WIP: Venetian Corticelli Doily

This project I started yesterday is one I’ve done before. I found a beautiful vintage doily pattern from a book published in the early 1900s online. However, the original instructions were not very clear in some places. Though trial, error, and a lot of math, I managed to figure out a way to recreate this design in a way that made a lot more sense.

Once I finish this piece, I plan on typing up these updated instructions and offering them here and on Etsy for others.

Posted above is a wip picture from this morning. Here you can also see my current draft of the instructions for this design. However, even now in still making changes to some of the rows.

Case in point, the row I’m currently working on is slightly different from the instructions written behind it.

I’m not sure if the change is one I’ll keep in the final product. We’ll see as the project proceeds.