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London’s Calling

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Epilogue: Forever

Word Count: 1515

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Two weeks pass since her final day at school and Riley is back in her old New York apartment. She’d only been back in the country for the day and there were already boxes sprawled across her room, just like the day she left. 

It’s weird, to just ‘pick up where she left off’. Riley already knew she wouldn’t be able to slot into her old life like nothing happened. Even though on paper that’s essentially what she was doing. Same apartment, same school, same after school hang out spot, even most of the same friends. That misplaced feeling she had during her visit in Spring Break returns, the one Riley predicated she’d have until she readjusts. Strangeness aside she’s ultimately relieved to be back. 

It’s late - late for Riley at least - just after 10pm. Riley had briefly seen the two geniuses and Zay when she arrived. Of course Maya was there too but she stayed long after their other friends left. The blonde practically handcuffed herself to the brunette the moment she landed. Riley quickly became overwhelmed with the new-old life change and during dinner Riley delicately tried to hint at Maya to leave so she could have a moment alone to process things. Too excited to have her best friend back Maya wasn’t catching on but luckily Topanga picked up on it and suggested that Riley gets an early nights sleep. Alone. Making light of it of course Topanga tells the very pouty blonde that she has nothing to worry about because Riley was back and they had forever to spend with each other. 

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British Invasion | 8

Overview:In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: Getting closer to finding out what happened in London that made them come home!!! Riley also finally apologizes to Lucas for how she acted in Texas. 
Chapter Eight: “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Word Count: 3,823


Riley stared at her father in horror as he silently walked across the living room to her. He looked disheveled, his hair was more unruly than usual and his normally expressive eyes looked like they had sunken in significantly. She swallowed hard, now very aware that Sam’s hands were still holding her. She nudges him off, terrified that her father would chase him out of the building or kick him out and tell him to get lost but the closer Cory gets the easier it is to see that he was looking right through them.

He walks past the startled teens, not saying one word as he saunters over to the kitchen, pulling out a bottle of water and taking a large gulp before turning to face them again. He pinches the bridge of his nose taking a deep breath before he addresses them.

“How long are you here for, Sam?” He asks, now massaging his temples in attempt to relieve some tension.

Sam stumbles over his words for a minute, trying not to freak out as the father of the girl he was just kissing glared at him from across the room. “Um, just for the weekend sir. I’ll be gone on Monday.”

“Topanga know you’re here?” Cory asks, taking another big gulp of his water bottle.

“Yes sir.” Sam nods, “She made up the guest room for me.” He adds in, hoping that’ll put the man’s mind at ease. He didn’t want him to think that he and Riley were sharing a bed, or even a room.

“Why don’t you go on over to bed.” Cory motions to the door. “I need to speak to my daughter.”

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The Deal

I’m not sure what just happened last weekend. I told the police. I know they don’t believe me. I’m not sure if I believe me.

Cory (my fiance) and I are currently long distance due to work and family issues. My dad’s in a home for people with dementia and I’m the only one who can visit him weekly, while Cory is currently involved in a project at his work three states away. Our relationship lately has been nothing but Skype dates and texts. But for Valentine’s Day we wanted to do something special, so Cory haggled for the weekend free and I booked a decent hotel. Nothing five stars, but enough for us to get some nice time alone.

He showed up Friday and we took off. After we checked in, we had a nice romp in the sheets and watched awful horror movies from his laptop. Overall, pretty great.

It was around midnight when I woke up to someone pounding on the door.

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Girl Meets World Fanfiction

Title: Excuse Me?

Summary: The events after Shawn and Katy’s wedding

Pairing: Rilaya 

Rating: T

After Shawn and Katy had left to go pack their bags for Fiji, and Topanga had finally dragged Cory to bed (he was a sobbing mess after Shawn left) Riley, Maya, Auggie and Ava were all left, sitting silently in Riley’s room.

“I’m really happy for you, Maya.” Riley smiled, wrapping her arms tightly around Maya’s shoulders.

She rested her head against Riley’s, “Yeah, I am too.”

“So Riley,” Ava jumped off Riley’s bed with a smirk, going to sit beside the two girls by the bay window, Auggie following suit, “When are you and Maya gonna get married?”

Maya’s eyes almost popped right out of their sockets.

“Don’t be silly, Ava,” Auggie spoke up, “They’re already married.” He held up Riley’s hand, “Look, they’ve got rings.”

“Uh…” Riley blinked a couple times, “We’re not married.”

“Sure ya are.” Ava corrected, “You’re always saying those romantic things to each other, kinda like my mommy and daddy used to when they were married…” 

“We’re best friends.” Riley told them, noticing that Maya was completely frozen in place.

“Mhm.” Ava muttered sarcastically, rolling her eyes at the two. 

“Really. Maya and I are friends, sisters even.” Riley looked between the two kids, seeing the look of disbelief on their faces, “…I have a boyfriend.”

“Then how come Maya always looks like she wants to kiss you?” Auggie questioned, “The way daddy looks at mommy.”

“What?” Riley rose a brow, noticing how Maya’s cheeks went kind of red.

“She’s always staring at your lips.” Ava commented.

And then Maya was standing up, “Alrighty then, maybe its time for you two to go to bed.”

“But I’m not tired!” Ava argued as Maya began to shoo them both out.

“Yea, you are.” And she shut the door after them, going back to sit beside Riley, but keeping her gaze directed at the floor.

A few moments of silence later and Riley found herself fidgeting with the rim of her dress, “So…” 

Maya didn’t say a word and so, Riley kept awkwardly talking, “We gonna talk about it?”

“I’d prefer if we didn’t.” 

Riley nodded, understanding her point and keeping quite for a second or two before mumbling a faint, “You stare at my lips?” She glanced at Maya, who still wasn’t looking up.

Her cheeks became even more red, “No…”

They both knew that wasn’t true.

“We’re…Just friends, right?” Riley wouldn’t stop staring at her and it was starting to make Maya feel uncomfortable.

She gulped, looking back at the brunette, “Right.”

“Good.” Riley nodded.

“Uhu.” Maya agreed, directing her gaze away from the younger girl. She was pretty sure her face would just stay red forever after that embarrassing moment.

Neither one of them said a word for a couple seconds, and the silence was starting to become just plain awkward.

“…Wanna go to bed?”

Maya responded almost immediately, “Yea, good idea.” 

After changing into their PJ’s, brushing their teeth and climbing into bed, they found themselves lying a little too close to one another…with their arms wrapped around each other…and their legs tangled together…and their faces still flushed.

“We’re not just friends are we…”

“Not even in the slightest.”


Ship: Joshaya
Requested by @joshayagrewupgorgeous


“Maya! Just the girl I was looking for!” Cory says when he walks down the stairs and see the fiery blonde laying on his couch eating his food while watching a movie on his television. “Is Riley still on a date?”

Maya nods and then says, “If this about me not doing my homework I don’t wanna hear about it. I am in college, you are finally not my teacher!”

Cory puts a hand to his heart. “Hurtful,” he states, sitting down next to her. “What I really wanna talk to you about is Josh.”

Maya groans. “We’ve been over this, I am going to be your sister in law one day. Just get over it.”

“I will never!” Cory yells, opening one of the albums he brought with him. “Just look at this.”

“Aw is this Josh? He’s so cute!” Maya says, picking up the photo album and looking through the pictures. “Oh my gosh! Look he’s dressed as a little pumpkin!”

Cory frowns, this was not going as planned. “Okay enough of the baby pictures lets get on with the awkward teenage years,” he says giving her another scrapbook.

She flips through a couple pages, “He’s still cute even with a Bieber haircut!” She cooes, flipping through more of the pages.

“Enough of that,” he says pulling the book away. “Did you know that he used to pick his nose and then eat the boogers when he was a kid?”

“Didn’t ever little boy? If he still we would have some problems,” Maya replies, “besides Riley used to pick her nose and wipe them in your suit pockets.”

Cory shudders not needing to know that. “He used to listen to Taylor swift music on full blast and sing a long when he was ten.”

Maya actually ‘aws’ at the thought of that. “I wish I could have seen that. He probably looked adorable!”

Cory throws his hands in the air, “I give up!” Before taking the photo albums and going back upstairs leaving a smug Maya behind.

Two days later he decided to try again but this time with Josh. Josh had come over for dinner and decided to spend the night since it was getting late. Everyone had already gone to bed when Cory came downstairs to see Josh still up.

“My brotha,” he says sitting down next to him.

“My brotha!” Josh replies with a smile. “Why are you still up?”

“I was coming to get a glass of water but this is the perfect time to talk to you,” Cory says.

Josh raises an eyebrow curiously. “Okay…” He says slowly. “Is everyone okay?”

“Yes everything is fine. I just need you to think about if you really want to make me have Maya as a sister in law,” Cory retorts.

Josh laughs, “that’s what’s got you not able to sleep? If I am going to ask Maya to marry me? We’re in college.”

“Yes, I know that and I am not saying your going to now but did you know she used to have a major crush on all of the Jonas Brothers?” Cory asks.

Josh practically snorts, he could never see Maya being the type to fangirl over a boy band.

“It’s true, her bedroom walls used to be covered in posters of them. She even had a Jonas brothers backpack in sixth grade,” Cory nods.

Josh laughs, imaging his hot tempered rebellious girlfriend walking around with a Jonas Brothers backpack. “Do you have pictures?” He asks.

Cory laughs, and then pulls two pictures out of his pockets like he had been expecting Josh to ask that. After he hands them to Josh he leans back crossing his arm.

“Is her hair in pigtails?” Josh asks astonished a small smile spreading on his face. “She looks adorable.”

Cory mouths opens in surprise, “but-what- no!” He says, as he begins to try and think of something else embarrassing. “When she was in fourth grade she cut her own hair!”

“Hasn’t everyone cut their hair?” Josh asks, as Cory hands him a picture of Maya with chopped up bangs. “She actually looks cute with bangs.”

Cory frowns and crosses his arms. “I know for a fact that she sleeps with a stuffed pink bear! She brings it whenever she sleeps over!”

Josh smile spreads even larger. “Really?” He asks. “I got her that on our first date when we went to a carnival.”

At this Cory realizes just how stupid he was being trying to break them apart. “You found your Topanga?” He asks softly.

Josh pauses for a minute almost frozen before he nods slowly his smile spreads and he says, “Yeah I think I have.”

Cory pats his brother shoulder when stands up and replies, “I hope you two are happy together.” Before going off to bed.

                                                      THE END

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Beautifully Broken

An anon requested a one shot based on Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. I have no idea what you had in mind, but I hope this suffices. I listened to the song too many times to count, believe me. I was trying to get a feel for the song, but I’m a bit iffy on this one. I had so many thoughts running though my head, but when I sat down to write, my mind went blank. Anyways, I hope you like it. 

Word count: 5,035. (I didn’t mean to make it so long it just happened.)

Trigger warning: toxic/abusive relationship and mention of cancer.

Riley was finally feeling like herself again after getting out of a toxic relationship. She had spent her summer vacation in California with her Aunt Morgan. It didn’t take a lot of convincing. Her parents, everyone really, thought it was the best thing for her; and it was. Now, her smiles reached her eyes, her laughs were real, and she was her bubbly self again.

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With so much new staff around and changes being made, it was increasingly starting to get more difficult for Cory to sneak away to hide in the basement. It was obvious someone tried to clean up the drawings on the wall and do something with the sheets but that all seemed impossible. This time was different though, as Cory laid paralyzed in the bed with his eyes locked on the wall and the familiar sounds of Persecutory laughing. He didn’t even noticed the person walking in, his sleep paralysis full-on.

A lot went down last night. The main talk on the campus was Maggie and Liam going on a date. A date Mia was ready to go ask a Kappa girl if she can get the phone number to one of her brothers and get her hand on an  M40 rifle. First off, for Mia to even want to talk to a kappa girl much less ask for a favor, meant she was actually very serious about shooting someone. But the only reason why she did not do it, was because she did not look good in Orange.

Mia slid out of bed and went rummaging in cory’s draw’s to find a big enough shirt to wear and pass it off as a dress. She was not going to do the walk of shame in the same clothes she left in last night when she did nothing shameful anyways to do the walk of shame. It was a strict stay over that resulted only in the two of them sleeping. 

Mia had to drink caffeine in order to fall asleep. And even when the caffeine was kicking in, Mia could not help but wonder what kind of sleepover was this…. Stupid roommate.

Anyways, Mia was walking up the stairs with Ellie’s mother flourless recipe for pancake’s in her hand and a bowl of fruits and berries in the other. “Knock Knock, it’s wifey material”. Mia said as she opened the door of the bedroom she shared with Ellie. “I come bringing my amazing cuddles and peace offerings, I should have not pushed you to go after Liam”. Mia explained as she placed the pancakes and fruits on the night table. “How are you feeling Bestie?” Mia said brushing the loose tendrils from Ellie’s face.


“Riley with a Minkus” [Riarkle Fanfic]

Sometimes parents know best. Maya walks in on Cory and Topanga’s conversation about who they think their kids would end up with including her. A fun fanfic I’ve thought about - let’s be real if anyone’s going to notice Riarkle first it’s probably going to be Cory & Topanga! Enjoy!

Maya and Riley sat back in Riley’s bed watching a movie on her laptop.

With the laptop perched on Maya’s lap she reached down for more popcorn in the bowl in between them but felt nothing but unpopped kernels.

Maya groaned, “No more popcorn? Boo!” 

If Maya was asked to describe Riley in that exact moment, she was busy mesmerized by the romantic leads tangled in a long drawn out, over fantasized cliche scene.

“Riles, no more buttery goodness!” Maya tipped the nearly empty bowl toward her.

Riley dreamily placed a hand on her cheek in a romantic stupor, she was completely focused on the screen in front of them.

Maya shook her best friend who simply waved to the door, “More in the kitchen…”

Maya rolled her eyes, annoyed she had to fend for herself. She handed the laptop to Riley whose eyes remained glued to the screen.

She loved her best friend but this would also be the perfect, valid excuse to take a break from this corny movie.

Maya walked down the familiar hall and lingered by the kitchen door frame. She reached for the light but paused when she saw the glow from the television in the living room.

Cory and Topanga were watching a show and adorably snuggled on the couch.

She was just about to walk into the kitchen when she heard Mrs. Matthews words, “As much as I like Lucas I just don’t know…”

Maya’s eyebrows furrowed, yes it was rude to spy on people’s private conversations but living room chats seemed like public domain, it wasn’t like Bay Window heeded privacy.

She stood by the frame continuing to listen.

“He’s a very nice kid who really has been such a great friend to Maya and Riley but I just don’t see him with either of them.”

Topanga replied, “Such a handsome, sweet boy but this whole weird situation that pinned the girls on opposite sides. If I had my way, you know what momma would say!”

Cory chuckled, “You’d tell the girls they should pick each other first and foremost. That a man is not worth their friendship and they both have plenty of time to embrace their inner female warriors and when the time comes they’ll meet the men they’re supposed to be with. In the meantime nothing is more important than each other!”

Topanga pecked his lips, “You know me so well Cory. Ok so, fun question, if by chance you got to pick who your kids ended up with who’d you choose?”

Maya was in too deep, she had to hear the rest of this conversation.

Cory made a sound of excitement, “Oh I love these kind of games! One I can’t lose against you.” They both laughed.

“Auggie would hands down be with Ava.”

She playfully groaned but it quickly transformed into a giggle, “Yes they are definitely the new us. Probably smarter. Don’t tell Ava I said that! She’d say something snarky like, ‘It’s about time Topey! Give me that ring!’”

The laughing died down, “So Cory, what about daddy’s little girl?”

Maya couldn’t see it but she assumed Cory had the most priceless facial expression.

“Let’s just stop there because if I got to choose she’d live in that bay window room til she was 80, a bunny lady, and unwed.”

Topanga placed a supportive hand on his shoulder, “Cory, Riley is growing up. I hope one day you’ll be able to accept the partner she brings home.”

He let out a breath, “Me too.”

She pecked his cheek, “Be equal about this though. Who would Cory Matthews pick to end up with our daughter?”

He contemplated for a mere second but burst into laughter. Topanga rested her face in her hand laughing along with him. She paused, “How come I feel like we have the same answer?”

Cory ended his laughing session with a side smirk, “Because we’re not idiots and history is so ironic.”

Topanga brightened up, “Do you think the feelings will ever be reciprocal?”

Maya narrowed her eyes, wait she wondered did they ever say this person’s name. Well it definitely wasn’t Lucas she determined. Especially from the first half of their discussion but then they said the answer was ironic, who could that be?

“They’re both extremely smart I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time. But I’m her father, I would never push her into anything. Even though I must say, out of all my options as of today…I really think the only guy I’ll ever be somewhat okay she ends up with would be Farkle.”

Maya’s eyes widened and she almost fainted but held the wooden frame and lowered herself onto the floor.

“Riley with a Minkus…the irony of a Lawrence Matthews with a Monster Minkus!” Cory exclaimed.

Topanga rested her head on his shoulder, “The Minkus’ have become lovely friends. Plus if Riley married him their intellectual genes would be unstoppable! A’s for a lifetime!”

Maya nodded to herself, okay so that irony part made sense but what we’re they talking about reciprocated feelings. Did Riley tell her parents about a recent crush on Farkle? How dare she not tell her, they practically shared one functioning brain. Before she could argue with herself their words interrupted her.

“I’m telling you Topanga, ever since the whole Charlie Gardner debacle I’ve noticed this strange shift between Riley and Farkle. I constantly notice them speaking privately and being very secretive.“

Topanga reasoned, “Farkle was simply pushing Riley to tell Lucas about her feelings.”

Cory shook his head, “But it’s been so much more. I see the way they look at each other in my classroom, in the halls, when I catch him in her room and it’s just the two of them. He looks at her the way I look at you. Unconditional love.”

Topanga aw'ed “What about Riley?”

He smiled, “She’s worse than him. If I had to deduce they like each other but they don’t know it yet. Farkle gave up both Riley and Maya to pursue Smackle, so his romantic concentration is only focused on Smackle right now. But behind the scenes it’s more complicated.”

“Same with the Riley, Lucas, Maya triangle…it’s clouding Riley’s true feelings,” Topanga reasoned. “Now that I think about it, I have noticed their growing closeness these past few years. Haven’t you seen Farkle stopping by through the window moreso on his own?”

Cory scoffed, “Why do you think I try to get her to fall asleep before six so she won’t have late night visitors. The boyish jerk!”

Topanga squeezed his hand, “I seemed to remember a jean jacket clad boy coming through my window.”

“I know Topanga but we have always been soul mates. Riley and Farkle need ample time to figure things out, preferably after college.”

She joked, “It must be hard to handle when you have to watch their goo goo eyes all throughout school session.”

“Yuck! So gross! No more please!” Cory begged but Topanga had one more question.

“Last one, how about our other girl?”

Maya was about to shuffle away but stopped and sat down by the frame way too hooked.

Cory shook his head, “None of the boys at school. They’re all jerks, except me of course and possibly Farkle.”

Topanga smiled, “You might not like my answer.”

“Go ahead.”

“Maya is a special girl. She’s tough, smart and beautiful. She has been through a whole lot and deserves a really wonderful guy.”

Maya almost wanted to cry but held in her tears and the sound of excitement fighting to escape her mouth.

“There’s nothing wrong with any of that, why would I not like anything you just said about Maya and her potential partner?”

Topanga continued, “She needs someone who could pick her up, a wise yet young hearted guy. I was thinking older…”

“Shawn’s too old and likes her mom!”

Maya wanted to chuckle, Katy and Shawn had been dating for months.

“I was referring to another boy we know. Not much older but they’d have to wait for a few more years.”

Cory contemplated who his wife was picturing and then he shook his head, “No that’s weird! Maya cannot be my sister-in-law! Nuh-uh! Not Mrs. Boing!”

Maya now softly fell to the floor and began to crawl back to Riley’s room. All she wanted to do was scream and burst into a million triumphant pieces.

When she got back she closed the door tightly behind her.

Riley was still invested in the movie but instead of being alone she found Farkle sitting beside her also watching the movie. Except his eyes shifted from the screen to Riley.

Maya stood in front of the door observing her two friends. The information she had heard from Cory and Topanga Matthews still whirling in her head.

Riley chuckled at something the leading male said and Farkle turned his head to look at her and a smile grew on his lips. Riley glanced back at him and smiled in return but quickly looked back at the screen so she wouldn’t miss the next part.

Maya smiled to herself, the Matthews were almost always right. So maybe, just maybe their predictions weren’t that far-fetched from what could happen. 

Ski Lodge: Chapter 3

“Alright kiddies,” Josh exclaimed, “game night!”

“Ooo! Games! I love games! Don’t you guys love games?” Riley said feeling like her old, full of energy self.

“Sure honey,” Maya said slightly skeptical but over-all happy that her best friend was coming back to normal.

The class sat down around the couches and fireplace playing board games. They played monopoly, sorry, and uno. Smackle or Farkle won every round of every game.

“Shall we play this game of uno again? I do imagine I will crush you all again, so you might want to just give up now,” Smackle stated plainly.

“Let’s do one more round before bed,” Maya piped in.

The cards were distributed and they started the game.

“Hey guys I’m just going to go to the bathroom really quickly,” Riley said. She got up from her seat and walked to the bathroom, passing Evan on the way and giving him a quick smile.

“So,” Farkle whispered quietly, “what’s up with Riley?”

“I have no idea. I don’t even know if this change in her is good or bad,” Maya said upset that she didn’t know what was going on with her best friend. “I will try to talk to her later tonight.” The whole group agreed. As soon as Riley was back they started the game again with Smackle winning yet again.

“Okay class!” Cory announced, “time for bed!”

The kids all went their various ways to their rooms. Maya and Smackle both sat on Riley’s bed waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. As soon as she did she stopped. “What’s going on?” She asked confused.

“We will be the ones to ask the questions around here, bubbles!” Smackle exclaimed.

“Woah! Calm down, Smackle!” Maya said. She then turned to Riley to say, “we just want to know what’s been up with you. You’ve been extra peppy, you’re walking around in a dreamy state all the time, we’re worried about you.”

“I’m fine,” Riley assured them. “I’ve just been having a good weekend so far. That’s it!” Maya and Smackle just looked at each other, unconvinced by Riley’s statement, but they decided to leave it alone for now. They all laid down to sleep.

Once Riley knew the two others were asleep, she quietly got up, grabbed her coat and went back down to the lobby.

“So you work a lot of nights?” Riley questioned as she walked over to the bay window seeing Evan looking at the sky.

He looked over and smirked before responding with “sure do, city girl. Care to join me?” Riley smiled and went over to sit next to him.

“It’s pretty hard to see the stars from in here. I think I’m going to go outside for a little and look,” Riley said.

“I’ll go with you,” Evan replied grabbing an extra blanket. “Here I know a really clear spot to see the sky,” he said grabbing her hand and pulling her around the back of the lodge.

Riley was giggling the whole way there. “Where are you taking me? Come on please tell m- wow.” Her breath caught in her throat as she saw the big open field with a clear view up to the sky.

Evan knew her reaction would be like that. He laid the blanket on the ground and motioned to it. “After you.”

Riley smiled. “Thank you, kind sir,” she responded playfully. They both laid on the blanket staring up at the sky. Every so often Evan pointed out the different constellations. They sat up and talked for a while.

Evan noticed Riley shivering a little. “City girl not used to the cold outdoors? Here,” he said wrapping the blanket around her shoulders.

“But now you’re going to be cold,” Riley said although she was very grateful for the blanket. “Here,” she offered a bit of the blanket to him and they wrapped up together.

“We might want to head inside. It’s almost 2:00 in the morning,” Evan said.

“Already? I’m not even tired.” Nevertheless, the went inside. Still wrapped together in the blanket. When they got inside, Evan went over and made them some more hot chocolate to help warm them up and they say wrapped in their blanket in front of the fireplace.

“I can’t even imagine how cold it gets here in the middle of winter,” Riley said, shivering just at the thought of it.

“It’s not too bad once you get used to it. Plus there’s more activities you can do. There’s snowboarding, snow tubing, and skiing! It’s pretty amazing.”

“Sounds like it!” Riley said. They talked a while longer. Riley even showed Evan some of the pictures she had taken so far on the trip. While he looked through her pictures she leaned on his shoulder so she could see them too. Soon enough, her tiredness got the better of her, and she was asleep on Evans shoulder. He didn’t mind though, and soon he was asleep leaning on her too.

“Guys what’s for breakfast? I’m starving!” Maya exclaimed as she led her friends down the stairs. She saw Riley first. ‘Awe,’ she thought. 'Look at our cute Riles! Wait- who is she asleep with…?’ “Farkle get over here!”

Everybody stopped when she did except for Farkle as he hopped down the stairs. “Wha-” he started as she motioned to what she saw. “Oh no. Uhhhh Lucas I forgot something upstairs. Why don’t you come with me?”

“No, I think you can make it just fine on your own,” Lucas said but was soon being pulled by Farkle up the stairs. “Since when did you get so strong?” He complained.

Maya walked over to Riley and started petting her to wake her up. As soon as she was awake she noticed where she was and who was around her and quickly lifted her head off Evan’s shoulder, bumping their heads together and waking him up as well.

“OW,” he exclaimed rubbing his head. “Ohh,” he said soon after when he saw Riley’s friends surrounding them with the exception of Farkle and Lucas.

“So,” Maya said smirking. “I see what’s been going on.”

Riley quickly shoved the blanket off her shoulders leaving it solely around Evan, and Evan handed her camera back to her.

“Well, I better go get dressed…” Riley said before hobbling up the stairs on her hurt ankle. The group then turned towards Evan.

“Well,” he said getting up, “I better get back to work.” And with that he was behind the desk filling out paper work.

“Guys, we just saw Riley running to her room with her pajamas on. How did she get up so early?” Wondered Lucas.

Zay smirked and said, “I’m thinking she had some incentive,” while wiggling his eyebrows which earned him a smack in the head from Maya.

“What?” Lucas asked confused.

“Nothing. I just think Zay here is a little tired,” Maya said quickly.

Riley came back down the stairs fairly quickly. “Shall we head to breakfast?” She said while walking quickly towards the breakfast area, avoiding eye contact with everybody. The rest soon followed her. Maya and Farkle stayed towards the back.

“So what’s the story?” Farkle asked Maya eager for the details.

“Don’t have much but I’m assuming they were together all night. No way they did that just this morning.” And with that they left for breakfast.

“Hey Riley, how did you sleep last night?” Zay asked with an evil smirk on his face.

Riley’s face flushed and said, “Fine how about you?”

Zay ignored her question. “Cause when I saw you this morning, you looked quite tired. And quite cozy.”

Riley looked towards Lucas and upon noticing that he was oblivious to the conversation, she quickly kicked Zay under the table.

“OW.” Zay exclaimed but with a malicious look from Riley, he quickly shut up.

“So,” Riley said quick to change the subject, “what do you guys have planned for today?”

“We were going to go for a short walk to some field that’s around the back of the lodge and then we would have a picnic and play some team bonding games. You could come with us? I hear it’s not that far and I can always carry you,” Lucas said.

“That sounds good. I’ll see how I’m feeling before we leave,” Riley responded.

“I’m sure you’ll have to check on something else too,” Zay muttered under his breath.

“What was that?” Asked Lucas.

“Nothing,” was his response since he was more scared of Riley than he was of Lucas.

After a while more of eating and conversation, Riley excised herself to go to the bathroom. She went out of her way to go by the desk to see if Evan was there. Instead, there was and old lady standing behind the counter.

“Sorry to bother you,” Riley said, “but would you by chance know when Evan is going to be working again?”

“Of course darling! Let me check.” The old lady checked a calendar and soon came back to Riley. “It looks like he will be working later tonight and most of the rest of the weekend!” Riley thanked the nice woman and went back to breakfast only to find everybody clearing up.

“I think I will go with you guys today! It will be nice to see the leaves during the day,” Riley said.

“During the day?” Questioned Lucas.

Rikey instantly paled realizing what she had said while the rest of the group raised their eyebrows at her statement. “Uhhhhh…. Never mind.” She said quickly. “I’m going or go out on warmer clothes if I am going outside.” And with that she was out the door.

Maya and Smackle went up to their room to see Riley putting on a thicker sweatshirt and jeans. Riley turned around and saw her two friends. She motioned for them to sit on the bed opposite where she was sitting and they sat down.

“So go ahead. Say what you must,” Riley said dreading the conversation that was to come.

“We just have a few questions,” Maya started calmly. “How did you meet? When did you meet? Who was he? Why have we not seen him before? What about Lucas? How much time have you spent together? Do you like him? What’s his name?”

“That’s not few,” Riley said in disbelief, her mind reeling from all the questions.

“Actually, a few is any number more than one. The dictionary describes 'few’ as not many, but more than one. Since eight is more than one, it can qualify as a few,” Smackle explained.

“Alright… Well we met the first night here while I was sitting by the window and he sat with me. We ended up staying awake talking all night. He is super sweet, his name is Evan and he works here. And yeah I think I do like him. Whenever he is around my stomach gets this warm, fluttery feeling, and I feel like the luckiest person ever when we talk.”

“But what about Lucas?” Maya asked her friend earnestly.

“What about him Maya? I’m sick of this triangle, I’m sick of us always having to be evened up. Maybe this is how it ends. I know how you guys act around each other. You’re the perfect couple.”

“But he offered to carry you all the way to the field later today,” Maya said.

“And Farkle would have too if he was stronger. Lucas is a good guy. He’s just not my good guy. Anyways, we should get going. Everyone is probably waiting for us downstairs,” Riley said. “Hey Maya? Can you carry this blanket for me?”

“Sure honey.” And with that they were off.

To be continued….

I hope you guys enjoyed the third installment of Ski Lodge. Please read and review! I’m really enjoying writing this but I’m not exactly sure what direction to take it or who the endgames should be so if you have any thought, please message me!!!

get me with those green eyes

alternatively known as: the one where riley matthews is hopped up on pain medications and lucas friar is her dutiful nurse. (au; one-shot)

pairing: riley/lucas (w/ implied smarkle/joshaya)
word count: 4,320

*a/n: this is my first time posting a fic and I have fairly limited knowledge when it comes to medical terminology/procedure so forgive me if things don’t quite add up everywhere lol but enjoy!

“How’re you feeling, Riles?” Maya asks her best friend with concern. She had nearly leaped out of her chair when she had noticed Riley’s eyes beginning to flutter open.

Riley is barely able to make out the sound of Maya’s voice. She groggily groans, feeling more disoriented than she had ever before in her life. “Whazzgoinon?” she asks, her throat raspy from lack of use.

“You just got out of surgery,” Maya reminds her gently. “The amputation was successful. The doctor says you should be able to live a full and healthy life.”

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anonymous asked:

Please can you do a one-shot for how Riley explodes and tells her parents and friends she doesn't feel appreciated by them? I love your writing !!

This is going to be a long one! I have quite a few requests similar to this one! People really like this angle so I would just like to write a small disclaimer of sorts and say that this one shot is exaggerated emotions and not exactly my own personal beliefs when it comes to characters because I don’t believe it would bother Riley as much as I make it out in this. (Sure some things I’m like ow baby but most of it is just comedic writing.. Like boy meets world and I don’t think it should be taken as heavily as it is sometimes) WITH THAT SAID!!! ! ENJOY :) P.S I started writing this before ski lodge so lets pretend Riley and Lucas aren’t together yet and theres still a triangle

Word Count: 2563

♡ ♡ ♡ 
Riley wakes up with the sun beaming through her window and a smile quickly curls on her face realising what day it is. My birthday! My birthday, today it is my birthday!! Riley sings to herself as she sits up in bed.

Auggie comes charging through her bedroom door and jumps on Riley’s bed laying beside her. 

“Happy Birthday, Riley.” He grins handing her a card. 

“Auggie, this is beautiful.” Riley says, reading his handmade birthday wish. 

Her parents appear in the doorway with a tray of breakfast goods and start singing happy birthday to their daughter. Maya crawls through the window mid song and climbs in bed with Riley on her other side. Cory places the tray on her lap and kisses her forehead. 

“Eat up.” Topanga grins. “Then get ready for school, birthday or not you have to go shape those beautiful minds.” Topanga kisses Maya’s forehead then Riley’s. 

Everyone leaves the room and Riley and Maya are left picking at her breakfast. Riley goes into her closet to change and Maya continues to sit on the bed and chat with her. 

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prompt: drunk riley matthews

set in sophomore year

Riley isn’t big on parties. Her friends however, love them. Even Farkle and Isadora can’t get enough. If it were up to her, the six friends would stay home and have a disney movie marathon. But, Lucas and Zay were on the football team now, and they were required to be at these parties.

So that is how Riley finds herself walking with her friends on Mike Jacobs (see what I did there) front lawn, surrounded by drunk teenagers. The pit in her stomach was growing bigger and bigger as they stepped inside the house. The party was like all of the others. Football players and cheerleaders everywhere (they were required to be there), red solo cups litter every counter top, and you can smell the stench of alcohol from miles away.

The party was fine, the entire group stuck together for the first two hours, but then Lucas was called over by his group of football friends, and Zay and Maya had already left to try and find some other friends they promised to meet prior to this moment.

“Yeah, I’ll be right there!” Lucas called over to his friends, as he unwrapped his right arm from Riley’s shoulder. She smiled up at him as he stepped in front of her.

“Will you be okay if I go? Say the word and I’ll stay.” He moves a strand of hair away from her face with his hand.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. You don’t have to worry about me, Luke. Go ahead.” She smiles and puts her hand on his arm to reassure him. Truth be told, she really didn’t want him to go, but she didn’t want to keep him from having fun at his own party (technically the team’s party).

“Okay.” He turns to Farkle and Smackle, “Keep an eye on our girl.”

“Of course. Go already, geez.” Farkle laughs.

Lucas quickly kisses Riley on the lips (after over a year of being official, the pair has gotten quite comfortable), and then on the forehead, and bids his goodbyes to Smarkle before making his way over to his football buddies.

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Dance With Me - A Riarkle Fic

So I wrote this after I saw Girl Meets Yearbook about a week ago. This is how I would have loved for Semi Formal to go, but I also really just wanted to write a Riarkle fanfic, because I barely see any in the tags. It also has a bit of Lucaya in it. ;) Enjoy! And please let me know what you think of it. :)

Riley was standing next to a table full of delicious foods and the ‘always famous for being at proms’ punch as she watched  the school’s gym full of dancing people. A faster song was on and many people gathered on the dancefloor including Missy, who was in the very middle having all the attention from most of their classmates. She was wearing a shorter pink dress, that barely reached her knees and her hair was straightened for the night. She was jumping and laughing as the others just watched her being fascinated by her dancemoves. Riley rolled her eyes playfully and searched for her friends in the room with her eyes wide open. They eventually landed on one of the corners of the gym, where quite far from anyone or anything Maya and Lucas were dancing and laughing to the fast rythm of Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night. They looked comfortable and like they’re having a really good time. Riley smiled at them, because even though she might have felt a little jealousy she was the one who came to the dance with Charlie instead of Lucas and she couldn’t blame him that he was enjoying the formal. Especially that it meant that Maya also had fun and didn’t just sit in one of the chairs the whole night looking at people with a bored expression on her face while wishing she was somewhere else. Speaking of Charlie, Riley searched for him with her eyes scrolling through the room once again. He was talking to one of his friends, Billy but when he caught her staring at him he smiled and crossed the gym to get to her.
“Hey, sorry I didn’t mean to leave you alone, just Billy came without a partner and he wanted to talk a bit.”
“No problem. I’m glad he is having a good time. You’re a nice friend.”
“Thanks. Listen, I promised Smackle months ago that I’d dance with her. We were closer friends a few years ago. Is that a problem?”
“No, of course not. Go, have fun, I’ll just talk to Maya for a bit.” She said, as she started making her way through the crowd to Maya who by now was sitting at a table and talking to Lucas. Charlie seemed like a nice guy, and Riley liked him as a friend, but even though she said yes to his invitation she didn’t think of it as an actual date or something. They just went together as friends. Just like Maya and Lucas.
“Hey, so how’s the party?” Riley asked when she reached them.
“It’s actually better than what I imagined. And the songs are good. I expected them to be super old and boring since the teachers picked them.”
“Yeah, I guess they did a little research or something. You know, like Youtube videos with titles like '10 best songs of 2014’ or whatever.”

As they were talking by the table they saw Farkle coming towards them. He wore his hair a little combed to the side so they could actually see his forehead, something that has been hiding since the fifth grade. Farkle kept his new style of clothing after the image change the yearbook caused a while ago. At first his friends feared that he might get a new personality along with the full wardrobe change, but they pretty soon realized that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Farkle was his old self even with a new image, maybe even more than ever. Now that people didn’t immediately thought of him as a genius based on his looks he proved them even more how smart he actually is. Riley was relieved that he stayed the Farkle she has known in her whole life.
She remembered one of the few wise things her Uncle, Eric had told her.'Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself.’ Riley kept this saying close to her heart since her big fight with Maya. She even wrote it down and put it up on her wall above her bed. The first time Cory saw it he laughed and hugged her. 'I guess Eric had an impact on you didn’t he?’

“Hey guys.” Farkle waved when he got to the table.
“Hey, what’s up?” Lucas asked with a smile on his face.
“Nothing much. Smackle is dancing with Charlie so I thought I’ll come and chat a bit.” he and Isadora came together to the formal.
“Lucas, can you please help me? We need someone to help carry the equipments of the band from the second floor, here, to the gym.” Cory asked as he reached the table with his daughter and her friends sitting and standing around it.
“No problem, sir.” He smiled and got up to go with Mr. Matthews to the storage on the second floor of John Quincy Adams where earlier that day they put the performing band, Sheppard’s stuffs.

“Hey Riles, I gotta go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.” Maya said and she stormed off to the corridors.
“Guess it’s just us then.” Riley smiled at Farkle as she stood up from her seat leaving her half empty glass of punch on the table.
“Yeah. It looks like our partners are having a good time.” he said as he looked across the room to see Cahrlie and Smackle sitting with a crowd and talking about something. Then suddenly everyone started laughing around them.
“They are.” Riley smiled at him.

As they were standing there suddenly a slow song came on. The people on the dance floor started to form into couples and swing slowly to the rythm of the song. Riley recognized it. It was 'Just A Kiss’ by the band Lady Antabellum.
“Riley?” Farkle said quietly, that she could only hear because the song was slow and light.
“Can I have this dance?” he asked as he reached with his hand to hers. He was smiling in that special way Riley liked so much, something she loved to see every time ever since they were little kids.
“Absolutely.” she said with a big smile as she grabbed his hand.
Farkle lead her close to the middle of the room, than spinned her around so she was standing face to face with him. He put his hand on her waist hesitantly. Riley smiled and put her hands around his neck where she clunched them. They were just slowly swinging for a while, when Riley broke the silence.
“Farkle, can I ask you something?”
“Are you really okay with this new look? I mean it started because of the yearbook and I don’t want you to just keep it because you think people would pay more attention to you like this.” she said while looking straight into his eyes.
“I told you. I liked this new image. I wanted to try something new. I am growing up. And I am changing and there’s nothing wrong with that.”
“Yeah, I know, but,don’t you miss your turtlenecks?” a small smile came across her face as she remembered that Farkle put his favourite orange turtleneck in their time capsule, the one she borrowed when her father gave out the awards of the year last schoolyear after that fight with Billy.
“They’re not gone Riley. They just sit in my closet for a little bit. I’ll just grab them the second I feel like I want to. I didn’t throw anything away because of the new clothes.”
“That’s good. I wouldn’t want you to change who you are because of some stupid vote. People can think whatever they want about us, but the only ones who can lable any of us are ourselves.”
“I know. And I’m sorry.” he said with a sad look on his face and in his eyes.
“For what?”
“For dragging you with me. I changed into that dark look because I wanted to show people I’m not who they think I am. I shouldn’t have pulled you with me. You’re perfect just the way you are. All of us are.”
“It wasn’t you that changed me. I’ve done it by myself. You just came to check on me to see if I was okay. And I appreciate that.” Riley said with a shy smile. “But I know by now that it was only because I wanted to prove something that I never needed to.”

“Further. Further. I said further. 5 inches at least. That’s what the invite said.” Cory cried as he was walking in the middle of the gym inside the dancing couples. He was one of the chaparones and it was hard enough on it’s own, he didn’t need to have to go around and tell everyone to dance furher from their partner. Especially the ones who hugged each other really tightly, like Darby and Yogi did.
He just pulled a black haired boy away from a girl when he looked around searching for other people to educate about the rules of semi-formal. He than saw Riley dancing with Farkle. His daughter was dancing with a Minkus! They were keeping the distance, but just as Cory started to relieve he saw that Riley took a step closer and hugged Farkle, putting her head on his shoulder as he tightened his hold around her waist.
“Whoah, whoah, whoah, where to little bro?” Eric asked while grabbing his shoulder the second Cory wanted to start running towards his daughter, who was way too close to the boy, who makes a sport out of teaching his lessons instead of him.
“They are standing way too close. I have to pull them apart. It’s the rule.”
“I don’t think so.”
“Yeah, Cory, they are so sweet, don’t disturb them” Jack said who just got there and was by now standing next to his former roommate/best friend.
“But… But…”
“Just let the girl have some fun.” Eric said while rolling his eyes along with putting a wide smile on his face.
“Fine.” he said slowly. “But I’m blaming you if anything goes wrong. Both of you! Got it brother? Jack?”
“Absolutely.” they said at the exact same time, which made them laugh.

“They look like they’re having a good time.” Lucas said to Maya as they stood on the side of the dancefloor watching Farkle and Riley dance.
“Yeah.” Maya said with a small smile. “He still likes her, doesn’t he?”
“Yeah, he does, but it’s different. Kind of strange. But also nice. He accepted that she wants to be friends, not more.”
“Oh, come on Huckleberry, look at them.”
“Well, we’ll see. Until than, how about a dance?” he said as he turned to face her.
“I don’t really know how to dance to slow music Cowboy.” she said hesitantly. Did he really ask her to dance? But why?
“It’s easy, I’ll show you. Besides, we came to the dance together. You owe me a dance Hart.” he said with a playful smirk as he led the still objecting girl to the dancefloor.

“The song’s over, Riley.”  but she didn’t show any sign of wanting to let him go and take her head away from his shoulder.
“There’s another one coming, I’m sure.”
And just when she said it a beaitiful melody filled their ears after the few second of silence.
“You wanna stay for another dance?” she asked hugging him tighter than before.
“Yes, very much.”
“Great. That’s great.” she smiled into his shoulder as they stayed in their previous position with Eli Lieb’s Safe In My Hands playing in the background.

Semi-formal was gonna be great. For a lot of reasons. Riley was sure of that when she got ready for this evening in her room. The only thing she didn’t think was that her favourite moment from the whole night would be her slow dancing with the boy she has known for so long. The boy, who climbes up to her window weekly and the boy who always has something smart or wise to say. The boy, who managed to stay himself, while showing a completely new side of him.
The boy who asked her to her very first dance at a semi-formal.

P.S.: I wrote this before I saw any of the clips from semi formal that are on Tumblr. So that the clip where Farkle asks Riley to dance and she says ‘absolutely’ in the same way is a complete coincidence. :D

Imagine Farkle comforting Riley at 2am after a break up with her boyfriend. Imagine Farkle with his arm around her, and Riley’s head on his shoulder as she’s crying. Imagine Riley looking up at Farkle after she’s stopped crying, and kissing him on the cheek. Imagine him carrying her to bed because she asks him too. Imagine him about to leave and her asking him to stay with her. Imagine them cuddling on the bed, and Cory finding them, but smiling cause he knew it all along.

anonymous asked:

Farkle, Maya, Zay, and Riley as ghost busters, Smackle maybe as something too :), and Lucas as Kevin xD hc


  • Okay we’re actually just gonna have five ghostbusters because Smackle really lowkey reminds me of Egon from the original and he was my fav so I gotta
  • Okay first of all we, as a community of Farkle lovers, need to just understand and accept that there’s no way he doesn’t have a fucking secret laboratory somewhere in his house. He’s rich enough to afford that and Stuart would absolutely think it’s hilarious and get it done for him. This isn’t even a fucking head canon like within the show I refuse to believe there isn’t some fucking lever in Farkle’s room that leads to a hidden lab.
  • Anyway,
  • One day Farkle and The Smacks are out on some library date and they’re alone in one room and just encounter a ghost
  • Super casual
  • It slimes them and everything and flies off into the night and they’re just like. What the fuck
  • This is shattering their worldview like they’re looking for any explanation or clue to it being a hoax but they can’t find shit
  • Like no wires, no smoke and mirrors, no evidence it was even there other than the slime. They’re flipping their shit and waste like an hour looking around but obviously they aren’t gonna find anything because it wasn’t fake ya know
  • So finally Smackle’s like ‘we must analyze this goo’ and they rush back to Farkle’s fucking secret lab and start running test like any average 16 year old would do
  • Okay listen I do know that ectoplasm is a documented phenomena but I don’t know the actual science behind it or how to classify it but SMACKLE DOES and starts flipping out when she gets the results of the tests she ran back
  • Farkle did not help her because he’s just sitting on the floor of his shower trying to cleanse his body and soul this boy hates germs okay
  • Like you’re really gonna cover him in paranormal puke??? Is this really God’s plan???? He’s never gonna feel clean again omfg
  • So anyway after he pulls his life back together he goes and Smackle tells him the results. He promptly faints
  • When he wakes up Smackle’s still in his lab deadass already building proton packs (although they didn’t have a name yet but she was working through the idea) and when she told Farkle what her general game plan is he’s just like!!!! What the fuck!!!! Can’t we just purge this from our memory why do you want to look for ANOTHER ghost what the fuck!!!!
  • He wants no damn part of this. He starts trying to convince her that, you know, the library is old!!! Maybe there’s some suspicious mold that causes hallucinations there!!! And she’s lowkey like ‘that’s not the worst explanation but we still definitely saw something’ so Farkle decides they should go talk to Cory to see if he knows any history of the building right
  • So they head over to the Matthews residence and Cory and Riley are the only ones there and Cory gets Suspicious when they ask him about the history of the building. But they tell him they just thought the place seemed cool and wanted to learn so he started going off on a History Nerd Tangent ™ as they listened intently
  • B a d P a s t
  • Lot of shit had gone down and he even deadass mentions ghost sightings there as a fun fact. He doesn’t notice Farkle and Smackle get paler at that but Riley does!!!!
  • So after Cory heads to bed and the Dynamic Duo start to leave, Riley corners them and demands to know what’s wrong
  • And they don’t want to tell her anything but they also know she’s probably the only person who will believe them right off the bat???? So they tell her everything and she’s dead quiet and wide eyed through the whole story right
  • So finally they’re like well??? Do you believe us??? And Riley tells them that her great grandmother has been haunting her for THREE FUCKING YEARS
  • So Smackle mentions she wants to build a machine to try and trap a ghost and Riley’s just like sign me UP like she demands to be part of this
  • Farkle weakly trying to protest there is no “this” but he can tell it’s a loosing battle
  • So with a quick ‘Bye Dad’ she runs off to Farkle’s where the three of them spend the night working on this- Smackle’s trying to build a prototype, Farkle is reluctantly looking into ghosts, and Riley’s doing even more research on the library because her dad’s knowledge had been spotty at best lol
  • They spend the rest of the weekend doing research and running tests and building prototypes it’s all super legit I don’t think these asshole’s understand they’re supposed to be 16
  • Side note, I still can’t believe I’m fucking typing this,
  • Anyway, by Monday they’re pretty confident they can go to the library and at least TEST OUT the prototype right
  • It does not end well
  • First the workers thought the proton pack was a fucking bomb (and I mean, I guess it technically is? but I digress) and tried to call the cops on them
  • Then they decided they had to sneak in after hours to get shit done (Riley was lowkey Not Down for that plan but hey it’s for an ultimately good cause)
  • Then the machine didn’t work properly, they pissed off like 15 fucking ghosts, the library got wrecked, they all got ecto-projected on multiple times, and the night guard caught them
  • So after Cory BAILS THEM OUT OF JAIL he fucking murders them,
  • And they decide maybe they need a new game plan??? Do you think???
  • So it’s back to the drawing board. They go even DEEPER into ghost research and shit
  • One day Farkle wakes up and goes into his lab to find Smackle and Riley are already there working lol but Maya’s there too just laying around glancing at Riley’s papers every now and then
  • And Farkle’s like???? Riley what the hell is Maya doing here you weren’t supposed to tell anyone???
  • “If you think I’m gonna run around the city chasing bulimic ghosts without my girlfriend to kiss in victory when it’s over, then you have no idea who the hell I am.”
  • “Oh my God.”
  • That’s right fuck you I’m making rilaya canon in this because if Sony won’t give me gaybusters I’ll do it mY DAMN SELF
  • But Farkle’s trying to be like “Maya I love you but what can you contribute-” lmao but she’s like ‘listen I got nothing better to do with my summer and I can beat you up. I’m staying.’ so he gives up lol
  • She does end up pulling some weight, though, because apparently she spends a lot of her free time watching ghost/paranormal documentaries so she saves them from having to do so much research on the subject
  • They slowly but surely become a Rad Team. They all do work and Maya blasts music to keep everyone entertained. But the prototypes keep failing them omfg. Farkle and Riley have even both joined in to help Smackle build them but nothing seems to be working they are Struggling
  • This drags on for a while until, gold
  • Riley, not giving out too many specifics, mentions to Josh that her and her friends are trying to build some really complicated machine ‘for science’ but they’re having too much trouble with it.
  • Josh mentions that he’s taking a summer course in engineering and his professor is a certified mad scientist, and he’s sure he can sneak them into class and ask her to give them some help
  • So Riley passes on the message and they’re all down so they get some visitors passes and frame it as if they’re observing class to see if they wanna apply to college there, and that is how they find themselves in the classroom of Josh’s engineering teacher, Dr. Jillian Holtzmann
  • So this woman’s class is just. fucking insane.
  • Farkle and Smackle are loosing it this woman makes no sense but at the same time they feel like she can probably help them unlock the mysteries of the universe why does everything she say make sense???
  • Riley and Maya are just beside themselves with The Gay
  • Like these poor girls were unprepared. They’re all but drooling omfg. They keep leaning into each other and they have to hold hands to keep themselves grounded or else they might fly away to a land filled with fantasies omfg
  • Farkle’s kicking them to snap them out of their daze and telling them to control themselves lmao
  • So after an extremely insightful, entertaining, and mildly arousing class, students starts filing out but our crew (and Josh) hang back so Holtz asks them what’s up and all
  • So Josh explains that Riley’s his niece and they wanted some pointers on building a proton-y machine and she asks what for. Farkle’s trying to come up with a plausible explanation but Smackle just beats him to it with “We’re trying to catch and trap a ghost” and hands Holtz all the notes they’ve gathered so far lmao
  • So she takes a moment to flip through them and Farkle looks at Riley and Maya who look like their damn transcending to new levels of gay holy shit and he whispers at them “Aren’t you supposed to not get attracted to someone other than your girlfriend??” and they both whisper-yell back “it’s MUTUAL IT’S PERFECTLY FINE” which Holtz totally overheard so her ego has now been stoked lmao
  • So after only looking through the notes for a few minutes Holtz is like “Okay damn this is all pretty legit and feasible I’m honestly proud but here’s where I would make some adjustments-” and just lists off a couple changes they should make and assures them that their machine should start working if they try it omfg
  • So she makes a little small talk because who wouldn’t be curious about a bunch of teens trying to capture a ghost lol. But the notes she looked through were solid like clearly they’re very determined.
  • Also she’s having way too much fun watching Riley and Maya freak out they look like they’re gonna explode and they’re adorable
  • Before they leave she reaches in her desk and pulls out two fucking ‘screw u’ pendants saying she keeps extra on hand for ‘any emergency where I meet baby gays’ lmao Riley made an incoherent squeak and Maya almost cried rip
  • So they leave the classroom, recompose themselves, and head back to the lab so they can try out the adjustments and everything lmao
  • After running some safety checks it works!!!!!!
  • So they’re ready to go catch a mfing ghost. But they’re banned from the library, so Riley throws herself into researching places with similar history and looking up any recent ghost reports
  • Maya shows up one day with the matching suits, which she dubs her ‘greatest contribution to this project’. They’re purple because she knew Riley would love it lol
  • Riley finally tracks down some abandoned warehouse with a shitload of reported ghost sightings and she’s like guys let’s go let’s gear up it’s about to get sPOOKY
  • “That is NOT going to become our catchphrase.”
  • So they suit up and drive over to the warehouse right
  • Little do they know that Zay is fucking following them
  • He wants to know why the four of them have been acting so weird and flakey recently. Lucas thinks they’re just going on a bunch of double dates, but Zay KNOWS something else is up
  • So he follows them inside, he’s got his phone camera running so he can prove Lucas wrong, and he just SEES THEM DO BATTLE WITH A FUCKING GHOST CAN YOU IMAGINE THE POOR BOY THOUGHT THEY WERE JUST DITCHING TO HANG OUT WITH COOLER FRIENDS WHO SMOKE POT
  • So they catch the ghost woohoo!!!! But they turn and Zay’s just standing there with his mouth hanging open and the phone obviously filming them in his hand
  • And they start to try to talk and he’s like “I’m streaming on facebook live you can’t escape this” omfg
  • So they’re trying to deal with that but Zay is immediately bugging them to let him join their ‘club’ lol
  • Riley and Maya are down but Farkle and Smackle are like p l e a s e  n o
  • Hi dear reader are you still following this garbage that I can’t believe I’m still typing???? Amazing. Hope you have a swell day. You have a beautiful smile. It’s 11:15 am and I still haven’t slept.
  • Anyway Zay wears them down lol and he gets to join but NOW they gotta deal with social media being all over their case omfg
  • They’re getting…mixed reviews, to say the least
  • But people keep tweeting them and shit about ghosts so they’re not gonna turn it down you know???
  • Lucas wants to join and is Shocked and Affronted when they won’t let him
  • “Huckleberry you can’t just vaguely tell a ghost you’re as strong as a horse and hope for the best!”
  • But he keeps whining so they decide to let him sort out the real calls and the prank calls so they don’t look like idiots lol
  • Zay’s job on the team is mostly just filming everything that happens and posting it online
  • Every time he tries to film Farkle the camera gets shoved out of his hands and he gets yelled at. Every time he tries to film Smackle she starts flirting with the camera. Maya will just roll her eyes indifferently or make a snarky comment. Every time the camera’s on Riley she becomes That Asshole that keeps asking existential questions about life after death and the beyond omfg the others can’t stand it
  • But their online followers are very entertained by everything lmao
  • So this keeps going on for a few months and becomes a literal Thing and everyone’s just kinda rolling with it???? Except Farkle still frequently has moments of ‘what the fuck is going on’ lol
  • Then, suddenly, things started getting ~nefarious~
  • I’m just gonna make Charlie Gardner the villain here because I’m too tired to invent a character and I can see Charlie going down the path of bronie/nice guy/superiority complex that Rowan had in the 2016 GB movie so…we’re doing that
  • So Charlie made some deal with an ancient deity named Zuul it was all real casual
  • Did he have actual motives??? Probably. But no one cared enough about him to ask lmao
  • Suddenly ghost attacks and possessions are happening all across the city at an alarming rate and some huge ass portal is starting to open up
  • Our little squad found out about this because Zay managed to get his dumb ass possessed
  • Looked at Maya at started up with “I am the Key Master are you the Gate Keeper?” innuendo bullshit and Maya straight up just knocked him the fuck out she had no patience for that bs
  • So while he was out cold they restrained him and were trying to look into ways to unpossessed him when they started seeing all the news reports pop up
  • So they’ re like s h i t
  • And suit up and run off to where the reports say a huge ass portal is forming in the sky because that feels like something that should be top priority
  • They gotta deal with this Zuul asshole trying to tear apart the fabric of dimensions over an apartment building. Zay’s possessed ass has somehow transported there and the other possessed party turned out to be Holtz, for dramatic irony or something, who happened to live in that specific apartment building like yikes
  • So they fight with him and his minion horde of spirits for quite a bit but he ends up letting the possess-ies go and starts up with that ‘choose my form’ bullshit you know what I’m talking about
  • “Okay he’s gonna read our minds!!! No one think and then he can’t take a form!!!”
  • “Oh, yes, genius Maya, let’s just never have a single thought for the rest of our lives!”
  • But suddenly he starts growing in size and shape until he’s this huge, hulking, fat, white creature right.
  • Farkle: “…What the hell is he supposed to be?”
  • Holtz, from the ground: “Looks like…A mascot from a fictional marshmallow brand that was used in some old 80′s movie?”
  • “What the fuck that’s so obscure???? Who would get that? Who thought of that?”
  • “…Listen,”
  • Riley, Jesus Christ-”
  • Meanwhile, Marshmallow asshole is attacking the damn city like rip
  • Can you imagine???? “Oh my you poor dear how’d your beloved relative die?”
  • “A fucking giant marshmallow stepped on them, crushing them instantly.“
  • Like???? Bye
  • So they shoot him with everything they’ve got but it’s not enough to kill him
  • Smackle realizes they need to somehow get him back through the giant ass portal to fix it so they all start brainstorming while shooting
  • “We need to reverse the polarity of the port-”
  • “You can’t just say phrases you’ve heard on Doctor Who and hope they’re real-”
  • Shut up Farkle!”
  • So they come up with some completely bs plan to shoot at a pole that will angle they’re proton streams into the portal in a way that will reverse it and cause all the ghosties to get sucked into it. It makes sense!!! There’s probably some real science in there somewhere!!!
  • So they do that and it works!!!! Everything gets sucked into the portal. The giant marshmallow Zuul explodes on his way in, covering the city in a sticky white substance that looks suspiciously not like marshmallow
  • Maya is PISSED because she spent all these months dodging ectoplasm like a boss and using Farkle as a human shield to save herself only to be drenched in this bullshit like are you kidding me
  • But Riley sweeps her in to a very dramatic huge victory kiss so any complaints can wait until later
  • This probably all sounds a lot more anti-climatic written out in bullet points than watching it happen but I promise it was A PLUS
  • The squad gets interviewed by a bunch of news stations and everything and everyone’s freaking out the ghostbusters saved the world!!! Social media is lit there are memes everywhere!!!!
  • The end. I must sleep. I cannot believe I typed this whole thing out omfg @ you anon you need to reveal yourself
  • If you’re reading this and you love ghostbusters f i n d  m e