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More Elsa!!! YAY!!! :) This is based on a beautiful piece of concept art by Marc Davis for an attraction at Disneyland called “The Enchanted Snow Palace.” The attraction was never built but from the concepts it would have been gorgeous!!! Obviously this dress is perfect for Elsa so I had to draw her in it! All credit for the design and concept go to Marc Davis, I just drew Elsa in his gorgeous gown! I highly recommend looking up his work if you havn’t already! :D


2013-14 NHL starting goaltenders: Metropolitan division


Cory had gone out that morning, braving lines in Vancouver, only to get a game he had been waiting for. It was released the morning and the moment he got back to their home in Whistler, Cory placed his game in the playstation and while it updated, he went and grabbed a few sodas and brought them beside him on the couch.

That’s where he stayed for at least 5 hours until he saw lea trying to get his attention. Little Cory had been visiting Ann so they had the house to themselves and Cory honestly thought Lea would head to the spa or something but no, she was sitting by him on the couch, trying to bug him and get his attention. 

Family Dinners

Edith and Marc were still staying with Lea and Cory but Ann, Shaun and Steph were all coming over to meet Scarlet for the first time. It was bound to be a big day but Edith had said she would do all of the cooking so Lea could enjoy some family time and not have to worry about it. She had been cooking for them the past few days and Lea wasn’t sure how she could thank her mother for everything that she had done for them. While Cory was busy helping Marc get everything ready outside Lea gave Scarlet a bath and got her dressed in her little Canucks onesie that Ann had bought for her the day they had come to see the house. 

An hour later Scarlet was fed, bathed and ready to meet her grandmother, aunt and uncle for the first time. Heading downstairs with Scarlet in her arms her phone started ringing and she headed to the kitchen table where it was sitting. Seeing it was an LA number she frowned and picked it up and before she knew it she was being offered a part on Sons of Anarchy and told when she would be needed for filming if she decided to accept the part. Lea of course had dreamed of getting a part on the show and said that she would call back within an hour once she had spoken to her husband. Hanging up she headed out the back and smiled over at Cory. “So… I got offered a role in Sons Of Anarchy. It’s just a guest star thing but I wanted to talk to you about it first.”

Kiss Me In The Rain

After dropping little Cory off at Marc and Edith’s earlier, Cory was now ready to get ready. He could hear Lea singing away as she got ready and he knew she had to be excited for the evening. They had two front row tickets to go see Barbra Streisand in concert. He knew most likely he would be bored out of his mind but it was worth it to make Lea happy.

After having a shower and getting dressed, Cory pulled his socks and shoes on before reaching for his wallet and keys. “Baby, are you almost ready?” he asked, knowing they had to leave soon if they wanted to beat the traffic.