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Hey GMW fam. So I saw a response to an ask by the lovely @bmwwritinggmw and I wanted to chime in real quickly. Here’s the ask in question:(x)

Anyways, here’s what Kat had to say about GMW potentially getting renewed:

“The thing is though, there are still 3 more episodes in Season 3. And all of us fans are out here hooting and hollering about renewing the show, but if we don’t bring in those live viewing numbers, Disney isn’t going to care what we post on social media. The proof is in the pudding. So it is SO ESSENTIAL that these last three shows get HIGH ratings and we follow through with our claims as a fanbase. So WATCH WATCH WATCH live. Even if you see it early, watch when it AIRS LIVE. Even if you buy the episode on Itunes, WATCH WHEN IT AIRS LIVE. THATS WHEN THE COMMERCIALS ARE PLAYED, THATS WHEN THE BIG MONEY COMES IN”

Look. I know we’ve hustled over the past few weeks. We’ve been on Twitter. We’ve been on Instagram. We’ve been emailing, Facebooking, whatever. But Kat is right. If we don’t pull up and watch during the time the show actually airs, Disney will be less likely to take us seriously. And if we don’t hear from them this year, it’s more than likely that they’re waiting to see how the rest of the episodes pan out in terms of viewers and all that. 

I know not all of you have access to the show when it airs live. But to those of you who do, please watch when it airs live! And if you don’t want to watch, you can just leave the TV on during the half hour and go do something else! 

We can’t talk all this shit about how we’re going to watch the show and how much it means to us and then NOT watch it. Disney would think we’re full of it and it would severely lessen the chances of a fourth season! 

Either we gotta put up or shut up. The last two episodes averaged only 1.2 million viewers. We really gotta get viewer count up if we’re going to ever have a chance of really convincing Disney this show means something to us. 

Anyways, that’s about it for my rant. For those who can, please, please, please watch the show when it airs in January. I believe the episode order looks like this:

January 6 - World Meets Girl

January 13 - Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen

January 20 - Girl Meets Goodbye

Please watch if you can!

- A.I. 

An Open Letter to Disney

So I’m sure by now everyone’s heard that now is a more crucial time than ever to show your support for Girl Meets World if we want to get a 4th season. I know everyone has their reasons for watching the show, but one thing I know we can all agree on is that we’d want to see this story reach it’s intended destination. 

We’ve learned so many wonderful lessons from Girl Meets World and it would be a shame to see it cancelled. The story of Riley Matthews and her friends have really influenced a lot of us who are avid watchers of the show. Some of the wonderful lessons we have learned are:

People change people - the secret of life.

Who we were affects who we are.

Our perceptions don’t always equate to our reality. 

and more importantly

Find something worth fighting for.

Don’t give up hope

I didn’t realize how much this show had taught me about life and about people. And while I may be a bit older than the target audience of this show, I’m sure if it’s had a significant effect on the younger audience as well. 

Disney. Please give us the opportunity to see this story through. Not only has it taught us important lessons, but it’s brought a lot of people together as well. We think that if this show is given a season four, it could not only benefit your network, but all those involved.

There’s not a lot of shows that target the same audience that Girl Meets World does which teach such important lessons. Please don’t take such a unique, nuanced, well-written, and intelligent show away before its time. 

I hope that this reaches the right person and that this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. 



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