playing Dishonored 2 as Corvo
  • the Outsider:Corvo. It's always good to see a familiar face.
  • Corvo:Delilah is back and she's taken the throne.
  • the Outsider:Yes I know about that. But more importantly, how was this year's memorial?
  • Corvo:The Duke is conspiring with Delilah's new coven and bloodflies are appearing everywhere!
  • the Outsider:Oh splendid! How are your pet rats for the month of Rats?
  • Corvo:... Emily says your new jacket sucks.
  • the Outsider:*flipping a building and smashing it into a cliff* SHE SAID WHAT

my father isn’t man of too many words. he isn’t given to grand overtures of sentiment, or overdone gestures and appeasements—a hagfish could be chewing on his hand, teeth sunk in deep, and you wouldn’t know, not unless he wanted you to. he’s good at bearing pain. but Mother’s death changed him, ripped him open. it changed us both. and we’ve never really recovered. i used to believe loss could be healed. that isn’t true. it’s only dulled.