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I find it weird that Charlie said “ He’ll be me because its me now” to me that say’s Lucas will be in Charlies position meaning Lucas will be “Dating” Riley sooner or later so Lucas should let charlie have his chance at Riley because sooner or later Lucas will be in charlies position dating Riley..  and when Riley says “ Yeah, sorry you have every right” im thinking she says that because she really doesn’t want to make Maya upset so she says yes to the date with charlie so Maya can have her chance with Lucas without feeling like she’s just taken Lucas from Riley leaving her with no one and in Riley’s mind i think at that time she was thinking that Lucas had strong feelings for Maya so she didn’t want to stand in the middle of Maya and Lucas being together so she just says yea you have every right to ask me on a date because Lucas is going on a date with Maya his moving on and i should try to aswell…  im not sure but that’s what i got from it.!!!?!? 

NOW this one i thought was a continuation of what Charlie said, When Maya say’s “Me now” i think she could see Lucas was not over Riley but since Charlie was going after Riley why should Maya not have a go at Lucas, hence why she said me now because sooner or later Lucas and Riley will date so Lucas should explore his options while he can and when Lucas says “You have every right” im pretty sure he means sorry you have every right to have my full attention if Riley is going on a date with Charlie.


-Lucas is trying to make it work because Riley said he should go after Maya and that she only sees him as a brother and i really don’t think Lucas wanted to upset riley by going against what she said or push it on her that he likes her so he felt he was doing the right thing by going with what Riley was saying. At the same time i also think Lucas tried for Maya because i don’t think Maya would feel too great if he just blew her off he cares for her so he wouldn’t want Maya to be left hurting.

-Riley is trying to make Lucas happy because she thinks Lucas has really strong emotions for Maya but as we’ve seen his emotions arnt as strong as you’d like to think. and also i really belive she tried her very best for Maya because she wanted Maya to have happiness and she doesn’t want to be the cause of Maya’s sadness.
so all together Lucas and Riley are doing this for each other aswell as Maya no one wants to hurt anybody but no one will leave this “triangle” not hurt. 

People have been asking my opinion on what i thought about that scence so there it is, sorry if it doesn't make alot of sence but it was quite hard to explain but i think i got my point accross. XXOx

Upstate line edits that would have been better

Topanga (talking to Katy): I’ve known Shawn my entire life and I haven’t seen his eyes light up like that since Angela.
This allows her to recognize that Angela was something special and that Katy is something special in her own rights.

Shawn (talking to Maya and Riley): I was in love with Angela and thought we were supposed to last forever, like Cory and Topanga.
This allows him to acknowledge his feelings for Angela, but still deal with the perception issue…it wasn’t his feelings for Angela that he thought he had, it was the preconception that they would be together forever.

These small edits would have allowed Shawn and Katy to move on together and still teach the lesson the show wanted without having to destroy what was the 2nd most important romantic relationship in Boy Meets World.


“History shows that bad things happen when you don’t know who you are”

Maya only has one friend and that’s Riley there some people who will become “friends” with whoever that person is friends with, if their primary friendships crumble then the other friendships disappear. looking at how the class reacted to Maya in Yearbook…

M- “Don’t worry i wont stay Riley i know how much people will miss me if i did.
G- “NO NO stay Riley”
D- “Yea you’re a good Riley”
M- “You like as all like this?”
K- “We like Riley we don’t care who plays her!”
M- “What about Maya?”
F- “I think people should be the best person they can be.”
M- “ I agree and the best person i can be is Riley, Riley Mathews is the best person i can be.”

Also in GM Rules it comes off that the students only like Maya for her affect on Riley. Maya has always had walls up that protected her from being hurt if Riley and Maya stopped being friends Maya’s walls would spring back stronger than ever causing Maya to push her friends away. (think about the Pilot scene where Maya talks to Lucas about the timeline of their relationship..) these walls that Maya puts up will make it difficult for them to remain friends from Maya’s fear of being left behind.

There’s also a jealousy for Riley’s life.. 2 parents,brother,everyone likes Riley. In Maya’s eyes this is the perfect life and is a confirmation of everything she does not have. Forgiveness,Masterplan and Money all had things to show Maya her life isn’t as bad as she sees it and even in hurricane she got shown what it was like to have hope, I think if this non-triangle never existed it would have allowed Maya’s character to grow but since GM Yearbook after she said..

“Lucas you’re a very sweet guy that’s why i’ve always liked you since i fell onto your lap on the subway, that’s why we should have been voted favorite couple because were so much alike, you know its like were two sunshiny people from the same sunshiny family that’s why i like you so much its like you’re my brother.”

Keep in mind these conversations.

- “Before you become another person understand you may learn things you didn't know before, you may learn a secret that they didn't even know about themselves” (Katy)
- “But you should listen to the people that care about you because they have you’re best interest at heart.” (Lucas)
- “What’s more important what you think or what other people think of you?” (Lucas) 
-”The perception of a thing don’t make it so.” (Lucas) 
- “People are always going to say stuff how you react to what they say is what makes you the person you are.” (cory) 
- “Coming to an an understanding about their identity's can be so hard at their age.”(Topanga) 
- “Something will change because of this, when you become someone else even tho you’re just acting its impossible not to discover something you didn't know before.. When you have strong emotions for someone it’s like you're too close to see straight.” (Katy)
- “It’s impossible to become somebody else.”(Riley)

Maya never went back to being Maya. I think what the students said in class really affected her, having people say they wouldn't care if you were there or not would affect anyone i think she took that to heart..  A part of me almost feels as tho she did’nt want to become Maya again because from Yearbook and onward if you observe her personality it’s not Maya you get glimpses of Maya but her characteristics have become Riley and that’s why i believe she’s so convinced she likes Lucas than more than a friend up to this point she’s still trying to be Riley whether she realizes this or she is subconsciously doing it who knows.

It Hasnt been a triangle because its always been Riley/Lucas/”Riley” Maya and Lucas didn't start liking each other till Maya started acting like Riley.
Since the Pilot everyone has had an identity cris 
Season 1 Riley wanted to be Maya.
Season 2 Riley becomes M.M.B
Season 2 Maya wants to be Riley
Season 2 Farkle being D.B 
Season 3.. Maya is still under the influence of trying to be Riley, she needs to stop and be herself maybe this will Happen in True Maya.. maybe she will realize that being herself is the best person you can be because then you’ll understand yourself and people around you alot better than how she’s dealing with things at this moment. 

Keep calm because...

I think we’re all forgetting what really happened in Ski Lodge of BMW. For BMW, I remember being super scared that Cory and Topanga would be broken up forever and that Cory would end up with Lauren… BUT I WAS WRONG! Sure, it took a few episodes to resolve Corpanga’s conflict, but it didn’t get immediately resolved in the ski lodge episode.

That, I believe, is the same for GMW. Whatever you think happened/heard happened, is NOT set in stone. Things can still shift over the course of the season. An arc this big is not abruptly finished within one episode.

So, stay calm, friends.

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last rucas post but i feel like i need to say this:

In GMPluto, Topanga admitted that she let the letter from Lauren almost destroy her relationship with Cory forever. Cory always knew he loved Topanga but she had doubts because she was young 

Lucas keeps making it clear, even as Riley is pushing him away he wants her. Riley is scared and young and having doubts. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t love Lucas, doesn’t mean they aren’t endgame.. it just means she takes after her mother in the “being young and scared” department. 

thank you i am katie!