got sick all night why did Farkle start dying so quickly
  • And Farkle’s just like “I started feeling sick at like 11 but I was worried about Riley so I didn’t say anything”
  • So now everyone is like C H I L D P L E A S E and Cory’s calling the school to mark them absent and Topanga is fussing about and Maya’s complaining that they’re actually gonna leave her alone with Smackle and The Flannels all day???? She’s sure if left alone they’ll start crooning country songs about math.
  • Riley’s in like half a coma but she’s trying to yell at Farkle for not taking care of himself omg
  • Okay so by now Maya’s already missed the subway and she doesn’t want to go to school anyone but Cory’s dragging her to his car lol
  • And Topanga is really worried about leaving them alone but homegirl literally just landed a case that could make or break her career so she makes sure everything they need is in arms reach and promises to call them every hour
  • Cory’s in the car with Maya and he has her call Stuart and put it on speaker so he can talk and drive legally and
  • “Hello?”
  • “Thought it would interest you to know that our children are halfway in the grave right now.”
  • “Cory what are you talking about?”
  • So Cory explains that Riley got sick but Farkle has to outdo everyone and managed to get even sicker in the name of chivalry,
  • Which makes Stuart laugh and he promises to stop by with soup or something for them at lunch time
  • Which makes Cory feel a little better that they won’t be entirely alone for 8 hours omg
  • So now back to the sick losers
  • Who are just laying in bed, withering away with headaches, chills, fevers, nausea and honestly God knows whatever else
  • Riley is officially annoyed with Farkle for hiding the fact he felt sick 
  • And he’s like…can I do anything right,
  • The answer is apparently ‘no’ lmao
  • So now they’re just laying in bed watching some show on the Science channel and Farkle’s sick and miserable and just wants to cuddle or something and Riley is sick and miserable and has her arms crossed over her chest all huffy and is very determined to stare directly at the screen and not look at him at all lol
  • Also she’s using his freaking space-print sweatshirt as a nightgown which is a bit too much for him because he still doesn’t know how or why tf she’s breaking into his house and stealing all his clothes
  • She has a little more energy than him so she’s the one that refills all the water glasses and makes sure they take fever reducers on time
  • Which annoys Farkle he’s like??? Riley you’re sick let me do it
  • So now they’re just yelling at each other that they need to worry about their own health,
  • Except they can’t get their voices louder than a hoarse whisper but you can tell they mean to yell
  • And then Riley suddenly lets out this huge sneeze that literally knocks her off the bed because of the position she was sitting in
  • And they suddenly both realize how completely ridiculous they’re being and start cracking up
  • Well, as much as they could without hurting themselves omfg
  • Okay but Riley is still trying to wrap her head around Farkle quietly suffering all through the night because she doesn’t get it
  • And he was like “Riley I’ve met you and I knew the second I said I wasn’t feeling well you’d be trying to convince everyone else you’re fine so they’d focus solely on me”
  • And she’s like “…shut up.”
  • “You know it’s true.”
  • “That’s completely irrelevant to the point I’m trying to make.”
  • “All I did was exactly what you would’ve done!”
  • “You’re still a dumbass!” only now she’s trying really hard not to smile
  • So he just rolls his eyes and accepts he’s not gonna win this and they turn their attention back to NASA’s Unexplained Files what dorks
  • Riley makes them check their temperatures like every 10 minutes because she’s paranoid and Farkle’s fever is getting higher while hers is more steady
  • She’s pretty worried but when Topanga calls in she’s assured it’ll probably go down a little like hers did last night
  • She still throws an ice pack at his head tho lol
  • Okay so they eventually pass out from sheer exhaustion because seriously who tf can stay awake when they’re sick
  • Minkus gets there at noon with a huge container of chicken noddle soup and two hot chocolate’s from some store near his work
  • He walks into Riley’s room to wake them up and is immediately met with the strong smell of vapor rub and cough drops 
  • And he immediately realizes Cory was not exaggerating when he said the kids looked like zombies holy shit 
  • Even though they’re both dead asleep and tightly cuddled up together under like six heavy blankets in total, they’re still shivering, huge dark eye circles, super pale, Riley looks like she’s sweating a little but Farkle appears to have an ice pack being held onto his head by a hair band?
  • Both are snoring loudly because of how congested they are and are managing to look peaceful and exhausted at the same time. Stuart feels really bad about having to wake them up, but they need to eat and take more medicine omfg
  • So he gets them up and like 15 minutes is wasted because all they can physically do is sneeze
  • Then they try their hardest to eat but Farkle gets exactly 5 spoonful’s down before he’s running to the bathroom to puke it back up and Riley’s in a lot of pain trying to eat or drink anything because she actually coughed her throat raw omfg
  • So now he’s Properly Worried about this but the earliest doctor’s appointment Topanga was able to book was tomorrow at 9 am. Apparently it’s just that time of year, you know?
  • So he’s checking their temperatures again- Farkle’s is now at a steady (but still way too high) temperature and even though Riley’s looked like it was breaking when he got there, it just spiked again omfg
  • He has to head back to work but he switches out ice packs, gives Riley a little carton of ice cream for her throat, and changes the trash bags for them (they’d already filled up like two with tissues and cough drops), and does his best to make sure they don’t die while trying to take fever reducers and whatever the hell this stuff Topanga had cooked up was
  • So he leaves and Riley legitimately cannot talk or make any sound anymore it hurts her too much
  • Farkle doesn’t seem to be that much far behind he’s only been able to communicate in groans and moans since his dad tried to get him to eat
  • These poor children omfg
  • So Riley’s worried about Farkle because she knows his illness is on the tails of hers so soon he’s gonna feel her pain and maybe it’ll be worse since she had a head start with medicine omfg she’s very worried about him it’s clearly her fault for getting sick in the first place
  • And Farkle’s worried about Riley because she’s literally gone mute and he’s never seen her look so miserable in her life and if he feels sick he doesn’t want her feeling sick and of course he knows she probably feels worse than he does because she’s had it longer wait dammit she better not be trying to blame herself for him being sick
  • But neither of them can communicate anything to each other so Riley’s just got her head in his shoulder and he’s got an arm around her and they very much look ready to die omg babies
  • They fall asleep again and wake up at like 6 because even though lunch was disastrous Topanga wants them to try and eat dinner
  • They’re both surprised to be alive tbh but they’re feeling slightly better. Riley still can’t make a sound though and Farkle’s too foggy to complete sentences
  • They manage to get through dinner without dying or puking though, so that’s improvement! They didn’t finish anything obviously but still
  • Minkus would’ve taken Farkle home but the poor kid didn’t look like he had the energy to make the trip aww
  • They’re back in the Designated Quarantined Area and it feels like they’ve been sick for 30 years but it’s only been a day this is awful
  • They’re trying to focus more on whatever show they’re watching more than how sick they feel omg
  • They aren’t even cuddling anymore now they’re just holding hands and trying to out thumb rub each other for moral support omfg
  • The doctor doesn’t give them any actual diagnosis in the morning, just tells them to drink lots of fluids omfg
  • They stay sick for the rest of the week but slowly and surely their fevers break and they rejoin the Land of the Living!!
  • When they finally go back to school Maya made a big scene like “never leave me alone with this weird folk band again!” which mildly offended Lucas, Smackle and Zay bc wtf Maya our singing is not that bad
  • But omfg okay they recover but emotionally this was such an ordeal for the two of them
  • Riley makes sure to have cough drops and tissues on her person for the rest of her life and Farkle always has hand sanitizer
  • And they managed to develop a weird sixth sense when it comes to each others immune systems omfg like Riley will start to get a headache and 10 minutes later Farkle’s there with motrin or something
  • One time Riley said ‘Bless you’ and Farkle said ‘what?’, then promptly sneezed
  • Omfg
  • And ever since then when one or both of them get sick they just immediately go to each other because fuck you know how to handle this don’t you
  • r i a r k l e

TSUTO: I don’t understand this, Courtney. We have traveled around the town, but everything seemed normal. There’s nothing from it but we got themselves a tanned skin.

CORY: No, you may not noticed it.

TSUTO: Then what’s it? Everything looks normal, even if this place has some spooky aura that veils it.

CORY: You don’t realize that this place is somehow desolate, right?

TSUTO: Desolate…? Wait, people should come to art museum whenever it’s weekend or not. But you’re right. I see nobody but us. Just us.


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“Maya! Just the girl I was looking for!” Cory says when he walks down the stairs and see the fiery blonde laying on his couch eating his food while watching a movie on his television. “Is Riley still on a date?”

Maya nods and then says, “If this about me not doing my homework I don’t wanna hear about it. I am in college, you are finally not my teacher!”

Cory puts a hand to his heart. “Hurtful,” he states, sitting down next to her. “What I really wanna talk to you about is Josh.”

Maya groans. “We’ve been over this, I am going to be your sister in law one day. Just get over it.”

“I will never!” Cory yells, opening one of the albums he brought with him. “Just look at this.”

“Aw is this Josh? He’s so cute!” Maya says, picking up the photo album and looking through the pictures. “Oh my gosh! Look he’s dressed as a little pumpkin!”

Cory frowns, this was not going as planned. “Okay enough of the baby pictures lets get on with the awkward teenage years,” he says giving her another scrapbook.

She flips through a couple pages, “He’s still cute even with a Bieber haircut!” She cooes, flipping through more of the pages.

“Enough of that,” he says pulling the book away. “Did you know that he used to pick his nose and then eat the boogers when he was a kid?”

“Didn’t ever little boy? If he still we would have some problems,” Maya replies, “besides Riley used to pick her nose and wipe them in your suit pockets.”

Cory shudders not needing to know that. “He used to listen to Taylor swift music on full blast and sing a long when he was ten.”

Maya actually ‘aws’ at the thought of that. “I wish I could have seen that. He probably looked adorable!”

Cory throws his hands in the air, “I give up!” Before taking the photo albums and going back upstairs leaving a smug Maya behind.

Two days later he decided to try again but this time with Josh. Josh had come over for dinner and decided to spend the night since it was getting late. Everyone had already gone to bed when Cory came downstairs to see Josh still up.

“My brotha,” he says sitting down next to him.

“My brotha!” Josh replies with a smile. “Why are you still up?”

“I was coming to get a glass of water but this is the perfect time to talk to you,” Cory says.

Josh raises an eyebrow curiously. “Okay…” He says slowly. “Is everyone okay?”

“Yes everything is fine. I just need you to think about if you really want to make me have Maya as a sister in law,” Cory retorts.

Josh laughs, “that’s what’s got you not able to sleep? If I am going to ask Maya to marry me? We’re in college.”

“Yes, I know that and I am not saying your going to now but did you know she used to have a major crush on all of the Jonas Brothers?” Cory asks.

Josh practically snorts, he could never see Maya being the type to fangirl over a boy band.

“It’s true, her bedroom walls used to be covered in posters of them. She even had a Jonas brothers backpack in sixth grade,” Cory nods.

Josh laughs, imaging his hot tempered rebellious girlfriend walking around with a Jonas Brothers backpack. “Do you have pictures?” He asks.

Cory laughs, and then pulls two pictures out of his pockets like he had been expecting Josh to ask that. After he hands them to Josh he leans back crossing his arm.

“Is her hair in pigtails?” Josh asks astonished a small smile spreading on his face. “She looks adorable.”

Cory mouths opens in surprise, “but-what- no!” He says, as he begins to try and think of something else embarrassing. “When she was in fourth grade she cut her own hair!”

“Hasn’t everyone cut their hair?” Josh asks, as Cory hands him a picture of Maya with chopped up bangs. “She actually looks cute with bangs.”

Cory frowns and crosses his arms. “I know for a fact that she sleeps with a stuffed pink bear! She brings it whenever she sleeps over!”

Josh smile spreads even larger. “Really?” He asks. “I got her that on our first date when we went to a carnival.”

At this Cory realizes just how stupid he was being trying to break them apart. “You found your Topanga?” He asks softly.

Josh pauses for a minute almost frozen before he nods slowly his smile spreads and he says, “Yeah I think I have.”

Cory pats his brother shoulder when stands up and replies, “I hope you two are happy together.” Before going off to bed.

                                                      THE END

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ahhhhhh I am in love with this prompt! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Do u realize if Cory had never gone on his extended vacation I would have stuck with glee until the bitter end and also that glee probably would have had 10 more seasons where they dealt with hot topics like the 2016 election and also fidget spinners within the same episode ok this is my problem now I’m not out until bob is it’s a CURSE. @anne-hathaway

I really wish Cory...

… would stop trying to be like Feeny at home and rather followed the awesome example his own parents set for him. 

My crush on 90′s Will Russ aside, I always loved Alan as a character. Quite often in fiction aimed to young people, parents tend to be… problematic: they are either absentee, horrible or incompetent. Or some combination of the three.

Alan and Amy Mathews were never that. Why is Alan my fave? because he reminded me of my own father: someone who was fair and capable and present and with love for his children just pouring out of him. 

He wasn’t domineering, he had good advice for his kids when they asked him, but he didn’t smother them. He made mistakes but owned up to them and tried to fix them. Alan was a great guy and a great father. 

I don’t think Cory realizes that. Feeny was a great mentor and instrumental for Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Eric to be who they are; but he wasn’t A Father. Feeny loved the kids and helped shaping them, but they still had parents (or parent like people in the case of Shawn with both Turner and the Mathewses). 

*le sigh*

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So you know what I REALLY want at some point ?

We’ve already seen Cory freak out over Riley’s first date. (It was hilarious.)

Now what I want is that Maya just comes in and announces that she’s going on hers. And then at first Cory’s like “Cool. Have fun kiddo” But then Shawn (who is there at the moment) Looks at Cory as if he’s gone absolutely mad then he turns to Maya and he goes : “WHAT ! NO YOU ARE NOT”

The Cory realizes what Maya said and he joins in too “ABSOLUTELY NOT ! I ALREADY LOST ONE DAUGHTER I AIN’T LOSIN ANOTHER”

And Topanga just rolls her eyes as the two childhood best friends/brothers are making a riot about it. (Exactly like on Riley’s first date) and Maya just wants to say "Grow up” but she secretly loves that she HAS someone to freak out over her first date so protectively.

Bonus points if its Lucas. I would love to see Cory react to that. (I’m a Lucaya shipper so Lucaya all the way.)

And then we have Lucas adorably asking permission from Shawn and Cory both who are like “NOPE.” And Cory desperately says “Have you made it your life mission to take away my daughters ?)

And while this is going on Maya is sitting on the table eating Ice cream (cuz she would love to see how this interrogation plays out. Don’t lie to yourself you know it.) Eventually Topanga, Riley and Katy (who is PRESENT) join her in the Ice Cream party and watch very amused as Shawn and Cory give Lucas a hard time.

Farkle can be there too. Noting the events with his mad genius smile, inputting his hilarious comments and being the adorable person he is.

I’d like to think Auggie does his part by either encouraging Lucas, making a comment on him and Maya or just shrugging and eating Ice Cream with the others. 

Is that too much to ask ?

Ya know what. I think I’ll write something on this at some point. Does anyone want to read this ? 

(I need to catch up on S02 but I could write it afterwards).

GMW Pilot + BMW 5x09 ‘How to Succeed in Business’

Riley’s valiantly defending her friendship with Maya because the girls are worried Cory’s not going to let them be friends anymore (as if Cory Matthews would EVER 😭). Riley goes on to say her civil war is over and she won—implying she’s made the world completely her own just by “rebelling” against her father…who of course NEVER would’ve made Riley ditch Maya in a million years in the first place—so she’s not ACTUALLY rebelling here.

As lovely as Riley’s sentiment about Maya being the one to get them into trouble while she gets them out of it is…she’s living in her father’s world still. She’s “Cory” and Maya’s “Shawn” and that’s that. (Although of course Maya actually more closely parallels Cory when she leads the homework rebellion…👀).

Cory’s reaction shot here is interesting though, because ultimately not only is Riley living in her father’s world in terms of “she’s the Cory & Maya’s the Shawn,” what Riley doesn’t know yet is that it won’t be like that forever. In the right hand column, we see teenage Cory talking about how it’s “always been.” Out of context this seems like a pure and lovely parallel to Riley in the pilot, but the truth is: Cory was actually being a huge jerk in 5x09. He was upset because Shawn did really well in their work study program—better than Cory. Cory got a big complex about it, even going so far as to tell Alan, “But I was supposed to be the one to succeed, not Shawn. Everyone knows that.” Sounds an awful lot like Riley telling Maya that’s she’s “turned into Riley” because she’s behaving better and getting good grades now, doesn’t it? 🤔

In BMW 5x09, Cory essentially wanted to box Shawn into the “screw-up rebel” role. He couldn’t handle Shawn succeeding at something because it was different from what he was used to, especially since Cory himself didn’t do so well. Cory even admitted that Shawn’s success was “killing him.”

In the end though, Cory realizes he was just jealous. He gets over it and tells Shawn he’s proud of him. Now, I’m not going to go so far as to claim Riley was driven by primarily by jealousy in the non-triangle arc (although her outburst at Lucas in True Maya hints that there’s a little bit of that in the mix), but ultimately I think Riley just doesn’t know how to handle Maya not being “the rebel who gets into trouble,” because if Maya’s not the one who “gets them into trouble so Riley can get them out of it,” that messes with Riley’s own sense of self as well. She wasn’t ready for things to be different than they’ve always been. Maya on the other hand…was.

So…cue Girl Meets Bear, huh?

The Last Straw

Topanga stood outside her daughter’s bedroom, the door was opened just a crack and the only reason she knew Riley was in their alone was because of the sad music playing. She never let it play while Maya was sitting with her. No these days they just sat in silence, each day just waiting for the spark that would set off the epic war that was brewing between them over Lucas Friar.

She sighed, wishing there was something she could do to make Riley feel better, to get her out of this funk she seemed to be in, but it was like everything she said or did just got her pushed away further.

The music stopped, and Topanga braced herself for a reason to be in the hallway when she heard her daughter’s voice. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to check on you Riley, that’s what friends do.”

Topanga sighed with relief, Farkle.

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Listen, Shawn. Angela’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a girl. But you don’t know it because you haven’t looked into her eyes yet. Look into her eyes.

Cory Matthews to Shawn (BMW Chasing Angela, 5x08). Shawn proceeds to do so and realizes Cory is right.

In case anyone doubts the importance of the Lucaya Creativity scene or Riarkle in STEM…this concept has always been important to Jacobs.

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I know that this isn't riarkle, but how about headcannons about Shawn and Katy with Maya's kids?

  • Shawn’s a complete mess at both of the births
  • Like Katy’s freaking out about her daughter having children but she’s pushing that aside and coaching her through labor better than the hospital staff
  • And Shawn’s in the waiting room breathing into a paper bag omfg
  • Shawn had already been on the fence about how to feel about Maya and Josh’s relationship
  • Even after they’ve been together for like 5 years
  • But after hearing Maya screaming with labor pains this man literally just ignored Josh for like 5 months
  • Like he’s fawning over the baby and Maya and everything but the second Josh enters the room he’s like “Oh. You.” and just glares until Josh gets uncomfortable omfg Maya thinks it’s hysterical
  • Katy and Shawn are always trying to make up excuses for them to babysit
  • Like they’ll shove Maya out the door sometimes
  • Both kids call Shawn ‘grandpa’ and he cried the first time Sebastian (the older one) did it
  • Until he and Cory realized that his grandkids are Cory’s niece and nephew that weirded them out a bit lmao
  • Katy has dedicated her life to being the Cool Grandma
  • Maya desperately tries to explain to her that that’s not a Thing
  • She won’t listen
  • 1000% knits Christmas sweaters for them
  • Shawn keeps trying to get them into poetry and it’s just not happening
  • He gives them books about Shakespeare’s sonnets at least once a year and they’re like “Thaaaaaannks.”
  • I cannot stress enough Shawn is 100% the over protective father that dedicates his life to giving his son in law hell
  • Josh is very distressed but the kids and Maya think it’s so funny
  • You know how when Shawn took Maya shopping, Maya just smiled and Shawn got emotional and bought her half the store?
  • Can you imagine his reaction to cute little Violet in a dress smiling and calling him Grandpa? Holy shit
  • This man just breaks
  • Highkey the guy at Thanksgiving that makes everyone go outside to play football, acts really competitive, and then let’s the little kids win
  • He feels very betrayed when they sass him on social media even though literally everyone else does it
  • Keeps trying to tell them stories about his youth and they’re like “Grandpa we don’t want to hear about the time you joined a cult oh my God”
  • “Wait what do you mean you were a woman?”
  • Katy makes supportive signs and cheers the loudest at all their recitals
  • Shawn takes a lot of candid photographs of them without telling them and makes two huge scrapbooks that he gives to the kids on their respective 18th birthdays
  • It’s super cute everyone cries both times
  • Katy’s the really stereotypical middle-aged lady commenting on all their posts and they’re both so embarrassed lol
  • They give the best presents
  • It started out as a joke but now Katy and Shawn and Amy and Alan are locked in an endless competition to see who are the Best Grandparents
  • It will honestly never end it’s so ridiculous Morgan’s set up a google doc or something so everyone can keep score
  • They adore these kids and never want to stop fawning over them it’s cute
  • The kids think they’re pretty chill lol
  • Once Sebastian and Violet become teenagers, this is literally Shawn and Katy:


The GM High School/GM Gravity footwear scenes and GM Popular/GM Texas necklace parallels are two of my favorite bits of lucaya meta. Hands down. Both have been talked about ad nauseum, but they’re so great I want to highlight them again.

GM Gravity features a Riley & Maya who think they know it all, but, of course, they’re not as all knowing/mature as they think they are and that’s highlighted by the fact that they leave for school, completely forgetting their shoes…a pair of combat boots for Riley & a pair of animal print booties for Maya. Seemingly inconsequential until…

…we get to GMHS. 

In GMHS, Riley & Maya watch as a girl in combat boots (purple, of course) walks confidently by. Riley admires her, which makes sense considering Riley’s flaw is her insecurity. Purple combat boots is a confident Riley, who has won out against her insecurity. 

They then watch as a girl in animal print booties (just like Maya’s from Gravity, but with a slightly different animal print pattern) walks in the opposite direction. She’s waiting for motorcycle boots. And when the two finally meet, they share a kiss that intrigues Maya and surprises Riley. 

And just like purple combat boots represents a Riley who has won out against her flaw, jungle girl represents a Maya who has won out against hers. She’s not broken. She’s balanced (note the way she blends hopeful post-Hurricane Maya style of the flowy red dress with pre-Hurricane “Hope is for suckers” Maya style of the animal print boots).

And who is motorcycle boots? Well, that’s more or less been confirmed by the writers as being Lucas, but if they’re comment on the matter isn’t sound enough, it’s been made clear that Lucas has his own balancing issues to work out, namely balancing Mr. Perfect with his “rougher Texas” side. The motorcyle boots are a callback to Lucas’ connection to Harley & the other motorcycle motifs/metaphors that he’s been associated with. They’re a representation of Lucas’ rougher side, balanced with blue shirted Mr. Perfect.

The footwear scene essentially lays out where the characters are headed once they’ve beaten their flaws of insecurity, brokenness, and perfection. For Riley, that means being confident in who she is, without need for validation from others. For Maya and Lucas, it means balance between who they were and who they’ve become, balance between their darker and lighter sides. And that balance will, network allowing, lead them to each other.

My other favorite meta bit is GM Popular/GM Texas and the turquoise necklace. 

Topanga wears it when she’s revisiting who she used to be, who she is inside. She comments that it’s the part of her that Cory fell in love with a long time ago. At the end of the episode, Topanga asks Cory if he missed the “other Topanga”, to which he replies, “I’ve always known where she is.” Cory knows that the “other” Topanga, that part of her that he first fell in love with years ago, is still inside of her. 

When Maya wears the necklace, she tells Lucas that she likes him and admits that she doesn’t know what she’d have done if he’d gotten hurt. She’s making it abundantly clear that she cares about him and that’s something he doesn’t forget. He realizes that who she is inside, is someone who cares deeply about others, about him.

Throughout the course of the non triangle arc, Lucas mentions who Maya is in every single episode. Most notably, in Upstate, just before he goes and sits alone in the quiet of the bay window for 5 hours, mulling over his decision, he mentions that in Texas, Maya didn’t want to see him get hurt. He’s remembered that, months later. It still resonates with him and it’s part of what makes him believe that Maya is a beautiful person inside.

Like Cory fell for Topanga’s inner free spirit (though he didn’t realize it at the time), Lucas fell for Maya’s inner caring soul, (though, like Cory, he also doesn’t realize it yet).

Now, the reality is, if the show doesn’t get a season 4, we will not get to see any of these road maps and metas actualized and fulfilled, and that will be a shame, but if nothing else, it’s enjoyable seeing the groundwork that’s been laid out.

So I just had this realization about Girl Meets Money, and I don’t know if someone else already pointed it out…

The “Bleh” shirt.

Corey brings out the shirts to use as a lesson, saying they’re the same but Riley claims one is better than the other.

Only, she can’t figure out what one is the “better one”.

Cory helps her realize that the “better” one isn’t as great as it seems. That trendy brands and shiny objects don’t make something special.

You know what she does with the shirt that she previously thought was “better”??

She gives it to Maya.

Yall imma be super honest, if Lucas had ‘real feelings for Riley’ then why does he have a hard time choosing between her and someone else. Didnt no one realize that Cory literally choose Topanga without even thinking about it because he truly loved her, however Lucas is trying sooo hard to want to choose Riley because everyone wants him with Riley however he realizes Maya and him have better chemistry. IM OUT.

Lucas Choice - Rucas Drabble
  • Lucas: I've made a decision.
  • Topanga: And?
  • Katy: We're listening.
  • Cory: I can't hear you *covers his ears*
  • Lucas: I like them both.
  • Lucas: But I like one of them more than the other.
  • Cory: Wait a minute. *gasps*
  • Cory: Jellybeans! *points at him*
  • Topanga & Katy: Jellybeans?
  • Lucas: *nods* How did you-
  • Cory: Lucky guess! *smiles innocently*
  • Topanga: Mhm. *side eyes Cory*
  • Katy: Well? *impatiently*
  • Lucas: I choose... Riley.
  • Topanga & Katy: Aww.
  • Cory: NOOOOO.
  • Lucas: It's always been, Riley.
  • Topanga & Katy: Aww!
  • Cory: NOOOOO!
  • Lucas: *turns to look at Cory*
  • Lucas: *clears throat* So there's only one thing left to do, Mr. Matthews do I have your per-
  • Cory: No.
  • Lucas: mission to-
  • Cory: No way uh-uh. *Shaking his head*
  • Topanga: Cory, give him your blessing
  • Cory: I don't wanna
  • Topanga: Cory Matthews.
  • Cory: But.
  • Topanga: *looks at him*
  • Cory: *crosses his arms to his chest and pouts*
  • Cory: Fine.
  • Lucas: *Smiles* Thank you, Mr. Matthews.
  • Cory: Yeah yeah. *Sighs* I knew it was going to happen eventually.
  • Lucas: What do you mean?
  • Cory: You remind me of me Mr. Friar, and do you know why that is?
  • Lucas: I'm incredibly handsome and charming? *smiles cutely*
  • Cory: Don't push it. No, you look at Riley the way I look at her mother.
  • Topanga: And she looks at you the way I look at her father.
  • Katy: Well I should go find Maya.
  • Topanga: I'll go with you and find Riley.
  • The Girls leave
  • Cory: So what was the deciding question?
  • Lucas: What was your deciding question for Mrs. Matthews?
  • Cory: I realized that I liked the other girl but-
  • Lucas: You could live without her.
  • Cory: And I couldn't-
  • Lucas: Live without Mrs. Matthews.
  • Cory: *Looks at him* Exactly.