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Cuddles (part one)

I just love cuddles.

But can you imagine (first) your otp
•Them awkwardly trying to cuddle for the first few times as friends and trying to decide who would put there leg over the other.
•Being awkward about how much weight they can put on the other.
•Being scared to get too close.
•Worried that they might hurt the other
“Sorry is my knee in your crotch?”
“Oh no, you’re fine”
•The awkward blushing.
•One over heating but being scared to tell the other cause they don’t want them to leave.
•Once they are together, them just cuddling all the time.
•Being able to tell when the other is over heating.

Oh but now imagine your ot3 (this still works for more then three. I think)
•Who hogs the middle?
•Who refuses or the others refuse to let be anything but the main big spoon?
•Who is so tiny that they only can be the tiny spoon? (Cause they can’t rap around the others.)
•Imagine the middle one getting over heated so they have to sit up but then they just have the other’s heads in their lap.
•Awkward blushes the first time all three of them cuddle.
•One being awkward about touch. But when asked if its all right they simply state that if anyone moves they will kill them because they’re enjoying themselves. (This may change when they start sweating or if they have to shift.)
•Cuddling while on their phones.
Person A: “Are you reading smut?”
Person B: “Stop reading over my shoulder, and maybe, but only cause C was first and then I had to start at the beginning.”
Person C: “Why you rat me out like that but A you really should read this. There’s some stuff you might want to try someday.”
•Person A then blushing.
•They all then read that story cause you know C sent it to them.
•One person reading to the others.
•Looking up cute clothes/ undergarments.
•One not being as out going. And saying things like,
“I wouldn’t wear that but you definitely would.”
“I don’t have the confidence for that but that’s really cute.”
•The one who isn’t out going being the first one (male or female) to look up corsets. And sighing and saying “I don’t know if I could pool that off but,” and immediately getting cut off by all the others yelling “You could!” And promptly blushing.
(Some of these can also go for otps but I didn’t think of them till ot3s. oops.) There may be a part two if enough people want it or I think of a lot more.

Imagine Sebastian seeing you in lingerie for the first time. He takes your hand, slowly leading you to the candle-lit bedroom. You start to unzip your dress when he stops you - he wants to do this himself. He slides the fabric over your head, dropping to his knees in awe of what’s underneath. He runs his hands over the red lace bustier, losing his mind when he reached the tightly laced corset back. He looks up at you from his knees, silently pleading for your approval before taking everything off with his teeth.


Now, “virgin sacrifice” and corset and leather look good on them, eh? The date that might have been. They more than made up for it afterwards, but it’s still a shame it didn’t happen. Because in spite of the vampiric threat, Laura can’t help her attraction. Look. At. How. They. Look. At. Each. Other. Sexual tension’s out the roof!

Beautiful Roman Godfrey x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: So i started Hemlock, aint so bad. I really like it so far! Can you do Roman x Reader, where the reader is a lil bit chubby and they are dating. She gets along with his sister and Peter very well and he genuinely likes her.

But she over hears people talking about her saying he is only with her to have sex with a chubby girl for laughs so she just avoids him until he practically corners her into telling him why she avoids him? Sorry if the request is too long xD

MAJOR WARNING: Bullying and body shaming

Note: Enjoy!

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You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror looking at your ugliness.

You weren’t like most girls in a bad way to your opinion. You were slightly chubby so you weren’t stick thin and had a small layer of extra fat but to your opinion you thought you looked like an elephant.

Your thighs were too big, your waist was too wide, your hips were just…you didn’t find yourself beautiful. You felt ashamed of it everyday you went to school passing by your peers who looked at you funny and teased you just because you chose to wear loose clothing instead of their tight fitting mini skirts and heels.

You arrived to your locker and began to grab your stuff for your first class. You closed your locker with your stuff in your arms and hurried to class since you liked to be there early.

When you were walking down the stairs a dumb jock bumped into you and you tumbled down the stairs causing your papers, binders, and books to go all over the stairs. A few of the people around you laughed and the arrogant dumbass high fived his friends.

A few sluts walked past you stepping on your papers or avoiding your objects pretending like you weren’t even there at all.

“Need some help?”

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so about that despicable me steampunk au i mentioned earlier…

i tried a new shading technique, and while it was incredibly tedious i did end up really liking the result. hell, i’m overall really proud of this! i really want to do more with this au and i’ve even got designs for herb and lucy sketched!