corset shop non sense

Corset shop and a very frustrated Mollie.

Today I had a customer come into her fitting and tell me police were everywhere. I shrugged. Were in Downtown Waterbury. Police are always everywhere.

During my fitting one of Steven’s cousins stopped by to tell me it looked like the bank across the way had been robbed. Well now. 

They shut down that street. I finished my fitting, rung my customer out, went back to paperwork. 

About 20 minutes later my next appointment called. She couldn’t park. She couldn’t even get down my street. I peeked my head out, and now my street was shut down.


So I tossed my coat on and ran outside….to be immediately screamed at. “What are you doing?!”

“How long is the street going to be shut down? I have appointments.”

“WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?” a police officer yelled

I slowly looked around, to realize I was the only one on the street. Yellow police tape was everywhere.

“Why weren’t you evacuated?” another asked.

“No one told me.”

I was the escorted back to my store. I gathered my things, shut off the lights, and turned on the alarm. The police officer was a little on edge. he kept asking if I had a back door. I don’t. 

He then escorted me out of the perimeter..and that was it. I walked around the block a couple times. Then we were let back in. It was a bomb scare. 

Well thats enough excitement. Now I need to actually get some work done