Corvin Castle, a Gothic-Renaissance castle, is located in Hunedoara, Romania, and is one of the largest castles in Europe, and one with a very morbid history. In the yard of this spectacular castle sits a 30 meter well. This well was allegedly built by Turkish prisoners who were promised they would be released if they dug deep enough to reach water. It took the prisoners 15 years to dig deep enough to find water, but the captors did not keep their promise. It is said that there is an inscription on the well which reads: “You have water, but not soul.”  It’s also said that Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned here for seven years.


Ravenclaw: at that party I drank so mu…
Ravenclaw:…ch milk. I drank so much milk
Slytherin: You made me happy for one second and then you took it from me
Ravenclaw: seriously, it was like a whole gallon

theveryfloralbee  asked:

5, 10, 15 for the sparchess kids?

5. On an average day, what can be found in your character’s pockets?

10. Does your character feel more comfortable with more clothing, or with less clothing?

I wish I was more creative with their outfits (but maybe u noticed i tried to include the bags haha). Basically Corvin likes more clothing, he gets cold easily. Starling also likes layered clothing, but It needs to be comfortable as well and it has to be good for running, and Wren loves to wear skirts and dresses<3

15. Is your character preoccupied with money or material possession? Why or why not?

I find this question kinda difficult to answer, but I’d say Starling is more invested in material possession, she’d have her room full of souvenirs from her adventures, she cares about a lot. And I think the Twins would be more preoccupied with money, but I can’t think of why yet hmpf >:c

And Thank you so much for this ask, it was fun!!!

Does it look like I care?

Gryffindor: listen I didn’t meant what I said, I’m just… I’m sorry okay?
Slytherin: awn that’s cute
Gryffindor: my apologies?
Slytherin: no… you thinking I care

Reason the houses would punch someone in the face
  • Hufflepuff: I was defending my friend
  • Ravenclaw: they were talking unfounded bullshit and wouldn't accept the factual truth
  • Slytherin: their face was annoying me
  • Gryffindor: shit, I don't know I thought it would be fun