corvus s

I just want to know more about this celestrian…

Are you a male or a female?
Why aren’t you in the Observatory ?
Why did you choose to hide behind the apprearance of an old man ?
Why are you in this well ? Did you really thought that a lot of people would come in a well ?
Why going in Wormwood Creek ? Were you some kind of relative of Corvus ?
What’s your name ?
Can’t you come with me ?
Did you know that a friend of mine decided to call you Raphael and create you a life ?
You know what ? I love your hair
Did you know that I always used to call you “chouettes cheveux verts” (nice green hair)?

Hey hey all! My name’s Corvus, and I’m 21 (almost 22!!) and I’m a fire breathing PanDragon~ My hobbies include reading, writing, horses, and most pop culture! My blog is @zxsharpshooter and I’m always looking to make friends, especially if you happen to live in Oregon~ ;) I love fantasy and adventure and magic, so if anyone has book recommendations, lay them on me!! 

For those new followers that haven’t been following my old blog for long–I wanted to take this time (before I go to bed) to explain the url and Corvus’s red scarf in particular. There’s no really nice way to go about it, but Corvus had a shitty early life okay? The Kree killed his parents, two other siblings and kidnapped him (while almost kidnapping caelum) and was forced to become a slave to the Kree.

A Battle Slave in particular.

Most of the time he was sent out to the battlefield, but as a combat medic because at the time he was utter shit at fighting. That’s where he met Yondu actually and the two bonded over their shitty childhood to the point that they’ve become like family to each other, so really close. They both grew into adulthood and then Corvus was sold off to new owners because of a suspicious incident where a patient died under his care.

Yondu was freed by Stakar and eventually the two were reunited some odd years later, awesomsauce. :D Now I’m getting to the point, but essentially Yondu gave him that red scarf he wears. It’s still the same one he was given because Corvus–who was a slave for most of his early life–never got to keep any personal possessions, he was property and why would property have personal possessions? It was his first gift during his early bit of freedom.

The fact that it was from Yondu, his brother in everything but blood, only makes it more endearing to him. A particular bonus of wearing that scarf is that it hides a brand on his neck, a mark that labelled him as property to the kree. He may not seem it much, but he is self-conscious of that mark because before he got the scarf, people always judged him based off of that brand.

So not only does he have that strong sentimentality and attachment to that scarf, it also protects him in a way. Hence why I decided to go with the url rcdscarf.

Khan's Webway Journal

Day ~15,371,257

I have begun leaving a new series of markings about the Webway. Long have I made my lightning-sigils along the tunnel walls, in blood and metal and plasma-burn, but now I am leaving a different type of calling card. The symbol of the Raven - as best as I can remember it. Combined with sets of Imperial arrow-marks (again, as best as I could remember) I hope to clue Corax in to my hidden location. I do this as a courtesy more than anything - Corvus’ tracking skills far outstrip even archons and beastmasters - I just hope to speed his search.

I have done my best to prepare myself for whatever strange news may wait in realspace. Here in the Eldar’s domain, I hear but rumors. In recent times I hear tell of some new cult sprung from within the xenos’ foul ranks. A group dedicated to death and the worship of a dark god. How this differs from the average Drukhari I do not know, but even the Craftworlders seem to hold respect for them. A branch of the Harlequins? These xenos politics bore and irritate me!

The sole point of interest in this new cult is their apparent alliance with humanity! How I yearn to rescue the poor men and women they are no doubt tricking! What is left of the Imperium may not survive such deception. It is said they practice necromancy! How could my species be so blind?

Even stranger was my attempt to find some means of navigation, so that I might know which archon’s personal Webway portal to target during my escape. I happened upon a strange warp-creature that offered me a deal. I was suspicious, as it looked to be daemonic, though was still distinct enough that it may have been some manner of xenos, or xenos construct. Unsavory, but better than a true daemon, I suppose?

It offered me a map! A full map of the Webway, it said! Though I suspected foul play when I saw the item, for all its crystal-parchment wonder, had a great tear down the middle! Trying to sell ME damaged goods? The creature said it was still quite accurate - that I must have noticed the changes in the corridors and caverns. I have scouted these lands for ten millennia, but I will admit I do not take stock of all the warp-breaches. I try not to tangle with daemon hordes.

I left the bizarre creature. I will trust the directional skills of Corax far more. Besides, I still have gangs to bribe and explosives to plant!