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Cory “Nasty” Nastazio and his beautiful partner, Nicole have been together for close to 17 years I would say. Nasty proposed a few years back on a national TV show called “The X Life” and over the weekend the pair were married.

What’s the rush in life? Slow down and make it count. Stoked to see them make it official.

Badders made the trip to Mexico for the ceremony and would have not of missed it for the world.

We love the Nastazio family! Congrats!!!

Nasty’s end of year wrap up. Watching this you will see all the classic Nasty moves. He brought back the superman seat-grab, learned one handed superman’s, there’s a superman flip in there and I’m quite sure he was the first to do those back in 2005ish. Heading into his late 30’s, Nasty isn’t giving up, he’s keeping his old moves and learning some new ones all for the love of BMX.

Video up on Ride BMX.

The X Life

I was watching that show last night and can I just say that I find each one of them hot. 

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Cory Nastazio, so sexy omg. The tattoos and the scruff, I’m attracted to so many different types of guys, but he’s definitely up there.

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Honestly idk why I find him cute, but the truth is that his turrets or twitching makes him so adorable.

Finally the least attractive but still very cute Pierre Luc Gagnon.

Idk I have a thing for French Boys.

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