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i'm so sick of these people thinking no corset/stays = feminism! or whatever bizarre misinformed notion... like... sorry its a necessary article to complete a historic outfit. and on being able to ride horses in the costumes, these costume designers really did so little research on historic clothing that they didn't know women wore corsets to horse ride for centuries *eyerolls* and yeah the iconic yellow dress really looks like a modern prom gown and an ugly one at that :/

Yeah, agreed. And especially corsets pre-1800. They were not designed to narrow the waist per se. They were designed to push the breasts upwards and flair out over the hips. Which is effect made the waist narrower, but this was not a goal in itself. If anything, they could restrict the arms more than the waist.

A main idea was that the corset supported the torso, not necessarily re-shaping it. If exaggerated - for grand occations - they could be a challenge. But for everyday wear they were just a part of the attire, giving a welcome support to a torso which may have carried several children and which may be exposed to hard physical work.

There is negative things to be said about the corset, but much of this stems from the early 20th century, where the corsets frankly were at its worst. They pushed the bust out in front and the butt out in the back, while keeping the stomach straight. It gave the torso a most challenging S shape. Here’s 18th century stays and paniers VS early 20th century stays:

It was also in the late 19th and early 20th century tight-lacing became a fetish, where the laced-in waist was to be as narrow as possible. But this short-lived corset phenomenon shouldn’t be translated into corsets 1600-1800 whose shape was conical and function fundamentally different.

And that’s also why the talk of corset or non-corset in “Beauty and the Beast” rubs me the wrong way. They sauce every corset myth ever together in a strange soup, and the conclusion is of course that they don’t like this strange soup, so they’re not gonna deal with it. Sigh.

The Fitting (Part 11)

 (A date with another man has you and Jungkook looking at your relationship a little differently.)

Warning: Dirty talk, sex, intercourse, oral, jealousy, hurt feelings… the usual.

Maybe he is already asleep.  

You stood in the hallway looking at your front door, hesitating to go inside.  Jungkook had been so anxious and jealous before you left for the evening, you were certain that he was going to be furious that you were getting home so much later than expected.  You told him you would be home by 11:00 pm but now it was after 2:30 am and you knew he would not be pleased.

He’s probably asleep.  

You hadn’t done anything wrong, so you weren’t sure why you felt so guilty.  You just lost track of time.  It could have happened to anyone.  It’s not like you were into that other guy you were with, you just got caught up in the conversation and time flew by.  Certainly, Jungkook would understand when you explained it to him.  

He must have fallen asleep early and that’s why I haven’t gotten any more texts from him…


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The #redandblack broche is probably the stiffest #coutil I have. With my supple construction approach it’s unusual for me to make a #corset that holds its shape with neither a body nor bones in it. It reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ green pants with nobody inside! 😹 Anyway, isn’t @rosemadderv’s hip spring lovely? #corsetmaking #popantique #tightlacing #handmadecorset #hipspring #gibsongirl (at Hayes Valley, San Francisco)

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But does it show results?

Yes but they vary on the person. Someone with a smaller hip to waist ratio will have more dramatic results than someone with a big one like me. Basically the straighter your body is, the more dramatic the curve of a corset will show and shape your body. IMO


Welcome back to FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today we’re talking about one of the most common pieces of historical dress: busks! Never heard of a busk? You’re not alone. Despite the fact that busks were worn for centuries, very few people today have ever heard of them. This is likely due to the fact that a busk is almost never seen.

To begin with, what exactly is a busk? Essentially, it is a narrow, stiff piece that is placed down the center front of a corset. They can be traced back to be beginning of corsets (which you can read here.) The busk added additional support to the weakest part of the corset, since the majority of pressure put on a corset occurs when a woman bends forward. Of course, with a busk, this movement becomes seriously hindered. The perceived benefit of the busk was that it aided in perfecting posture, which was key when presenting oneself as high class and proper. Additionally, busks shaped the front bodice to be perfectly flat, as was the style from the start of corsets through the end of the 18th century.

The preferred material for busks was whalebone, which was stiff enough to shape and support, yet supple enough to allow for slight movement. Wood was commonly used as well, as it was far more affordable, but it also tended to be more brittle. Bone was occasionally used, too. The busk was slipped into a pocket in the front of stays or stiffened bodices, which would then be laced closed with a piece called a “busk point.” Busks were often ornately decorated with etchings, just as most pieces of historical clothing were often decorated, whether seen by the public or not. As the piece was so hidden, close to the body, and personal, it became a common gift for a man to give his lover. Men would often take great care in carving personal decorations, typically with hearts, initials, and other romantic themes. The practice was particularly common among sailors on whaling ships, who would create busks while at sea for the women they left behind.

The shape of busks varied slightly throughout the centuries, becoming more straight or tapered, or longer or shorter, depending on what was the popular bodice shape at the time. It wasn’t until the mid 19th Century, though, that busks made a dramatic transformation. During the Industrial Revolution, it became common to use steel in shapewear- namely corsets and cage crinolines. It was soon discovered that this durable material could be used to split the busk into two pieces, with studs and loops that hooked together in the front of corsets, revolutionizing the way that they were taken on and off. This system is still used in corsets to this day, though often with hook and eyes instead of studs. With the front closure, it was suddenly far easier to put a corset on by oneself, without needing to significantly loosen the laces. However, since the studs and loops stuck out of the fabric, yet were attached to the busk itself, busks no longer were removable, and instead were permanently enclosed in the front of the corset.

In the 1870s, the spoon busk was created, which was wider and rounded at the bottom of the corset. This shape dispersed the pressure on the wearer, preventing the bulge that commonly occurred where the corset ended. Despite it’s visual appeal, the curved bottom of the spoon was not ideal as it would dig into the wearer. They therefore faded out of style by the end of the 19th Century. Shortly after, though, the busk faded away altogether, as corsets fell out of fashion in the late 1910s. Thankfully, a few of those early busks survive as reminders of otherwise long forgotten romances.

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Just delivered, a magnificent new Mr. Pearl corset. His workmanship is absolutely flawless and unparalleled. There’s a reason he’s the master; his true obsession with corsetry drives his attention to detail. There’s never a single flawed stitch, plus the shape his corsets create and they way they feel is like no other. He learned from examining the top secret private collection of corsets belonging to the great tight lacers like Cora Pearl, Ethel Granger and several great courtesans. I can’t help but rave about him, because he’s also the most talented yet humble person I’ve ever known. A man who truly lives for glamour! What a pleasure to have him as my personal dresser @lifeball_official this year!

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"knock knock"

                            Your character walking in on mine in a revealing costume.

HUES LOOK TO THE MIRROR AS SILENCE HAD CONSUMED THE ECHO OF PAST SCREAMS   ;   she had insulted him as did he with her.  something ached in a lonely part of her body as if she had a soul.  she would find ways to cover her emotions and take out the stress in her life with material.  standing in front of the mirrior she admires the lace that surrounds her upper body leaving her legs bare.  for once her hair is down and pushed against her back while the corset shapes her breasts into a centered heart.  hearing the door open she can only continue to stare at what she saw as beautiful,  but she knew something inside was ugly.  “  i’m not apologizing and you can’t push me around anymore.  “  she says as emerald hues peek to the bareness of her skin.  no intimidation of revealing in front of the other she can only look to him in the mirror.  “  i’ve accepted you for what you are and have taken care of your house and you still disrespect me.  “  she turns to him before pulling red locks over her chest as she raises a brow.  “  I don’t ask much from you nor do I need anything so you may leave the room.  “   


This incredibly striking 19" bespoke underbust corset was created for a waist training client for daily wear. Sturdily constructed of two layers of coutil, the beautiful outer layer of which is our popular pink rose brocade coutil. The moss green satin coutil casings and binding were carefully dyed by hand to achieve this striking colour. Though not apparent in the photos, this piece is slightly asymmetrical to accommodate a slightly prominent right hip.

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So I'm a trans girl, just about a year on HRT, and I'm not quite getting the curves that I wanted from it... more importantly I want to do something about my ribs. I know you guys give a lot of advice about chest binding for trans guys, but what about waist training for trans girls? Any major dos or don'ts... I tried looking myself but there is a lot of misinformation and it's really confusing, and I'd appreciate being pointed towards some resources. Thanks guys!

Chrissi says:

Hello honey.
Something I have said before, unfortunately HRT will not alter your bone structure, you’ll know this by now. It redistributes fat, so you may see some change to your figure, but it probably wasn’t as drastic as you where hoping. I had the same issue.
I actually do waist train, but something I will say before I give out any information on it is, if you are thinking about this to alter your ribs in any way, DONT. You WILL break your ribs, and most likely do damage to some major organs.

That being said, corsets are a great way to give you a more curvy appearance, if used safely, they also look wicked sick.

Fashion corsets are a great way to spice up your looks, whether you pair them with jeans, a formal dress or even when worn under a fitted jacket (and heels!). But corsets can also help anyone “shape” their everyday look; I am talking about actual waist training

We all have to work with what we have to work with. I am an athletic, tall girl, 5’11” with narrow hips, ugh, cant be helped (but thankfully, legs up to my elbows!). In any case, I decided I needed some help to accentuate my figure by shaping my waist to give myself a more natural “hourglass” shape. After considerable research and testing I set out on a formal waist training regimen. I’ve heard of some amazing results, but really have only just started. For those of you considering waist training, here are a few lessons I’ve learned, tips,  tricks, do’s, don’ts, shoulds, shouldn’ts, how’s, whys, where’s, whens and well, you get the drift… Just lot’s of stuff… okay?

Safety First – Inform yourself please! We have this new thing called the internet so google, bing, yahoo or whatever floats your boat to ensure you understand the ins and outs of it all. There’s a lot of great information available on sites specializing in corsetry (the good ones have guides, FAQs, etc.). Stay away from the fetish type sites for pervs though… unless that’s your thing, then perv away!

Commitment – Proper training requires commitment, discipline and time to ensure safety and desired results (consistency is key). Once undertaken, you have to create a good plan and stick to it. This is not a casual fling, you have to be patient and really work at it to get what you want. This means every day…

Work Your Way Up – Start small! A good corset will shape to your natural body type with wear and then your body will shape to the corset. Start off with short sessions. As a general rule, I would begin with one hour daily, tightening to a comfortable level then increase by fifteen minutes per day (gradually increase the duration). You have to gradually tighten over time ensuring you are never uncomfortable. As you continue to wear your corset this will take care of itself. Just follow this simple rule “never pull so tight that it hurts“. You should always be able to move freely without any pain…

Track Your Results – Write down how long you train each day until you are able to wear the corset all day long (keep a journal!) Tracking your tightening is a bit less scientific. I visually inspect the laces, that is I look at how much of the lacing I am able to pull out over time when fully tightened. A good trick is to keep an eye on where you tie off. At first tie in the back, after a while you will be able to wrap the laces around and tie in front, then with more time you will be able to go all the way around yourself and tie off in the back. In between these points just tighten, wrap the laces around and you will gradually see where the ends of the laces lie as they “move” around your waist…

Quality Matters - A good quality corset is “heavily” constructed with steel boning, multiple layers and panels for strength and durability, metal grommets in the front and heavy duty laces. Stay away from “lingerie” designs (those sold in stores like Anne summers, sex shops,  etc). Go with a shop that specializes in corsetry, otherwise you will waste your money and not get the results you want…

Style Is Important - Style (meaning the type of garment not how it looks) is very important. Under-bust corsets are best for training (in my humble opinion) for three reasons; one they are easier to work with, two they are easier to conceal under your clothing and three a full-body corset (or one covering the bust) doesn’t work nearly as well as a bras does. It’s hard enough to find a proper bra as it is and full corsets are designed to fit the body not your boops so pair an under-bust corset with a good fitting bra. Also, depending on your shape pay attention to how the corset is made at the bottom. If it goes straight across at the bottom, you’re golden. If it goes down at the bottom like a “V” it may have a tendency to “flip” out and show under your clothes. I have a flat tummy (thankfully!) but this was my experience early on so if you are a fuller-fitting girl go for a style that is “flat” across the bottom in front…

When To Wear - All the time would be great but with work and life in general this may not always be possible. Wear it whenever you can but as a rule you need to follow your natural movements (meaning during the day when you do whatever you do). You can sleep in your corset but this is not as effective because you need to move around in it for it to do its work. Instead, just dream about it while you sleep… or, as I do, about that shiny charizard that was dishonestly appropriated from me as a child… grrr

Where To Buy – As I said, most shops that specialize in corsetry will have something that fits your bill. A good corset can run into the hundreds of monies <insert preferred unit here> (and is well worth every penny) but you don’t need to spend a fortune when starting off. I would recommend Orchard Corset  for the beginner. My first training corset was style CS-M184 (see below…) which runs just under £70.00. I was very satisfied with this corset and it worked very well until I moved on to other styles as my training progressed. BTW, go with a satin corset to start with rather than leather(lower maintenance and higher durability!) If that’s your thing though, pair your corset with a pair of leather pants… (and heels!!!)…

Fitting – I did not have a formal fitting to start with and as I said the Orchard CS-M184 worked very well for me from the beginning. That being said, for those of you who have had a proper bra fitting, you will agree that this is never a bad thing so if you want to go to a (good) local shop for a fitting then by all means do so. A good mail order shop will (and should) help you with fit and sizing if you just call or e-mail them. Of course, as with men, trial and error is always one way to learn

Care & Maintenance - A sheer cami under your corset will help your skin breath and allow the garment to move more naturally around your body as you go through the day. You’ll want to hand wash (gently) and dry flat. I wash mine about every four weeks (or as needed). Unless it’s 110 degrees out or you spill a glass of <insert favourite drink here> all over yourself it’s basically very easy going and you only have to clean it if it starts to get stinky-inky (like hosiery)…

What To Expect – Depending on your natural shape (and level of commitment) you can trim one to two inches over the first six months, I’ve been told .You can achieve permanent results but as you all know, everything changes (and sags) with time so noting is really ever “permanent,” is it? With longer use, corsets can slim your waist even more and give you lasting results so stay with it. I’m at a point where I don’t have to wear a training corset every day and my shape has definitely changed (for the better). I still try to get 20-30 hours of snug lacing each week to maintain my shape and wear fashion corsets whenever I want… With Heels!… (I’m just hopeless!)

Final Tips & Tricks – EAT A HEALTHY DIET AND EXERCISE REGULARLY! Weight gain can erase years of effort and training so stay in shape. Moisturise regularly, this will help keep the skin on your torso smooth, tight and sexy. (BTW, you should be doing all these things anyway!) Eat small, regular meals while training which will keep you from feeling bloated while laced up. Oh, and where lacing is concerned, learn how to do this properly! The absolute best tip I can give here is to use a door knob. Put on the corset and loop the laces around a door knob in front of you then as you tighten in the back gradually “pull away” from the door to take out the slack. When you get the fit where you want it, just un-loop and tie off. This is also a good way to track your tightening progress! Of course, four hands are better than two so having someone else lace from the back is always best…

It will take a while to find your way and figure out what works best for you but stay with it. That’s it for my manifesto for now. Wrap it around, lace it up and tie it off peeps.


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My custom 16" victorian style corset with S-shaped back that i Will wear after my ribremoval surgery in a week from now. #dolltransformation #livingcartoon #corset #customcorset #humandoll #humanbarbie #bimbolife #bimbo #barbie #cartoon #tightlacing #16inchcorset #waisttraining #waistreduction #waist #corsettraining #xlboobs #xlimplants #siliconeboobs #largeimplants

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