cory is the best


Remember when we had REAL anime like Cory in the House? 


America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 23
Season 23

Photo Shoots


Photo Shoot 4: Avant Garde Supermarket (Part 1)
Part 2 here

  • Photographer: Jack Waterlot

The Call-Out Order is in the captions of the pictures

imagine mystic messenger but instead of four guys and one girl, it’s five spicy dank memes.

“You stumbled upon an app called ‘Spicy Memes-senger’ and downloaded it. Once you opened it up the app is connected to a lit group chat with the dankest memes. You are asked to join their turnt up fundraising association called Help Anyone Recover and Mature by Erotica (or HARAMBE for short) and the story begins…”

Choose to hook up with memes such as Swamp Billionaire Shrek, actor Nicholas Cage, Such Game Much Doge, Barry Benson the Best Bee-Sistant, and Cory the Hacker in the House. 


OHGOD OHGOD *composes self* Thank you so much to my dear, beloved crumpet @okimi79, who sent this to Cory some months ago in hopes that it might actually find its way to him, because having a signed bone saw was my fucking dream. I’m damn near speechless (alternating with bouts of inhuman screeching), and I cannot believe I am holding this fucking thing in my hands. I swear to God, I have the best girlfriend in the entire world. I’m gonna go die now UGH. <333333

We live in a world where we are not allowed to be emotional; men can’t cry, women can’t be angry and it is not allowed to be angry because it’s scary somehow and it’s horrendous and ridiculous and actors, we bear ourselves for you, we give you the opportunity to see how emotions can help, to feel emotions and to just express them as they come through you, it’s so good for us, as human race, it is necessary. And we give that to you because it’s what we do and the only reason we can do that - and I know this because I work with the best people in TV - is that these people around me are so beautiful, they have so much love and compassion and consideration and sometimes anger and sometimes pain and sometimes, you know, frustration but they are the most beautiful human beings and I think that’s what you see when you see us on TV.
—  Erin Richards 🌷