cory mr. safety

My youtube history.

Uhg I don’t know why I decide to post big long posts like this.. but god damnit here. Im typing this in word perfect right now so excuse me if shit is weird.

Hey. So, my youtube story isn’t exciting in anyway what so ever.. but here it is. My whole existence can be summed up in a few phases

Phase 1

So when I started youtube, I started way before there was “success” on youtube. Sure there were popular people really the only ones left are smosh. So, Im on this forum looking for a place to upload my videos (I had been making many before youtube was a thing) and cory (mr safety) was a frequenter of that forum and sent me a link to youtube. So I immediately uploaded a bunch of 25 second videos of me and friends fucking around.. one of which.. is right here for your enjoyment so most of these videos were targeted to my friends and family (which is what everybody says and its true) and for some reason the videos slowly caught a bit of traction from random spots on the internet and that was pretty sweet but it wasn’t anything in particular just me editing clips from many many old mini dv tapes trying to keep my self busy so I didn’t blow my highschool head off.  We had this little clip show called the poo poo show which was almost a blatant rip off of my friend adam skinners website anyway.. If he is reading this.. now he knows he was a huge inspiration. So what ever I posted a heap of that junk until some VERY FORTUNATE (for me) life events went down and I became single and had all the free time in the world which is where I started doing my own thing because getting a group of friends together was way to much work.

So at the time pretty much all I listened to was stand up comedy and weird metal music. More so the comedy.. but there was weird metal in there.. like iron bitch face look them up.. terrifying stuff.

Tom green was one of my huge influences.. and you can see that by watching  these two
(that’s probably one of my favorites)

So I listened to a lot of stand up comedy.. because to me comedy was my music. When I wanted to be in a better mood I’d throw on some Lewis Black, Christopher Titus,  and most definitely George Carlin.  In fact mostly George. So I listened to a lot of that and thought to my self.. fuck.. I could probably write some kind of monologue type deal and fart that out of my mouth for the video camera and that’s where you got
and what ever I did from late 2007 to mostly through 2008.

(oh by the way.. heres a tip. If you want awful feed back on your videos you should spam them to every forum you know… that’s what I did… and people hated me haha)

So I did my little comedy vlog type things up until  the summer of 2008 when I attempted (sadly) to branch out into doing weird skits and the like, pretty much what ever I thought was funny i’d half ass'dly storyboard out on a scrap of paper then dive right into with out really thinking it through haha and I did that right up until I went to college. Which was a huge mistake and that’s pretty much phase one. If enough of you care about phase two I will post about it later.