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Our Etsy shop has been officially open for a little over 6 months now so we thought we’d share our top 10 most popular items with you!

Items (from top): Temptation, Nightshade, Mistress, Nemesis, Malice, Manticore, Deathaura, Temptress, Gabrielle, and Foxglove

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Carrion Crows (Corvus corone) are normally jet black, whereas this individual has what is called Leucism, which is caused by a lack in the development of the pigment Melanin. 

Leucistic animals differ greatly from each other, even if they are of the same species, as some can have a greater lack of pigment and be pure white, but still retain normal skin and eye colour, and so then are not Albino, or they could have a solitary patch of fur or a feather that is white.

This bird was photographed by me when I was on holiday in Sheffield, in north England in 2011.


Corvus Corone harness dress/top masterpost!

All garments are available to buy from our Etsy shop!

Models: Heidi (haus-of-grotesque) and Nik (hart-heart)

All garments made by Heidi (haus-of-grotesque)

‘Nightshade’ dress

Made and modelled by Heidi haus-of-grotesque

Double layered outfit with a black rubber-look bodycon mini dress and a sheer maxi skirt with harness overlay. Soft, floaty and ideal for Summer!
The sheer harness dress can also be worn as beachwear!

Photo by Nik

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I think I’m going to do a tutorial about painting black  fur or feathers traditionally. In my opinion it is one of the hardest colours work on.

for quite a while I struggled with it, until I found out quite an easy solution to the problem.

But before I get to that, let me share the pics

Here have a Corvus corone - carrion crow.


Manticore dress

From our Autumn collection 2014

Black velvet bodycon dress with spiderweb lace bat wing design

Custom sizing available

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Dress, model, make-up, and photos: Heidi (haus-of-grotesque)


M’era Luna 2016!

I went to M’era Luna again with Benedikt! This year the weather was sooo much more comfortable! (last year it in the mid 30s…)
We finally got to see The Sisters Of Mercy!! I never thought I’d get the chance to see them, so I was really happy! Faun were also great and Within Temptation were AMAZING!! I got especially emotional when Tarja joined them (but I’ll pretend that didn’t happen)
Aside from that, the shopping was great - I bought so many nice new things!

**I look really short in the last pictures - that’s what happens when someone twice your height takes the photo!**

Feather Harness & Vesper Dress: @corvuscoronefashionphotography
Crescent Moon Necklace: Gothic Elegance 
Winged Skeleton Necklace: Alchemy Gothic
Boots: Angry Itch


Sketches of a Falco peregrinus and a Corvus corone.

I’ve been a bit more silent cause been time consuming looking for jobs and projects to keep going.

Wanted to give a heads up, I am preparing a patreon page where patrons would have access to exclusive material like bigger tutorials, WIP’s, progress pictures and whatnot. Also I would respond to patrons questions regarding art.

Supporting my work would mean a lot, and it would help me do something I really love - helping others learn to draw and experiment with art!

Thank you so much for everything guys