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Clone Headcanons courtesy of me going through my messages
  • Commander Fox, seeing as he’s often around politicians, acts as the face of the clones for the general public.
  • After the hostage crisis, there was serious consideration of him getting sent to reconditioning
  • The Coruscant Guard is often seen as a cushy job by other clones. Commander Fox (as well as other assorted Command on Coruscant) drum this attitude out of their shinies; they need better people skills than the entire rest of the GAR and need to be more well-versed in using nonlethal force in order to take down an enemy. 
  • Kix has a hobby of studying natural medicine on the side of what he was officially trained in, and all the other clones get weirded out by it. When Kix winds up healing various injuries with homeopathy and other natural medicine, they shut up and just let their medic be.
  • Kix also kind of has an ego, that sort of “I’m better than you” air because he’s a medic
  • With Kix, there’s no such thing as “doctor-patient confidentiality”; Hardcase, Jesse, and Rex have all heard his greatest hits
  • Tup sort of gets into it too because he’s really into plants and wildlife.
  • Tup is into martial fighting and studies it in his off-time. Nobody expects it because he’s a cinnamon roll
  • Commander Wolffe cannot dance to save his life. He doesn’t want to be able to, quite frankly.
  • Dogma is pretty good at many games because he memorizes the rules quickly
  • When/if Commander Gree tries to flirt, he uses poetry
  • Gree also loves other planets’ culture, and will try/do almost anything. It’s gotten him sick a few times.
  • The amount of stupid injuries the GAR generates are ridiculous. Injuries such as: “I was trying to lift the guns and supplies so I pulled my muscle”, “I got dared to lick my own bellybutton, so I screwed my abdomen and back over”.
  • Machismo runs rampant in the GAR and it affects the clones negatively
  • This means that a lot of mental illness runs completely unchecked
  • Kix also dabbles in some psychology, enough to know that there are many clones running around undiagnosed with PTSD
  • Fox and the Coruscan guard run a sort of underground railroad of meds sold by dealers at discount; they’re sympathetic to the plight of the clones

creds to @angelaxexinf@ct-7567 and @armedandglamorous for helping me with a lot of these.