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24k reaction to their s/o being sad?

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Cory would just hug you and let you be sad for a while, before asking you the reason and try to find a solution. He’d be a sweetheart through the whole time, and would make stupid jokes or bring you candy to make you smile. That’d probably be his goal: to make you feel happy again.

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At first, when Daeil realized you were sad, he’d be absolutely concerned that something might have happened to you, freaking out and asking you who hurt you until you assured him you were fine. He would, then, hug you tightly, telling you everything would be okay. He’d be the one to try and make you feel safe.

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Seeing you sad would get Sungoh extremely worried. He’d want to know what happened and would go over the line to make sure everything was okay. If you didn’t want to tell him, I see him being the one who’d keep asking anyway. This cupcake wouldn’t rest until you smiled at him again.

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Kisu would calmly wrap you in his arms until you felt better, waiting for you to tell him what’s wrong. I don’t think he’d be one to pressure you to explain it, believing you would when you were ready. He’d be sweetest around you, and if you did tell him what’s wrong, he’d do anything to help you through it.

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Jeunguk would be the one who’d ask you what’s wrong calmly, but also, like Sungoh, wouldn’t give up on finding out why you were sad. He’d get to the point of being annoying, but would never use anything other than a soft, calm voice, because he wouldn’t want to make you even more upset.

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Unless you told him, Hui wouldn’t ask you about it or openly try to comfort you. He’d probably be sweeter around you, hugging you or kissing you more than usually, but he’d think that, if you wanted to him something, you would. If he saw you actually crying, though, he’d ask you what’s wrong and wrap you on his arms.

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Not knowing what to do, Jinhong would probably be fighting himself either to talk to you or not, scared it might make you even more upset. Like Hui, he’d try to act nicer around you, but with a worried expression on all the time. Eventually, if you didn’t say anything, he’d ask you about it, but if you said you didn’t wanna talk about it he’d drop it easily, maybe asking you only one time if you were sure.

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