My favorite thing about that Dishonored 2 trailer is how Emily looks so preened, so lovely and elegant, like a goddess walking among men. The sharpness of her cheeks and the brightness of her eyes, she looks like a Michelangelo sculpture. I want to kiss her, but I would not dare.

And meanwhile Corvo looks like he just woke up in a trash can.


my father isn’t man of too many words. he isn’t given to grand overtures of sentiment, or overdone gestures and appeasements—a hagfish could be chewing on his hand, teeth sunk in deep, and you wouldn’t know, not unless he wanted you to. he’s good at bearing pain. but Mother’s death changed him, ripped him open. it changed us both. and we’ve never really recovered. i used to believe loss could be healed. that isn’t true. it’s only dulled.