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He’s sin and filth incarnate, a wicked tempter, his hands find only the hides of those furthest from goodness to drag them deeper into their doom. Those he kisses will be twisted, those who lay with him will find their souls stained with evil. Sinners, every one.

At least, that’s what they told you. They warned you, but you didn’t listen. Out of loneliness or spite, curiosity or some darker calling, you summoned the incubus, etched his mark in your bedroom floor, gave him a taste of your blood. He came, and you were afraid. Afraid of that beautiful face you knew wasn’t his, the body you knew was a facade. You could see his twisted horns and barbed tail, his teeth and claws.

You saw a monster, but then you heard him speak, you felt his hands on your skin. You saw in his eyes that all he had to give was love. “My sweet, handsome boy.” He’d whisper to you. “So strong and brave and wonderful… I love you, sweet thing.”

There was nothing wicked in the way he touched you, nothing but tenderness in his kiss. And the pleasure, the pleasure such a hell-beast could give you was nothing short of heaven.

Terms and Conditions (Are Invisible) [Preface]

[Preface: In Which Corvus is the Topic-of-Month and is Told Last Minute that He is to Become a Retainer.]

@mystictactician, @persorene, @writeanddrawthis

This was originally intended to be my chapter 1 but I decided that my actual chapter 1 should have been done from Corrin or Jakob’s point of view, so that the story will still focus on the important characters I’m writing about. After doing a sketch of Corvus and @mystictactician’s Aneko, I was very pleased that my fellow FE-fan-friends are just as interested in my creations as I am in theirs, so I wanted to post this “retired chapter” as a preface of sorts, especially since @mystictactician
and I may have found a great OC/OC ship so I thought I’d show him off a little. (Pssst, do some writing for Aneko! I’d love to know more about her and we can totally chat more about them!)

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