• Some things I want for Girl Meets World:
  • 1. Lucaya- don't even get me started
  • 2. Lucas' anger- What I didn't like about Secret of Life was that they had this amazing plot and something that's actually a serious thing, but never mentioned it again. We still don't know the exact details of Lucas being expelled, and the whole 'I'm working on that' is such an excellent topic and it should be looked into more. I am personally in love with Lucas Friar but was even more in love when I watched the episode and saw that he has some anger issues. I just think that it should be mentioned more and for me, I would love to see him blow up again. But that's just me.
  • 3. Shawn and Turner- I still haven't seen every bmw episode so I don't exactly know what happened with them and if they are still in touch or whatever, but I definitely want to see them together in an episode.
  • 4. Katy and Maya- Maya finding out the truth about her parents was awesome for me because I never had bad feelings towards Katy and I always hoped she would turn out to be a good mother. I want them to have a mother/daughter moment or two and I want to see them becoming a lot closer.
  • 5. Lucaya friendship- I'm all for them making out against the lockers, but first I would like to see them having a more serious friendship, because I feel like they have so much potential for both a friendship and a relationship. I want them to open up to each other and even be the first or only person to know certain things about the other one and idk I just want more of them.
  • 6. Katy and Topanga- I want them to be bffs who drink coffee together and gossip idk
  • 7. More of Farkle and Zay- never enough
  • 8. Shawn and Maya- Need I say more?
  • Idk I guess that's it

Gotham cast chat with tvguide at SDCC!

so I liked yearbook (a lot)

anyways. interesting episode. good lesson. good counter-lesson (farkle wanting to find more of himself). we complained about how the writers don’t use farkle to his best potential, and here they are, giving him something none of us expected really and the room for so much character development. that’s amazing…it’s been addressed that lucas doesn’t do anything for himself, that he takes what comes and goes (I’ve made several complaints about that, guilty) and here the writers are making sure that he isn’t just that guy that doesn’t speak up. and then maya… realizing that riley’s attraction to lucas isn’t as serious as she’d made it seem to be/hoped to be. there’s a reason she didn’t tell riley the truth and that’s because either a) maya thinks that riley will come to terms with her real feelings on her own and she shouldn’t be the one to break it to her since after all it’s not maya’s “secret” or “discovery” to begin with or b) she’s just being selfless because maybe she deems it better that riley stay “blind” for now because she doesn’t want her to be sad or anything of the sort and that maybe riley could make the best of her time bc what she doesn’t know will definitely not hurt her. BUT—since we now know that secret, there will surely be upcoming development on the falling of rucas and the building of lucaya. this is it, and this is the beginning of where we watch it all play out amongst a group of friends waiting to unravel what the world has in store for them. (lucaya sails on.)



The way he looks at Amber is so freaking adorable and then how he looked at the crowd he was so proud.