Madeleine Albright didn’t mince words while speaking at a Hillary Clinton rally

While stumping for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright seemed to send a message straight toward millennial women voters.

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Sorry! I lied. I want to point out one more thing. When Cory delivers this only truth that he’s still sure of:

a) “listen carefully”: he looks at Riley (bless her heart) who misses important elements of a situation and jumps to conclusions she stubbornly sticks to until it blows up in her face.

b) “it’s paying attention” and “it cares about you”: he stares at Maya, who doesn’t believe the ‘Universe’ gives a flying feather about her and what she’s doing. And the smile he gives her at the end! I love this Cory; the one who sees and senses things Maya doesn’t say (after the big realization moment he had in the Pilot where she tells him she has no one at home who helps with her homework).


To the first picture: I just love Leslie and Jim together ^^ nothing more to say XD

To the second one…
Yeah…I’ve been infected by the Nygmobblepot fandom >3<
Seriously, who came up with the shipping name?!
Was it not even Robin and Cory themselves? XD i do recall something like that…XD
Why not Osward, - Edwald, or …Pengler? XD Nooo you have to choose a name you can’t even spell at the first try ToT
Btw i hope i managed to give a creepy tone to this picture
because…the episodes where Oswald lives in Edwards Apartment do have a really creepy tone on them O.o
but i love them anyway XD


GM the Truth - Lesson: Morality and the ‘Universe’

OK. So here are a few closing thoughts on this episode before I move on. Warning: this may be incoherent.

The lesson in this episode is seemingly straightforward. We don’t get a historical framework; it’s just introduced by Cory as (paraphrasing): history deals with what truly happened, so let’s talk about the TRUTH. (Interesting how a later lesson points out that “truths” in history change). I’ve gone over the subtler ways this subject engages the characters (X), but I also think there are other abstract themes/concepts alluded to in the episode that are stimulating to think about.

The big question asked is: “What’s the right thing to do?”  And in answering it, indirectly, they introduce this concept of the ‘Universe’ aiding in arriving to the right thing/the truth coming out.

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anonymous asked:

I personally would suggest that in semi formal riley implied she was nervous about breaking up and not staying friends with lucas. She was very interested in if Jack and Eric were still friends with Rachel and I'd say it clicked with her that Eric was still her friend and Jack wasn't...I know it also gave riley another option besides romanic interest or brother but It's telling in the first place that she cared who stayed friends with whom even after dating .

Yeah, I definitely think she knows she wants to stay friends with Lucas no matter what and that feeds her no-decision in Semi-Formal (hang on to your friends as long as you can)…but again, in GM I am Farkle, during the proposal Lucas makes on Farkle’s behalf, Riley is SUCH an eager beaver. So much so that she forgets what’s actually going on, that Lucas is actually proposing on behalf of Farkle and not for himself. She’s all yes yes yes yes yes until Lucas gets to the end and then she’s like “oh.”

Although…Riley’s behavior in that scene is uncannily reminiscent of Topanga and her crush on Eric in ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not,’ which suggests that Riley’s reaction to Lucas in that moment is looks-based rather than true feelings based. (I mean hell, the immediate lead-in is “make it happen, Face!”)

Still…does anyone truly believe that if Lucas had said to Riley, at ANY point before Texas, “Riley, I really like you and I’m wondering if you’d do me the honor of being my official girlfriend?” that she would have declined? I highly, HIGHLY doubt Riley would’ve said no if Lucas had ever explicitly asked her to be his girlfriend of his own volition. She didn’t even say no when he was being FORCED to ask her, so it’s *really* hard to believe she’d have turned Lucas down if he’d ever point-blank asked her to be his girlfriend at any point before Riley figured out Maya’s feelings. But of course he never did ask. He MAY have been going for a relationship upgrade at the end of GMT1, but we just don’t know for sure. And either way, that was *after* Riley got hip to Maya and became determined to step back.

And of course, post-Texas, Riley’s clearly jealous and upset to see Lucas and Maya dating. She wants Lucas to be asking HER out, to be sitting next to HER, not Maya. At least she thinks she does. That’s why she’s so awkward and miserable, yeah?

Like, I definitely think Riley does fear losing her friendship with Lucas and that’s part of why SHE doesn’t take any risks really, but it’s realllllly hard to believe she’d have begged off and said no had LUCAS been willing to take the plunge prior to Texas 1. You see what I’m saying?

Ultimately though, in Jacobsland, REAL love 100% *requires* willingness to take a risk. After talking to Eric and Jack, Riley’s not willing to take even the relatively mild risk of officially choosing Lucas as her date in Semi-Formal—and that’s after several months of “unofficial” whatever, a couple of dates, AND a kiss. But Maya takes a big risk for Lucas in GMNY, after just a few weeks to maybe a month or two of “unofficial” whatever. I mean, Maya REALLY puts herself out there on that rooftop.

So if we accept the premise that Riley doesn’t want to date Lucas (take risks with him) because she values the friendship more, then we also have to accept the big-time implication that Maya IS willing to risk the friendship—not only her friendship with Lucas, but possibly with Riley as well at least for a while—for a relationship with him. And I’d say that’s a major spot the difference in terms of what the girls’ feelings actually ARE, deep down, regardless of how aware they are are themselves or not. Love requires risk and sacrifice to be “real” in Jacobsland.

And just as kind of a corollary to all this: I often see people comparing Riley’s “I don’t wanna date and break up and then hate each other” bit in GMT2 to the Corpanga breakup in ‘The Grass is Always Greener.’ But this doesn’t really work, because Topanga and Cory were mile and MILES ahead of where Riley and Lucas were in Texas. They’d exchanged serious I love yous and had been OFFICIALLY dating for a while. They’re worried they’re in a rut, that they’ve become boring. It’s not the same situation at all. Plus, the word choices are different. Riley says she always wants Lucas around to talk to, but what Topanga said in TGIAG was that she always wanted to CARE about Cory as much as she does now. It’s just a completely different situation and the MOST notable difference is that Corpanga had already been willing to take the risk of dating each other, as opposed to valuing the friendship too much to even attempt to seriously date at all in the first place. It’s a false parallel, if you will.