#clientspotlight - beautiful Erika trying on her #bespoke #overbust #corset for the first time at my #studio. This was the corset I shared in-progress photos of a while back. It’s the #satincoutil corset that I carefully patterned to fit my clients #asymmetric shape due to her #scoliosis. You’d never know though as it is perfectly fitted to her beautiful curves. ♡ #vanyanis #authenticcorset #aysmmentricfit #erikaaa #madetoorder #lacing #madeinmelbourne #corsetry #luxury #suspenders #customcorset #instalingerie #designerlingerie #valeriecorset #Valerie #loyalclient #ilovemyjob www.vanyanis.net


The first two illustrations are mere speculation of the position of a tightlacer’s organs, drawn by an artist who only had a basic knowledge of anatomy, during a time when Germ Theory was not even widely accepted.

The second two photos are real MRI scans of modern tightlacer Eden Berlin, in a non-ferrous corset made by TO.mTO, presented by Dr. Eckhart von Hirschhausen. Liver and stomach are slightly shifted above the waist, and the morphology of the liver is barely changed. Kidneys and lungs show no notable change either. The most affected organ is the large intestine, which by nature is flexible and easily flattens/ moves aside - otherwise peristalsis, pregnancy, yoga or basic twisting or movement of the torso would be impossible.

For more info, I’ve written a post about it on my website here.

It’s time to stop perpetuating baseless myths about how corsets affect your internal organs and look to modern science.


I’m just going to the post office. This is the Helena filter I thought it was appropriate #corset #corsetry #gothgirls #gothfashion #morticia #vampira #vampirella #tightlacing #waisttraining #nyc #palegirls #elvira #waspwaist

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Still can’t get over how much i’m in love with this shoot <3

Photography/Retouch: Inaglo 
Model/MUA/Hair Styling: miss-deadly-red
Full outfit: Rosie Red Couture & Corsetry 
Lipstick/Foundation: besamecosmetics

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Angela Friedman's new holiday lingerie designs are now available!  This is from the Noir Collection - read the review on The Lingerie Addict blog.

No one is owed luxury lingerie. No one is entitled to the most expensive thing at the very cheapest price. People charging a fair value for their labor and expertise is not a ripoff. Beautiful, well-made lingerie costs more. And it should.

From The Lingerie Addict.

This is spot on. Replace ‘lingerie’ for ‘corsets’ or any other quality product and this article nails it.


Corset Basics: Silhouette Styles Defined

Credits (Please Don’t Remove the Credits):

  • Vanyanís Alecto underbust corset featuring smooth waist shaping. Modeled by Vanyanís designer, Lowana O’Shea.
  • Dark Garden “Pearl” corset, modeled by proprietress Autumn Adamme. This bespoke piece was created by Autumn while working with corsetry legend Mr. Pearl, and features a short pipe-stem waist. | Photo © Joel Aron

  • Dollymop for Dark Garden “Antoinette” corset with classic hourglass shaping. Photo © Joel Aron.


Remember the pink fabric samples I posted a while ago?

Well, today I recieved these lovely pictures from the wonderful burlesque dancer Violetta Poison in her custom made unartig satin underbust.

The constuction of this piece was quite a challenge, as she didn’t want to have a “normal” corset busk  as front closure, but a row of heavy duty snap fasteners instead for a more dramatic performance on stage.

Model: Violetta Poison
Photo: Karachoo Medien & Events
Corset: unartig - Website - Facebook - tumblr

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