cory and feeny

Maya hart and Cory quotes based off conversations between me and my teacher.

Cory: let’s have an adult discussion
Maya: but I’m not an adult
Cory: well pretend to be one
Maya: but you said I shouldn’t be something I’m not

Cory: Maya put your hair up it’s a school rule
Maya: no
Cory: why don’t you just follow the rules
Maya: because I like to make your life interesting

Cory: Maya hart go to class
Maya: ummm excuse me where are your manners I’m in the middle of a conversation
Cory: unbelievable

Cory: do you get something out of getting in trouble
Maya: it’s the only thing I’m good at


Cory: what teacher do you actually like at this school
Maya: well my English teacher is alright but one time she yelled at me so she’s out, I think that’s it.


Maya: why can’t I just be in class instead of in detention
Cory: because you make the teachers go insane!!!!!