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// I’m thinking about bringing back my blog for Corvid (my fandomless oc who is a volc like Avian) but i dunno who would rp with him tbh??

like, if I do I’ll make a verse page (idk how he’d fit into tf2 tho yikes maybe blu seeks idk), and I really love him he’s rlly cute but???? idk????

he’s a raven-winged volc who is an astrologist and will talk about stars 24/7 also he is smol and spooked

I’m not at work for the next few days. I’ll be out enjoying the sunshine and my sarcastic friends, so this will just have to hold actualwizardbillykaplan over for a while. Featuring the triumphant return of Henry Cheng and Ronan being the shit that he is.

“So, who’s the lucky girl, Lynch?” Henry’s smile is far too wide and it has an unsettling effect when paired with his hair. It would make Ronan nervous if it didn’t make him hate Henry so much.

Ronan drops four ten dollar bills on the table between them and stares Henry down as he slips his wallet into his back pocket. “Does it fucking matter, Cheng? Are you doing background checks?”

Henry collects the bills and makes a show of organizing them all the same way round before placing them in his little tin box. “Dick,” he says, looking up at Gansey. “Please tell me he’s actually bringing a person and not a raptor.”

Gansey laughs and makes knowing eye contact with Ronan. Ronan rolls his eyes and huffs. “Are you gonna give me the tickets or not?”

“Steady on,” Henry says. “I do actually have to know what school she’s from. Administrative and security purposes.”

Ronan crosses his arms and tilts his chin up, defiant. “Here. This one.”

“She’s from here?” Henry asks, face screwed up in confusion. It slowly unfolds again as what Ronan’s said settles into his brain. “Oh. I see.”

“Way to be heteronormative, Cheng,” Ronan says.

He holds his hand out and waits for Henry to deposit the two thick cardboard tickets into his open palm. Henry does so without comment. Ronan takes great relish in staring him down and watching him wither until Gansey grabs Ronan’s elbow.

“Thanks, Henry. We’ll be seeing you.” He turns Ronan away from the table and marches him straight down the hallway and out into the warming afternoon. Once they’re on the lawn he lets go. “You learned that word from Blue,” he says.

Ronan grins at him and slips the tickets into his bag. “She’s a smart girl. Always using her words as her fists”

“I wish you two weren’t so argumentative,” Gansey says. “Just, in general.”

He runs his hand through his hair and looks around, lips drawn tight. All around them boys are lounging on the grass and studying and playing games of frisbee or soccer. On its best days, Ronan figures, Aglionby works as a sort of Never Never Land, which also means that it can turn on you in a heartbeat.

“Does Adam know he’s basically you’re date?”

“Doesn’t have to be my date.” Ronan shrugs and adjusts his shoulder strap. “Just has to owe someone less money than he would have otherwise. It’s not like the tickets say Mr. and Mrs. Lynch on them.”

“Now who’s being heteronormative?” Gansey says lightly. “Surely it would be Mr. and Mr. Parrish, if anything.”

“Hand to god it was Noah who doodled all that on my notebook. You can tell because it’s in purple gel pen.” Ronan sniffs, finding the idea of gel pens personally offensive.

Gansey laughs. He reaches out and gently squeezes Ronan’s arm. “I just want us to be okay. I want you to be okay.”

Ronan can feel the muscles in his arms and legs tense, preparing for flight. Eventually he’s going to have to stop running from this, but not right now. He looks at Gansey’s hand and frowns. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

Gansey nods and pulls away. “I can’t believe he said raptor. I know he was thinking more Jurassic Park and less Poe, but if he only knew.”

“Hey,” Ronan says. “Chainsaw’s my number one gal. If I had to take a girl to a dance it would definitely be her.”

“Do you think she’d cost less? Because she’s smaller?”

“Probably not, Blue didn’t.”

“Asshole,” Gansey says. He elbows Ronan in the ribs and heads off toward The Pig with a wide smile.

Ravens aren’t actually raptorial birds, but. (Raptorial birds have to sneak up on baby ravens in dark alleys to stand a chance. A raven ain’t afraid of no raptors. A raven will fuck a raptor up.)


My dear readers, I have a question for you.  Would you like me to keep my posts to those that include my thoughts and information, or would you like me to also include more reblogged content (such as photographs, GIFs, etc.)?  A mixture of the two perhaps?  Reblog more photos, but include a small blurb about them?

Thank you for any input!