corvair monza


Chevrolet Corvair Monza 900 | 1962

The Chevrolet Corvair was the only mass-produced American car ever featuring a rear-mounted air-cooled engine. Its flat-six rear-mounted powerplant earned the Corvair the nickname of “the poor man’s Porsche.” A four-speed, mild cam and bigger exhaust gave the sporty Monza edition more kick than the standard Corvair. In addition to the unconventional engine layout, the Corvair was also stylistically ahead of it’s time, with straight-forward lines devoid of any tail fins and chrome embellishments, as were in vogue at the time. General Motors developed Pontiac, Buick and Oldsmobile counterparts to the Corvair, but they were sadly never released.

Unsafe at any speed. Street-parked in the Castro. San Francisco, CA.


63 Chevrolet Corvair 900 Monza Spyder by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
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