About eight years ago, my friend corverez expressed interest in learning the sword. I taught him what little I knew and then he went off to a kendo school. Now-a-days, he is teaching a class. Today, he was teaching me, and I gotta say I am proud of him, and I am happy with how far he has come.

Keep on fighting and getting better every day, my brother.

Also, guys, check out his blog, and check for updates on the graphic novel he is currently writing and drawing called Refraction.

A colab for Puerto Rico Comic Con with Geek Whale for a scAVENGERS hunt.
I enjoyed this design.

She’s an avatar or a cyber reporter inncare if delivering all the pop colture related news. She carries the Ban Mjolnir to smash any trolls that come in her way of legit news. The spheres are to record events as she would report them. Again, either an avatar in a VR World or a cyberpunk one.

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Corverez at instagram and deviantart.