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TOP 12 Favorite Couples (TV show edition)  Updated

1) Cory and Topanga (Boy Meets World)

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2) Dwayne and Whitely (A Different World)

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3) Nathan and Haley (One Tree Hill)

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4) Barry and Iris (The Flash)

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5) Simon and Alisha (Misfits)

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6) Jackson and April (Grey’s Anatomy)

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7) Fitz and Simmons (Agents of Shield)

8) Lucas and Peyton (One Tree Hill)

9) Bright and Hannah (Everwood) 

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10) Rick and Michone (The Walking Dead)

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11) Mike and Rachel (Suits)

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12) Shawn and Angela (Boy Meets World)

Honorable Mention (Problematic favs under the cut lol)

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Angela’s and Corey’s friendship literally meant everything to me.

Imagine if Angela was a recurring character.

Just think, she could’ve ran Topanga’s

Angela and Shawn could’ve been brought back as a non married couple BUT ZAY COULD’VE BEEN THEIR CHILD………

Topanga and Angela’s friendship could’ve been there to help Riley and Maya so they could get a female side of best friends instead of just using Cory and Shawn as an example

Angela could’ve been the female advice giver the gang would go to

Angela, Topanga and Katy could’ve been a very cute friendship

Imagine if they actually used and respected Angela’s character instead of dismissing all their POC characters

This is such a common trope in the BMW/GMW universe. Cory and Topanga were friends first, Shawn and Angela were friends first, hell even Jack and Rachel were friends first before getting together. Becoming friends first is really important to Michael Jacobs it seems.

This is why I don’t believe in Riley and Lucas as a couple. Seventh grade crushes do not equal love. Seventh grade crushes are superficial and are usually only based on a person’s outward appearance. I think Riley has strong feelings for Lucas, and vice versa, but while they think it’s romantic it’s really not.

She saw him on the train, she thought he was cute and when he was nice to her, she fell for him instantly. She didn’t even really know him yet she was head over heels for the guy. And then in GM Boy he told the story of “giving birth to a horse” and she automatically classified him as the cowboy with a heart of gold. And while he does have a golden heart and he is a cowboy, there’s more to him that just that. He’s not some Disney ‘Prince Charming’ who will always ride in on a white horse for her (see what I did there??) But Riley doesn’t see that. She sees “Mr. Perfect” and that’s it. Let’s not forget that that was his flaw in GM Flaws.

GM Secret of Life is a perfect example of Riley’s stubborn mindset. She can’t handle the idea of Lucas being anything other than “perfect.” And that’s not good.

Riley and Lucas have a great friendship. There’s no question about it. However romantically? They just don’t fit. But they can’t let go of the “first love” notion they have of each other.

And this is where I know that they aren’t endgame. They “fell in love” without really getting to know each other first. They saw each other, liked what they saw, immediately paired up (albeit unofficially) and then as they got to know each other they thought, “Hey, you’re actually pretty cool. I’m glad I picked you.” But just because they looked at each other romantically in the very beginning doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. I think, had Riley not fallen into his lap and immediately whip up this romantic idealistic concept of him like she did, they would have had a normal progression as friends like the universe intended. Then they wouldn’t be dancing this awkward love dance where they obviously don’t work as a couple but feel an odd sense of loyalty to it anyway.

This is also an answer to anyone who claims not to see Riarkle’s progression throughout the series. Riley and Farkle have been friends all their lives and they really know each other by now. And in Michael Jacobsland, that’s really all you need to build a sustaining romance that will last a lifetime.