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okay i’m a little too emotional right now but i need to say something about cory ‘the dude from the states’ hong

remember back to the ‘pops in seoul’ interview and the request portion where the members were asked to rank each other’s looks? (why do ppl request that??) all the members ranked cory last, including cory himself. they even pointed @ the same fucking time and cory was expecting it…and his face just fucking dropped. (daeil saved their asses by saying he has an attractive personality…but he said his attractive point was not his looks so…)

like?? have they fucking looked @ the man?? cory’s prominent features are his nose and eyes, right?? his nose may not be thin or w/e but it’s so nice?? and his eyes?? what great eyes he has?? and when he smiles…he has the greatest eye smile. god he looks like puppy sometimes?? how is cory not handsome??

and the man is trying his damn best @ being a foreign leader to the group…don’t be like that?? i know we joke about him but he’s such a great guy like respect him more pls

honestly i love cory hong and everyone should too tbh…

also can we please destroy the trend of ranking members’ looks in kpop


Hello. This is Hui^_^!Today was a special day for me… I’m really thankful for [everyone’s] kindness. In the future, look forward to a cooler image from me! I love you~

Cory’s reply to Hui:

it’s past your bedtime.

Kisu’s reply to Hui:

Good job on your Korean:-)

Jinhong’s reply to Hui

ㅋㅋㅋ hwaiting

Cory’s Reply to Jinhong:

Go to sleep, kid

Jinhong’s Reply to Cory:

I’m not sleepy ㅜㅜ

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8:47 am

when i was 14 i begged my mom to take me to his house. i think i thought i was in love with him. he gave me goosebumps on my lips when he said my name. he said he loved me and i think i thought i loved him too. i thought i loved him all 15 times he broke it off over the phone. i felt all my teeth fall out and then crawl down my throat all at the same time when my best friend told me she slept with him.

when i was 15 i begged my mom to take me to his house. i didn’t love him and it didn’t feel like love when he took me into his bedroom and took away my virginity. it didn’t feel like love and i was left sitting in the back seat of my mothers van wishing she had told me no.

in the fall of my 15th year, i met a boy who kissed my lips for the first time in the back of my biology classroom. it felt like love and i didn’t want it to end. i loved him and i left him. five times.

when i was 16 i begged my mom to take me back to his house. i still loved him and every time we made love i loved him a little bit more. we fucked in my bed for the first time and i fell in love with him. i still smell him sometimes. it still hurts sometimes.

i am 16 and i knew this boy since i was little. we started talking at the beginning of the new year. his hair was red and his eyes were blue. i did not love him. i think he belonged to someone else. he had asked me to be his girl and for valentines i was. he kissed me under a pale, cold moon and his hands felt like the sun on my frozen body. he was too good to be true. he was magic in a dark world. he was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. it wasn’t his fault. there was just too much medicine in his pretty body.


i could have loved you,
i could have loved you.

—  it took a little while for me to post this