cortez elder

Last night, I was in a Memphis May Fire show. It was the best experience of my life.

Before the show, Cory went out and I got a picture with him.
I entered almost first to the gig area, and I got to stand in the first fucking row, just in front of the mic. during the warm up show, I saw Anthony, Cory, Kellen and Matty backstage, I shouted and waved and they waved me back.
during Alive In The Lights, Matty held my hand for 5 fucking seconds, and though everyone tried to grab his arm he didn’t left mine. Cory was right in front of me during the whole show, I got his pick, and played with his hair all the time. also, he FELL on Jake’s drums, aha. Matty stage dived so close to me! still can’t believe I grabbed his hand. after their crazy set, Matty went outside, I tried to come close to him but there were so many people. Just before I gave up, I managed to get to him.
I knocked on his shoulder and said “did you read my letter?” he said “aw, not yet! they kept us so busy, but I promise I’ll read it.” then I hugged him and said “thank you for everything, I love, you saved my life.” “then he hugged me AGAIN and said "you’re amazing, I’m Matty, what’s your name?”

Memphis May Fire are the nicest people I’ve ever met.
Thanks for the best day in my life.