corvus corone fashion

Meet Poe (Corvus Corone, Carrion Crow).

The latest addition to my taxidermy collection. These guys are so hard to source within Australia because of many strict regulations and laws, and also Quarantine/Import laws are very tough.

He is a very high quality, handsome specimen. I couldn’t be happier!


Wolfsbane - unisex cardigans

The cardigan is loosely fitted, made from soft, lightweight jersey and has a large hood, draped front and extra long sleeves for added comfort.

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Models: Chris (@megashuckle) and Nik (@hart-heart) who is also wearing our Hel harness dress layered with our Wisp skirt.


Our Etsy shop has been officially open for a little over 6 months now so we thought we’d share our top 10 most popular items with you!

Items (from top): Temptation, Nightshade, Mistress, Nemesis, Malice, Manticore, Deathaura, Temptress, Gabrielle, and Foxglove

Thank you so much for all of your orders, favourites, and continued support! ♥


Whimsy Skirt
Autumn/Winter - Stiches for Witches

Made by Jade / @autumnleavesandwoodlandwalks

Featuring one layer of our luxury black stretch velvet and two layers of beautiful lace, this skirt is the perfect combination for lovers of both fabrics! It also has an elasticated waistband!

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