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Special thanks to @corverezfor the logo design! (Be sure to check out his art!)

(If I’ve missed any, let me know!)

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Courtesy of our friend, and fellow martial artist, @corverez

Some of us already got ours!

Shout out to @martialartsprobs, @spadrill, @kellyann-graceful-warrior, @superwhopotterhoodlocked​, @hugs-for-thugs, and that handsome fella at the end, @shaped-by-karate

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trainersondaniel  asked:

I just wondering about the t-shirt you guys have been wearing, what is the meaning behind them

The shirt says BUDOBLR.

Bu means War or Martial, and Do means Way or Path.

So, Budo means Martial Arts, Martial Way or Way of War.

blr is from tumblr, because it originated as an idea for a tag here on tumblr, but it grew into a small community of martial artists.

The idea for a tag came about, because the karate tag, and the martial arts tag, were all full of jokes, and almost nothing had to do with martial arts at all. A few of us thought about making a tag for martial artists to be able to share and see each other’s stuff that were actually related to martial arts. It was mostly @magnakongcarter, @kyokushinmarine, @tankerbelll,and me, the ones who were coming up with names for it, but ultimately, it was @tankerbelll who mentioned the word budoblr, and honestly it couldn’t have made more sense from there. It was a general term, all inclusive, it was perfect.

So budoblr is basically “martial arts tumblr”, for which some of us later came up with the idea of making a logo to sort of make it more official between us. 

After talking to my friend @corverez, who’s a graphic designer, writer, and comic book artist, the logo became a thing. =]

And we ended up with 

After the logo was done, everyone started talking about stickers, patches, shirts, etc, so I once again talked to @corverez, and he was awesome enough to put it as part of his Society6 store, so we can all go and get shirts and other items, with the budoblr logo, all in one place. =] 

You can see some of us with the shirts, here!

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Hey, guys

Some of us at the Budoblr community came up with the idea, a little while ago, to make a logo as a visual identity. After going through a few ideas with the artist, we went with a very simple, clean logo for us to identify our blogs.

Those of you in the community who would like the logo on your descriptions, just copy the code below and paste it into your descriptions. 

<img src=“” />

Remember that different themes might change it’s size.

Those of you who like to play around with customizing your themes, can simply copy the url from the code above, and do your thing.

The logo, is the word Budo in kanji with the “blr” added to create a nice stamp for our little Budoblr community.

Special thanks to the artist, corverez, for the slick design and work that he put into it. Check out his blogs to see more of his art!

Some of us have already set up our stamps on our descriptions, here’s some examples of what it looks like: 





About eight years ago, my friend corverez expressed interest in learning the sword. I taught him what little I knew and then he went off to a kendo school. Now-a-days, he is teaching a class. Today, he was teaching me, and I gotta say I am proud of him, and I am happy with how far he has come.

Keep on fighting and getting better every day, my brother.

Also, guys, check out his blog, and check for updates on the graphic novel he is currently writing and drawing called Refraction.

Budoblr Logo T-shirts and more!

Hello, everyone! 

So you guys know that we recently came up with the idea to have a logo for the budoblr community as a visual identity, and to put it on our blog descriptions. (Those of you who don’t have it or haven’t seen it yet, click here.)

Well, the first thing that was said once it got done was “T-shirts!”, and well, I mean, why not? haha 

So I talked to corverez, the artist that designed the logo, he was kind enough to add it to his society6 store for us!

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There’s also hoodies, iPhone cases, pillows, leggings, and more!!!!

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