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I Got You - Brett Talbot x Reader

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Pairing: Brett x Reader

Prompt: Unrequited loves a bitch but Brett is your prefect distraction. (Inspired by I Got You – Bebe Rexha)

Warning: Smut, getting high, slight angst and swearing.



You smiled over at the pack as you spoke to your boyfriend. You laughed at something Sean, tucking your hair behind your ear. After a few heated kisses with him he said he was going to speak to his friend so you made you way over to the pack. Lydia was looking at you with a smirk as soon as you arrived. You smiled and started to speak to Kira and Lydia about what everyone was doing over the weekend.

“I don’t like him.” Stiles interrupted as you were about to open your mouth.

“Who?” You asked confusion gracing your voice.

“Sean.” He stated as the guys looked worriedly between you and Stiles.

“Well you’re the only one who has a problem with him.” You sassed, your arms crossing across your chest.

“Not true actually I dislike him too.” Isaac sassed back. You shot him and looked at Liam waiting for more opinions.

“I don’t trust him.” Liam muttered shyly, you looked to Mason and Cory.

“He has a reputation.” Mason whispered but Cory nodded in agreement so you glanced at Scott, he was your alpha so whatever he said you would soak in more.

“If you love him be with him. Just be cautious. Okay?” He smiled over the table at you softly and you just nodded in response.

After school was over you made your way to your sleep black pickup truck, only to find Brett leaning against it. You grinned at him as he opened his arms. You ran into his arms as he lifted you up, your legs dangling quite far from the floor. After a minute he put you down you stared up at him with the biggest smile ever.

“So how was your trip with Satomi?” You asked softly as he leaned against your car crossing his arms.

“It was good I learnt a lot. I missed my best friend though.” He chuckled before bring you in for another hug but we were interrupted by a throat clearing. You pulled away to see Sean there with a pissed of look placed on his face. You moved away from Brett as they both seemed to be sizing each other up. Compared to Brett, Sean was shorter he was about 5’’10.

“Who’s this?” Sean finally spoke his tone serious.

“This is Brett my best friend. Brett this is my boyfriend Sean.” You stated almost automatically.

“How come I’ve never seen him before?” Sean asked still not taking his eyes off Brett.

“He goes to Devonford prep. Plus he’s been travelling.” You stated proudly as you smiled over at Brett who returned the smile easily but then turned his attention back to Sean.

“Right anyway you still coming to that party tomorrow?” Sean asked his voice still strained.

“Yeah. You coming Brett?”

“Whose party is it?” He questioned softly.

“It’s Lydia’s her mom’s away this weekend so she’s throwing a party.” You stated, gasping when you remembered you were going shopping with Lydia.

“Shit I gotta go! I have a shopping trip with Lydia.” You exclaimed as you jogged over to Sean giving him a soft kiss before turning back to your car.

“You coming Brett? Stiles, Mason and Cory are coming too.” You made your way to the driver’s door as you spoke. He opened the door for you before offering his hand so you could step up easier. He made his way round to the passenger’s side, getting in and looking to you as you started backing out the parking lot.

“So new boyfriend?” He finally said after 2 minutes of driving you nodded in response. He grunted as if he was thinking but you decided not to ask. After 5 minutes you arrived at the mall, you immediately saw Lydia, Stiles, Mason and Cory stood by Stiles’ jeep. Once you cut off the engine and started grabbing you bag, Brett got out and made his way round to your door. He opened it, grabbing your bag before grabbing you and throwing you over his shoulder making you squeal.

“Brett put me down you caveman!” You laughed as you playfully hit his back, he put you down once you arrived in front of the pack.

“Okay so Mason and Cory you being here makes sense but Stiles what you doing here?” Brett laughed as Stiles pulled a sour face.

“Because my boyfriend has horrible taste in clothes and we need to update his wardrobe.” Lydia stated her lips doing that thing were they pout slightly, like she was thinking of world domination.

“Boyfriend!? How much did I miss?” Brett choked as he heard the word boyfriend.

“Mhm their cute together.” You responded impersonating Lydia. Stiles and Lydia rolled their eyes in unison before you all made your way into the mall.

“Question is why are you here?” Stiles finally spoke.

“I’m the bi sexual friend so I get away with helping the girl change clothes.” Brett deadpanned Stiles’ jaw dropping as he looked at everyone who were trying to contain their laughter.

“He’s helped you change!?” Stiles screeched at Lydia.

“No he only does that for Y/N, I usually have Mason help me.” She responded sassily.

Stiles nodded as we finally walked into Macys, he followed Lydia closely as they made their way to the male section. You followed and started looking at jeans for Brett. You found a pair of dark indigo faded slim fit jeans. Plucking them off the rack as Brett finally caught up with you, he stood in front of you with a raised eyebrow. You held the jeans up then looked at him as if analysing whether it was a good pick, when you finally nodded and passed them to Brett as you made your way to the changing room. He went in without a word as you stood there patiently, Cory and Mason arriving and waiting with you. When Brett came out you all stopped to look at him, glancing over at Cory before you both smirked.

“Who’s that sexy thing I see over there?” You both sang in unison making Mason snort. Brett rolled his eyes and went back to the changing room. When Brett came back out you and Lydia made your way to the girls section. You both quickly picked some items before going to try them on, leaving the boys to sit it the waiting room.

“I think you should stop eating southern fried chicken and started eating Buttermilk Donuts. Their sweeter and drool worthy.” You stared at her like she’d gone crazy before your jaw dropped realising what she meant. ‘I think you should stop dating Sean and start dating Brett.’

“Why what’s wrong with Southern Fried Chicken?” You raised your brow at her as you stripped out your jeans. ‘Why what’s wrong with Sean?’

“It’s delicious and everything but it will betray you one day and it’ll all go to your ass.” She slid on her dress before sipping it up as she spoke. ‘He’s cute but he’s not trust worthy.’ After that she walked out the changing room. You shook you head and did up your dress before walking out.

After 20 minutes you had paid and made your way over to the food caught. As you stood in the que someone bumped into you making you almost fall, until you felt strong arms wrap around you. You looked up to see Brett glancing at you with concern, you smiled at him as if to reassure him you were okay. He nodded his arms staying around your shoulder. He usually did this but after what Lydia said the action made you blush. Once you all had your food you went to find a table.

It was now Saturday and you were officially ready for Sean to pick you up. You had 5 minutes to spare so you did you last check of your hair and makeup before hearing a car horn. You made your way to the car, your midnight blue dress slinging to your body like a second skin. It was a ruffle off the shoulder dress that was tight and reached mid thighs. You wore nude slightly pointed heels that clicked as you walked to the car.

Sean gave you a compliment before setting off, you both sat in comfortable silence for all of the ride. Once you arrived Sean got out and stood there as if waiting for me to get out myself, that’s when I remembered how Brett always held the door open for me. In fact the whole of the pack males always held the door open for the girls, this made you frown before deciding to let it go. You made your way up Lydia’s drive before getting to her large front door. You knew you were early because there was only a few people here but you thought you could offer help. Sean went off to find any of his friends as soon as Lydia opened the door making you roll your eyes.

After a few minutes of helping to make sure everything valuable was in a locked room Lydia got you both a drink. You knew as a werewolf you couldn’t get drunk but that didn’t matter you were here to have fun. You sat on the counter across from Lydia, legs crossed as you spoke about gossip that you’d both found out during the week. After a few hours you stood with the pack outside by the pool, talking about anything and everything. That’s when you felt lips press against you exposed shoulder. You glanced to the side to see a drunk Sean trying to touch you up. You looked at the pack who were rolling their eyes at his actions.

“Let go upstairs.” He murmured as his hands start straying lower.

“How about no. Go get some water Sean.” You sighed pushing his hands off, he huffed before walking off. You smiled at the pack before continuing your conversation, but you got interrupted once again as someone spun you round and dipped you down. You knew almost immediately it was Brett causing you to laugh as he brought you back up. He grinned down at you making you snort.

“Okay as much as this is, I need a bathroom break.” You giggled before glancing at Lydia and Kira, they nodded and followed you to Lydia’s on suit. As you opened the door to Lydia’s bedroom you froze, causing the girls to bump into you.

“Why did yo- Oh shit…” Lydia stopped and stared at the sight before them.

“Boys get up here!” Lydia screamed which made Sean and the blonde under him look up. He froze as he saw you, his eyes wide.


“What’s u- Oh really?” Stiles sassed as he saw Sean and the blonde trying to cover herself. Brett came into the room and went to launch at him but was quickly held back by Scott and Liam.

“I suggest you leave before I decide that letting Brett loose wouldn’t be so bad.” Scott threatened as Sean pulled on his pants. You couldn’t speak or move you were vaguely aware that someone had pulled you into their arms, as soon as the smell hit you, you knew it was Brett and finally looked up to see his worrying eyes.

“Screw this.” You heard some say behind you and suddenly you saw Sean laying on the floor with a bloody nose. You looked up shocked to see it was Stiles who had punched him, everyone else looked just as shocked, he glanced at us before shrugging.

“What you guys weren’t gonna do anything about it.” He retaliated a smirk making its way to his face. After Sean left Brett carried you downstairs, making his way to the table outside. He sat down and placed you down on his lap and waited for the pack to take a seat.

“Okay so let’s make this night more interesting.” Brett grunted digging into his pocket bringing out a small bag that appeared to contain 3 blunts.

“You know werewolves can’t get high right?” You snorted.

“With this stuff they can, Satomi introduced it to me when we were traveling.” Brett smirked at Scott who was making grabby hands like a little kid who wanted some candy.

You couldn’t stop laughing an hour later, you leaned into Brett would was also laughing uncontrollably, his hands gripping you tightly as Stiles started talking about random shit his voice rising higher as he got more into the explanation. The party started dying out but that didn’t stop you and the pack having fun. That fun was soon ruined when Derek showed up.

“Are you guys high?” He asked as soon as everyone realised who had shut down the party.

“I dunno mom am I?” Scott’s voice went deep as he mocked Derek.

“Did you just quote Vampire Diaries?” Derek deadpanned making everyone stop before they started laughing.

“Derek watches Vampire Diaries!” You screeched burying your head into Brett’s chest as you tried to control your laughing. Isaac was dragged home by Derek that’s when everyone else decided to leave too. You laughed as you almost tripped up over nothing, you leant down and plucked off your heels so you could prevent it from happening again.

“Nice ass.” You heard Brett say behind you making Scott burst out laughing again.

“Nice everything.” You responded as you spun around, sending him a playful wink. You knew you should be sad about Sean right now but with all the warnings you weren’t. You saw it coming and your friends helped get your mind off it all. You spun around and went to catch up with Kira, Mason and Cory as Brett, Scott and Liam trailed behind you all.

You arrived at your house first, bidding everyone good night you strolled inside. Making your way up to your bedroom. You stripped your dress down leaving you in just panties.

“Maybe I should announce my presence.” You heard Brett’s voice behind you, causing you to jump and spin around forgetting you had no bra on.

“Jesus Christ.” He groaned as he looked you up and down, you looked down and squeaked before covering your breasts.

“What are you doing in my bed?” You snapped softly, trying to cross your legs since you knew your panties were see through.

“I wanted to check you were okay?” He responded gently.

“I’m fine.” You responded just as gently, you shot him a small smile as you decided to drop your hands to see his reaction. He bite his lip as he looked you up and down. You smirked at him before making you way over to your draws to grab a t-shirt, you pulled out a baggy top but before you could put it on Brett was behind you, his hands gripping your hips. You gasped as his hands ran down the front of your thighs.

“Brett what are y-you doing?” You stuttered as his hands crawled back up your legs resting on your hips once again.

“Right now nothing.” He stated as his hands gripped your hips tighter.

“What are you going to doing?” You rephrased the question.

“That all depends on you.” He spun you round and pressed you against your draws, caging you in with his arms. You took a deep breath trying to gain the courage for what you wanted to say, thankfully because you were still high it came out quite easily.

“And if I tell you I want you to fuck me so hard I forget my name?” Instead on answering you he pulled you against his chest and brought his lips down to meet yours. The kiss was sweet and you soon melted into it, your arms wrapping around his neck. The kiss soon became more forceful and passionate which made you knee’s buckle but Brett caught you before lifting you up and wrapping your legs around him.

Your hands tugged at his hair, as his lips moved against yours. His hand slid to your ass and he carried you over to your bed, he broke the kiss and dropped you on the bed causing you to squeal. He chuckled at the sound but moved to hover over you. He brushed your hair out the way leaning down and kissing your forehead.

“Tell me if you want to stop, okay?” He asked gently as his left hand ran through your hair and the other supported him, you nodded softly before he started placing small kisses on your neck. You bit your lip when his kisses turned to bites. His hand started to drag down your chest stopping to run over you nipples making you whimper. You thought now would be a good time to tell him you were still a virgin but you didn’t want to in case he stopped.

“B-Brett…” You couldn’t tell him you were scared.

“Hmm?” He mumbled as his mouth latched onto your left breast, sucking gently.

“I-I’m…I’ve n-never…” You tried to say it but the words couldn’t come out only moans and whines. Suddenly he pulled back as if he finally realised what you were trying to say. He looked at you shocked his hands pulling away from you causing you to whimper.

“But I thought you slept with Jason last year after the winter formal.” His statement sound more like a question but you just shook your head.

“I couldn’t…I got scared and made him stop, t-that’s why we broke up.” You stuttered tears welling in your eyes as you looked at him, knowing he would want to stop. You looked away slightly but when you looked back expecting pity all you saw was lust, making your eyes widen. A smirk formed on his face as his hands made their way back to your breast. You gasped as his other hand let go of your right breast and began moving down your stomach.

“Good it means I can ruin you for anyone else.” Brett whispered huskily into your ear as his hand slid beneath your underwear, his middle finger running along your slit. You gripped his broad shoulders letting out a soft whine as his middle finger entered you. His other hand still massaging your left breast as his tongue drew shapes onto your skin. He slid his finger in and out before adding a second one then he did something that made you almost jump away from him.

“W-What was that?” You panted as his finger pulled out slightly before pushing back in crooking his finger again making you moaned loudly.

“You mean that?” He chuckled, you just nodded in response and he kept rubbing that same spot, your hand covering you mouth trying to stop the moans from coming out.

“That’s your g-spot babe.” He smirked as he continued his ministrations, he took his spare hand off your breast and gripped your wrist making you uncover your mouth. He sat up and moved his hands to a different position, his finger now moving in a rough upwards motion which if you saw it from someone else’s point of view it would look like he was being too rough but all you felt was pure ecstasy. Your body started to involuntarily twitch, no matter how much you tried to stop it you couldn’t. Brett bit his lip as he watched you unravel, you’ve had an orgasm before but as you built up you realised you’d never had one like this. When you finally unravelled you clung to Brett like he was your life line.

“S-Shit! Brett..” You screamed in pleasure.

You finally started to come down from your high, still clinging to Brett as he stroked your hair soothing you. Once you had stopped shaking you looked up at him with wide eyes. He sent you a cheeky grin before he attacked your lips with his after a few minutes he pulled away and got off the bed. He reached into his pocket grabbing what looked like a condom before making his way back to you.

“You sure about this?” He asked softly as he knelt in front of you, in between your legs.

“Yes I want you…” You whispered, your face flushing slightly, he nodded and rolled on the condom. He leaned down aligning himself with your entrance before lacing your hands together. As he pushed in past the barrier you squeezed his hand in pain. You looked at his hand to see Brett was taking the pain away. You looked up at him with a thankful smile.

“You can move.” You whispered into his ear after a minute of waiting. He let go of your hand and wrapped your arm around his neck as he started moving. You gripped onto him as he used on arm for support and the other to hold you close. He started moving at a slow yet firm rhythm, he was groaning and panting in your ear which only served to turn you on further.

“B-Brett, feels good…” you moaned into his ear, biting his ear lobe softly.

“I know baby, you feel so amazing.” He groaned against the skin on your shoulder as you started to feel yourself build again.

“I’m c-close.” You gasped which made Brett move to press his thumb against your clit as he sped up his thrusts. He pulled back to look into you Y/E/C eyes, his bright blue ones boring into yours. You moved one hand to caress his cheek as he bit his lips his eyebrows furrowing slightly, the sight made you moan as you came for the second time that night. As you came around him he leaned down and kissed you as soon as he kissed you he let out a small husky groan. After his thrusts slowed he pulled back from the kiss before he pulled out slowly. He pulled the condom off and putting it in the bin before pulling back the covers and tucking you into his chest.

“Will you be mine?” Brett muttered against your hair as he placed a soft kiss there. You pulled away and looked up at him with a grin firmly placed on your face.

“Yes I would love to.” You responded before he pulled you down for a sweet kiss.

Rachel: It’s not that. It’s just, I can’t stop thinking about Quinn. She’s-
Finn: right behind you.
[Rachel turns around and sees Quinn approaching her and Finn in a wheelchair, smiling.]
Rachel: [smiles] Hi, Quinn! We missed you so much!
Quinn: No, don’t. [Artie wheels next to her.] I could’ve easily become one of those creepy memorial pages in the yearbook, but by the grace of God, I’m here. Believe it or not, this is the happiest day of my life. [turns to Artie] Come on, Artie. I’ll race you to the choir room! [wheels away with Artie following]
—  Glee: Rachel Berry. Finn Hudson and Quinn Fabray - 03x15 Big Brother

Thank you Glee;

This TV show means everything to me. Each character has their own individuality which makes us believe in ourselves as we can compare ourselves to them. These past 5/6 years have changed my life for the better. We’ve (Gleeks & cast) had a difficult time dealing with the death of Cory, but only came back stronger. I will miss this show so much but we knew it was going to end eventually and I feel like it’s a good time. Some cast members have other projects they are working on outside of Glee which is fantastic and good luck to them. Hopefully we’ll still be seeing them a lot. They’ve worked so hard to create this amazing TV show and it’s paid off. Thank you for teaching me and thank you for being there when no one else was. Forever missing Glee.


I see you first time at Glee, and everything is change for me. 

Your laugh, your smile, your face, but most important is your voice.

You touched my heart, Lea’s heart, Whole gleeks’ heart. 

when you smile, we smile

when you cry, we cry

After I heard your voice, everytime ı hear the Don’t Stop Beilevin ı’m thinking about you. 

You will be always here.Cause ı love you, we love you.


our handsome prince



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prompt: home-ec

Home economics is a different story.

They’re chosen at random for that—that’s the fun of it, Mr. Matthews articulates. There are two hats, both containing a ripped assortment of student names that are separated by gender. This experiment involves a husband, a wife, and one of those creepy-looking baby dolls you can get at a local toy store. (the ones with the bug-like eyes and a diaper and stringy hair) The doll is wired to cry, to release gases, drool, and leak, and Maya would rather take a biology exam than have to take care of this thing for a week.

They’re paired up together, and she only feels a little guilty for thinking Lucas rigged it. When Mr. Matthews had read his name right after hers, she instantly groans aloud, whining a long why, dreadfully.

“Is there a problem, Miss Hart?” her teacher asks.


“Would you like to file for a divorce?” he proceeds.

“Yes,” Maya repeats. Lucas Friar would make her take care of the fake baby for an equal amount of days and would have her do half the work and treat her as an equal and most importantly—he was uncontrollable and she needed someone she could walk all over and who’d be willing to do all the work for her, yet still write her name down beside theirs to get the same amount of credit. She needed a boy version of Riley. Maybe Farkle.

“Mister Friar, do you give your consent for this separation?”

And she prays that he’ll just acquiesce and let it go since Riley’s still available for a mate, anyway. Mr. Matthews was giving him a free-card out of this situation, too. He should take it since he can. But of course, he totally doesn’t.

But baby,” he coos, all pretend-like and husbandly behind her and she wants to crush his smug face. “I think we can save our marriage, as long as we try. You can’t run out on me now, we have a child!”

Asshole. He’s Lucas Friar and he catches her off guard just as much as she does him. He plays the game she’d invented so well, and she absolutely hates him for it.

“It seems like your husband refuses to sign the papers, Mrs. Friar,” Cory Matthews concludes before thrusting a doll into her hands. “So congratulations, it’s a boy!”

She pivots her head afterward, slowly and menacingly toward the boy behind her. Her eyes are sharp against his and his shit-eating grin is too, too infuriating. She’s going to lose it. Her tone is venomous and quiet when she talks, “I’m going to make this marriage a living hell for you.”

“Let’s see you try,” he shoots back, and he does that infamous cowboy nod with that infamous douchebag wink and she decides she’s aiming for his face the next time she has a softball in her hand.

by: monique

Puppy Love

Day Seven

Prompt: Lucas buys Riley a special Christmas gift for Christmas (Requested by anon)
Word Count: 1,356

❅ ❄ ❆

“Hey mom, have you seen my Christmas sweater?” Riley call out as she jogs downstairs, “You know, the one with the penguin on-“ Riley stops when she spots her mother and boyfriend looking frazzled in the living room, “Lucas.”

“I just folded it,” Topanga clears her throat, “Here you go.”

Riley pulls the sweater over her tank top and gives her two loved ones a quizzical look.

“I didn’t know you were here already,” Riley stretches slightly to kiss Lucas’ cheek.

“Just got here,” Lucas swats the air, “I was helping your mom fold the laundry.”

“Sure,” Riley squints her eyes at him.

“Why don’t you two go hang out upstairs, I’ll call you down when dinner is ready,” Topanga quite literally pushes Riley out of the room.

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2 years later and here we are. Still missing you. Still loving you. Still thinking of you.

It’s incredible how in such a short amount of time you got to touch millions hearts. And in those hearts is where you’ll always remain.

I’d wish with all my heart you were here. And somehow you still are. There’s not a single day that we don’t think of you.

We’ll always remember you Cory.

Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, and Missed Opportunities

“Don’t let your history be one of missed opportunities.” - Cory, GM 1961

Missed opportunities:
Rosie & Ginsberg (1961)
Topanga and Stuart (199~)

Here we have Topanga, flanked by her missed opportunity and her husband. She’s across from Riley, who is flanked by Farkle (a potential missed opportunity) and Lucas (her alleged future husband).

Maya is there, next to Lucas, but she’s blocked in the shot and you can’t really see her. What was that other missed opportunity again? Oh yeah:

May & Merlin (1961)

I bet you if Michael Jacobs could’ve gotten Linda Cardellini to guest star in this episode in a way that made even the remotest bit of sense, he’d have lined her up across from Maya where we could see them both. Because Stuart is a missed opportunity for Topanga. But doesn’t Cory have one of those too? I mean technically he has a few, but what’s the big one? Oh yeah:

Cory & Lauren (1998)

GIRL MEETS WORLD IS GOING TO EXPLORE VERSIONS OF THE MISSED OPPORTUNITIES OF BOY MEETS WORLD. (I mean probably. And I went with Lauren instead of one of Cory’s other side love interests because she’s the one Jacobs still brings up so damn much.)

But WHY was Stuart a missed opportunity? Because he was a joke. In the universe of the show, Stuart Minkus was a punchline, and the proverbial punching bag for both Cory and Shawn. He was never a real threat and almost never taken seriously. He was never the guy who was gonna get THE girl.

Topanga never quite disrespected Minkus to the degree that Shawn and Cory did though. In fact, she called him by his NAME (still does!) and considered him a formidable opponent. He was her friend in his own separate right when we first meet Topanga. But even though she respected and even liked Stuart back to a degree (‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not’), Topanga never *really* took him seriously as a romantic interest.

And we were made to believe that Farkle was just a new version of his father. In GM 1961, instead of being in the parallel pictures, he’s the one taking the picture so you only see him in the mirror—which further primes us to count him out when it comes to the whole Rucaya romantic drama. He’s not really in the picture. We’re told he’s not a threat in First Date via Lucas’s sarcastic reaction to the very notion. We were conditioned to count Farkle out, just like his father.

Even though he’s best friends with the girls, romantically he was presented just like his father was: a weirdo with a weird hair cut, who goes way too far with his “wooing” antics, who could never get THE girl because she’s destined for the show’s protagoni—oh wait. No. The girl IS the show’s protagonist this time. Suddenly Farkle’s in the running. And he glos up in season 2, which is something his father never really got to do in terms of how the show treats him.

Especially since Stuart still carries some kind of a torch for Topanga:

“My father says you should’ve been my mother!”

“I have a helicopter and she chose YOU!”

And isn’t it interesting that Farkle has this not-so-subtle resentment for Lucas’s looks? And how Farkle wanted to be an athlete? They don’t have anything resembling the level of animosity Minkus and Cory had because they’re truly friends, but potential missed opportunity Farkle has made his jealousy/inferiority complex regarding alleged future husband Lucas pretty apparent.

(And just for fun: even though Smackle and Jennifer don’t have much in common, we could mentally place them on the other side of Stuart/Farkle, so the Minkus men would be flanked by their “endgame” and their missed opportunities as well.)

So how do Cory and Lauren fit into this?

Unlike Stuart, Lauren was a REAL threat. Cory genuinely liked her in a seriously romantic way. Big time. Like for real I’d have maybe shipped it if it had a prayer.

But ultimately, no matter how much Cory liked Lauren and had strong feelings for her, he had enough Serious history with Topanga to realize that he couldn’t give that up, that he couldn’t live without Topanga and didn’t want to. Which made total sense, considering the history of their relationship up to that point.

So no matter how strong and real Cory’s feelings for Lauren were, she was a missed opportunity because he couldn’t live without Topanga. He was too far in and didn’t want out.

Lauren was also doomed because she was a guest star. Cory and Topanga were always gonna get back together eventually after Linda Cardellini shot her last episode, whatever happened while she was around.

But Maya’s NOT a guest star. She’s a co-lead. And even if Lucas REALLY LIKES RILEY (which he does), he also has obvious, real, strong feelings for Maya unless you are blind. Maya, like Lauren, is a REAL THREAT to the (alleged) OTP in terms of true feelings. But unlike Lauren, she’s not going anywhere.

So the question becomes, can Lucas live without Riley romantically? They don’t have NEARLY the romantic depth or history that Cory and Topanga did when the Lauren arc happened on BMW. Is Lucas in a position to see what happens with potential missed opportunity Maya? Or can he (romantically) not live without his alleged future wife Riley?

Looks like Maya’s odds are better than Lauren’s, tbh. Riley and Lucas don’t even have a quarter of the romantic history/foundation that Cory & Topanga had when Lauren showed up. (And that’s to say nothing of the Riley and Farkle complication when it comes to Rilucas.)

We were set up at the start to believe:

Riley = Cory
Maya = Shawn
Farkle = Minkus
Lucas = Topanga

“So they made everybody think of it in that way even though it wasn’t true?” - Cory

“So you’re saying the perception of a thing doesn’t make it so?”

And the show definitely messed with us in terms of the assumptions many of us were prone to making in light of the BMW parallels we were initially hit over the head with. But NONE of these kids is a perfect parallel to any singular BMW character. They all parallel different characters at different times.

Since the arrival of Zay (“What?! You started without ME?”) we’ve seen Lucas and his original BFF parallel Cory and Shawn a few times: ganging up on Farkle, goofing off in class, etc. And every now and then, Lucas directly pilfers a Cory mannerism (“You did this!”).

Maya has her obvious Shawn parallels, but she’s gotten Topanga parallels as well. And as for Lauren, well, she’s a threat to the alleged OTP of the show, the male half of which nearly kissed her by a fire after they were left alone.

As for Riley, well she’s BOTH of her parents and has paralleled them both so many times I don’t think I even need to catalog it.

And Farkle, well, as much as he is his father’s son, he’s been given a whoooole bunch of Topanga parallels (the kiss, the glo up, the funny name). But he’s also been given Cory parallels (the spear carrier bit, his unparalleled devotion to Riley regardless of what their relationship is).

And of course, there’s the seating arrangement.

This all leads us back to this “legacy” of missed opportunities and the character parallels specific to that theme—two generation’s worth, going on three if Rilucas is truly the OTP of GMW.

Ultimately, we were initially primed to believe that Rilucas was the Corpanga, the destined OTP of GMW, even if their relationship hasn’t followed the exact same path. And if Rilucas is the ironclad OTP of GMW, then those missed opportunities—Rosie x Ginsberg, Topanga x Stuart, Riley x Farkle & May x Merlin, Lauren x Cory, Maya x Lucas—will be missed opportunities yet again. Because they’re impossible if Rilucas is OTP.

“Change your history.” - Cory

“Nothing’s impossible if you take a shot.” - Cory

Maya’s reaction to the Alterna-Core four, the Alt-Lucas and Alt-Riley flirting in particular, very much so carries the implication of “omg, that’s the story here TOO?!?!” GM Gravity leans heavy on the fourth wall (especially in terms of BMW vs GMW), so it’s likely the Alterna-Class was (in part) a riff on the “it always happens this way so it has to happen this way again!” idea. The Alterna-Kids are missing those same opportunities.

I do believe that OUR core four isn’t going to miss the opportunities their forebears and their alterna-selves have missed.

Cory and Topanga aren’t the only version of young love. Other stories could’ve happened, but those opportunities were missed.

“I wanted us to be some version of Cory and Topanga. I guess there’s only one of those.” - Shawn, GM Hurricane

Methinks the show doth protest too much on this front. Michael Jacobs is a sap and a romantic, who believes big time in the power of love and friendship and all that ooey gooey stuff. Looks like he’s giving us not one, but TWO new versions of Corpanga…in the form of riffs on their missed opportunities.

The writers haven’t talked about “unexpected” things happening for a while. Most of their comments on that front came during S1 and in the front end of S2, when Rilucas was still the most obvious ship and the presumed OTP, before Riarkle and Lucaya got so high key while romantic Rilucas all but disappeared until Texas. For GMW, a show with such a strong Legacy (haha!) behind it, with soooo many assumptions about what “has” to happen based on what happened on BMW, one of the most unexpected things the writers could do would be to explore the missed opportunities instead of aping BMW based on our initial, BMW goggle-tinged assumptions about the new generation.

Ships-wise, I think that’s exactly what’s happening. The new generation isn’t going to miss the opportunities of the BMW generation and the great-grandparent generation. They’re gonna break the cycle of how the story “has” to happen.

“You know what happened after everybody went to Greenland because someone told them to?

They all died.

They came to an inhospitable, uninhabited ice ball named Greenland because someone said it was pretty, and the first thing they did was die. The jerks! So please remember, you shouldn’t pay attention to what everybody says. Because if you listen to everybody else, you just might end up crashing your little ships onto the rocks. But you should listen to the people who care about you.”

And then Maya has a realization about our alleged OTP. Whether her terminology is precisely correct is beside the point. She explicitly introduces the idea that maybe the presumed OTP…isn’t. But she resists it. She insists they’re not gonna crash their ships. They can’t crash their ships. The story is supposed to be set in stone.

But it’s not.

So…“don’t assume. Look more deeply. Just because something is wrapped up all pretty doesn’t mean it is.”

Something else is happening here.

It’s been two years...

It’s been two years since we lost our beloved Cory Monteith.  In some ways it feels longer but mostly it feels like I saw him just weeks ago.

I’m so touched and overwhelmed by the continuous outpouring of love for Cory.   And so thankful because I can promise you it is well-deserved.  I have spent my career working with “talent” (actors, musicians, writers, producers, etc) and I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten to know, in varying degrees, some of the most amazing people you could hope to meet.  Cory was one of those people and he is at the top of my list.

Over the course of 5 years, I spent countless hours on set (and some off) with Cory and I can honestly say that he was always, without fail, kind, respectful, warm and engaging.  It wasn’t an act he put on for the fans or the media.  

Cory looked out for people and made everyone feel welcomed and important.  He had the biggest, most genuine heart that you could feel when you were with him.  And he was so incredibly funny.  Very few people have ever made me laugh like Cory did.  He just innately understood how to find the humor and absurdity in most situations.

Cory loved Finn and the show.  He understood that it meant something very special to so many fans and that it was no small thing to have that level of love and support from even one person, much less millions. 

I could write page after page recounting all of my memories of Cory but this was just a brief way for me to say to anyone reading this that if you admired Cory and feel a loss from his passing, just know that there are so many people who feel your pain and also your love and that, in the end, we should all feel so grateful to have known him, in any way that we did.

Cory, I love you and miss you. 

Lips of An Angel

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Heart Song
Enjoy my lovelies.
                                                  Stand Alone
Lips of An Angel

Authors Note: Ok, so I absolutely love this song. Always have. And it’s on my writing playlist, a list of songs I listen to when I am working on my novel and I need to block out the kids laughing/arguing/chatting (cos you know kids don’t argue or scream, or yell lol) so I can focus on my writing. But every time I hear it lately I think of a fan fic I read. I can’t remember who wrote it but it was Dean leaving the reader for Lisa when Sam went into the pit. (So if it’s yours PM me, and I’ll edit this and chuck in a link) But anyway, I can just picture Dean sitting on the couch/lounge/sofa, running his hand through his hair, over his neck, tears threatening to fall talking to the girl he loves, while living with the girl he thinks he loves Here is the Link for the song on YouTube Hinders- Lips of an Angel


    Dean looked at the phone in his hands, he couldn’t believe the name on the ID screen.
     ‘Y/N?’ he spoke quietly, checking to make sure Lisa wasn’t in the room.
     ‘Hey Dean,’ she sobbed quietly.
     ‘Shit, sweetheart what’s wrong?’
     ‘Is it a good time to talk?’
     ‘Ah I got a few minutes, Lisa’s in the kitchen. What’s going on?’
     ‘It’s just be been a rough few days, I just needed to talk…just hear your voice. Know it’s all-ok. I’m sorry Dean, I know it’s a crappy thing to do,’ she sighed.
     Dean leaned back on the chair and sighed himself. He know how she felt, God did he know how she felt. He struggled daily with the fact that they had gone their separate ways after Sam went into the pit. They couldn’t stop fighting, Dean lost a brother, Y/N lost a best friend. Each blamed themselves, each hated that the other blamed themselves. He lost count of the amount of times he had wished it was Y/N he was kissing and not Lisa, the amount of times he had prayed it was her in his arms when he woke up.
     ‘Dean?’ Y/N’s voice came through the phone.
     Dean felt that familiar pull at the sound of his names, never had his name sounded so sweet, never had he ever wanted to beg to hear someone say it until Y/N did. He knew if she were here right now in this room, he would be all over her. Lisa or no Lisa, as much as he despised cheating there was a pull to Y/N every time she was near. It is why she moved to the opposite side of the country, she made him weak in so many ways and strong in so many more.
    ‘Sweetheart,’ he swallowed. ‘I should go.’
    ‘Dean,’ she struggled to say his name. ‘If you’re sure?’
    ‘No, God no. But I can’t I just, it’s too hard. You’re making me want to come find you Y/N and I can’t. I shouldn’t.’
    ‘I know, and I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t have called. I just, it’s been a shitty few weeks and I needed someone to talk to. And after last night I knew it had to be you.’
    Dean froze. ‘What happened last night? Are you ok? You’re not hunting alone are you?’ he whispered, panicked, angry. Checking again to make sure Lisa wasn’t within earshot. He felt his grip tighten on his phone, if she was hunting he was going to track her down and rip her a new one, solo hunting is a stupid thing to do. Plus they wanted out she shouldn’t be hunting.
    ‘No, not hunting. I just had the weirdest dream about you last night. It was the first time in a long time I felt happy, content. I just needed to hear your voice.’
     Dean felt that familiar tightness in his chest, his breath hitched.
    ‘Me too, God have I dreamed about you,’ Dean felt a stir within him as he pictured Y/N once again, her lips, her eyes, her smile, her body. The moans. God he was going down a dangerous path.
    ‘Where’s Cory? Does he know you’re talking to me?’
    ‘He’s passed out watching the baseball.’
    ‘He’s going to be pissed if he finds out Y/N. Will he start another fight over it?’
    ‘Probably. What about Lisa?’
    ‘Kitchen, but I don’t think she knows. God Y/N what did we do? I miss you so much.’
    ‘Me too Dean. I have no idea what we did or why.’
    She did it again, he knows she doesn’t realise it. But God hearing her say his name, it almost tips him over the edge. The two talked about random things, old memories, happier times. As of yet Dean didn’t know why exactly Y/N had called him. He wasn’t complaining though he loved to hear from her. But it made things so much harder. It was better then seeing her though. If he saw her he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.
     ‘I’m not over you Dean. Doubt I ever will be.’
     ‘Same here Y/N, what I wouldn’t give to be back with you. In some cheap motel or even a house. Why didn’t we get out together? Why did we even consider going separate ways?’
     ‘Cos we are a couple of morons, who have no idea how to control our tempers. Especially when drunk.’
     Dean could hear a smile in her voice, he couldn’t help but smile back. She was right every word of it. He felt the tears in his own eyes. He was struggling, he was only moment away from grabbing his gear and leaving Lisa. He fought every inch of his being to stay put. He took a deep breath. He had to end this call or end things with Lisa. But first he needed to know.
      ‘Honey, why are you calling me so late?’