To Tide You Over: If you’re still wondering what Farkle’s reaction is in GM IDF/Goodbye, according to a few people I have spoken to who were at the taping, he basically looks like this...

…you good? Good.

From Boy Meets World S04E16, “A Long Walk to Pittsburgh, Part 1″

Critics: You guys shouldn’t look too deeply into the show! It’s just a Disney show, it’s not that serious! Why are you spending so much time analyzing the show? It’s not like any of these themes connect anyways. 

*Gets confirmation from other tumblr blogs who were at the GM Goodbye taping that they spent the better part of an hour trying to a character’s single reaction right. At some point the director even went down and gave the actor cues*


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I 100% agree that Maya has a great capacity of love especially for Riley. That’s pretty much what Lucas said for why Maya pushed Riley onto his lap. That she did that for Riley because that’s who she is. Where Josh falters though is going along with this idea that Maya became Riley in the first place. That she became exactly like her best friend just to see if the guy her friend liked was good enough. (Ridiculous in the first place because it failed in that it hurt Riley after Texas. Logic seems to fail the young Matthewses. But then again Josh hasn’t actually been around to see any of this.) 

Why? Because like the original premise, it still negates all the growth Maya had last season. If we are to believe that every way Maya changed last season was just to become like Riley so she could protect her, then nothing she did was for herself. But before this explanation comes about the writers remind us through Josh about Maya’s father which in turn reminds us of GM Forgiveness. The best personal growth Maya had last season was in letting go of her anger and forgiving herself. And the thing Riley (much like Cory with Shawn when they were younger) still doesn’t understand is it is that anger which fuels a lot of Maya’s rebellious and rule breaking ways (save for the ones where she is protecting her friends). Riley knew Maya led a homework rebellion, but she never knew the reason was because she didn’t have help. To go back into that part of Maya’s nature is to bring back the anger at herself. To bring back that feeling that people might leave her, and it will be her fault. 

Wanting nice things, behaving well, getting good grades, even having genuine feelings for Lucas could all be lost; and I’d be okay with that. But the one thing I can’t stand is the idea of Maya’s anger at herself & fear of losing people coming back. And trust those things will come back. They’ve already started. If we are to believe that Maya’s feelings for Lucas are because she became Riley, then we have to say everything was about Riley. We don’t get to pick and choose according to what works best for our opinions. Because if we do, then I get to say we keep Maya letting go of her anger, and she still has feelings for Lucas. But it’s an all or nothing type deal. I’d rather not get rid of anything and say that the becoming Riley scenario is ridiculous. 

Girl Meets World 3.21

Ok,so yesterday was the taping of Girl Meets World Episode 3.21 and it’s the season finale.Still no word from Disney whether If it’s renew or cancelled.


- The production title it’s Girl Meets Ilha Das Flores,but it’s been said,maybe they change it to Girl Meets Goodbye.

- This episode at the moment,it’s the season finale.

- It had pre-taped scenes.

-There is a massive number of guest stars: Both Morgans, Both Jossh, Mr. Turner, Shawn, Eric, Amy, Alan, Stuart, Harley and Feeny.

- The Turner/Shawn reunion didn’t dissapoint,in fact it was an amazing scene.

- The main reactions were focused on Maya and Farkle.

- No one is leaving the show.

- Neither of the couples broke up.

-  Corpanga was very sweet in the episode



- School Hallway
- History Class (this is the one they did ten takes of)
- Matthews’ living room
- History class
- Matthews’ living room (pre-taped)
- Topanga’s (pre-taped)
- Outside of Topanga’s (pre-taped)
- Bay window
-Topanga’s (pre-taped)
- History classroom
- Topanga’s (pre-taped) STORY LINE


- Rowan and Sabrina holding hands and twirling around between a take
- Auggie had Michael Jacobs sign his script.
- There was one classroom scene that legit had 10 takes.Jacobs was very particular about getting certain camera angles and reactions (particularly from a certain character).
-In a later scene, Riley was wearing the burgundy jacket Maya wore in GMNY.
-The scenes with the guest stars were pre-taped but we did see them in the first introduction of characters.

Cool. (Edward Nygma x Reader)

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Edward and the reader has a game of how the reader can answer all his riddles and like the whole GCPD find it amusing how the reader is answering them and everyones making bets on how long she can last and you can choose how to end it

A/N: I had trouble writing this and I don’t know why.

Y/N went through the hallway and into the bowl pit of the department. “Looks like the man that got shot was a smoker,” Y/N says, squinting her eyes at the photograph in her hands.

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