In Dishonored 2, what if the playable character you don’t pick could serve as your companion during missions?

Maybe Emily has the capability to summon Corvo, just as Daud summons his Whalers, so that Corvo can distract some guards while she silently sneaks in to assassinate their target.

Maybe Corvo is running low on health or mana or ammo while he’s fighting and Emily is able to toss supplies to him Bioshock Infinite-style with a “Corvo, catch!”

Seriously, though. Just imagine… Kaldwin-Attano Assassination Squad.



I’ve had this idea on the shelf for a year, pretty much since my first days in the fandom. But animating the whole scene properly was always too gargantuan a labor for me to tackle. So instead I made just a few scenes. Your imaginations can hopefully do the rest of the work for me. ;D

Merry Dishonorable Holidays, you beautiful fandom, you! I love you, guys!

This is it, this is the Dishonored Christmas Special! And Dishonored it sure is. Christmas, not so much. XD

P.S. Forgive me, Whaler fans, for I can’t draw their gas masks. XD They look like paper cups. XD