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This ‘Opal Hearts’ corset is one of the most rewarding and difficult projects I’ve worked on. My client asked me to take creative freedom designing something inspired by opal gemstones. I decided to go over the top with hand painted lace, extensive beadwork, iridescent organza insets, and a challenging pattern inspired by the Kops Heart patent.

waist training things to remember:

-like all body modification, waist training/tightlacing is a journey, not a race. 

-you won’t season your new corset in two days. 

-you won’t close your corset in a week. 

-when it comes to corsets, as with sushi and tattoos, you get what you pay for. cheap corsets aren’t good, and good corsets aren’t cheap. expect to pay, at the bare minimum, $65 for a corset on a good day, and upwards of $200 or more. 

-buy a corset properly sized for your body. buying a corset that is too small won’t get you a tinier waist more quickly.

 -take your time seasoning your corset. if you can only lace it loosely and wear it for 45 minutes a day at first, that’s completely fine. waist training is a journey, not a race.

-don’t lace down too tightly. you will damage your corset, and you will damage your body. waist training is a journey, not a race.

-don’t wrap your laces around your waist after you lace in. the friction created by moving will erode the laces and the outer fabric of your corset much more quickly. why would you want to further damage the most stressed part of your corset? 

-you should still be able to breathe after you lace in. if you are laced in so tightly that you can’t breathe or move, or feel like you are going to (or actually do) faint, you’re laced too tightly. loosen your laces. waist training is a journey, not a race.

-drink lots of water. 

-purchase your corsets from reputable corset makers like @orchardcorset or @whatkatiedidlingerie. if you buy a corset from eBay or Amazon, you can’t be assured that your corset is spiral steel boned and not cheap plastic (no matter what the item description says). plastic boned corsets are fashion corsets and are fine for things like cosplay or fancy dress, but they will not train your waist.

 -don’t guess your corset size. buy a dressmaker’s tape for $2 at your local mega mart, learn how to take your measurements, and ask for help if you’re unsure. orchard corset has a live chat help to answer your questions about what size and type of corset you should buy for your body. they are experts. listen to them. 

 -tightlacing is for everyone. don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t waist train based on your height, weight, gender, or anything else.  tightlacing is for everyone.

 -in case you weren’t listening before, waist training is a journey, not a race.


Hello Tumblr! I realize I’ve been absent from here for quite some time. For the most part, I’ve been more active on Instagram and Facebook recently.

I’ll continue to pop back in here from time to time, but be sure to catch up with me on those two platforms as well!

The pictures are from yesterday’s corset OOTD. The dress is by me and the corset is the MCC-73 from Mystic City.