corset inspired


Here’s a #throwbackThursday to my Satine cosplay. Moulin Rouge is full of inspiration! 

The corset is based on the 1880s corset in Norah Waugh’s book Corsets and Crinolines, and I draped the shoulder portions onto a mockup. The skirt is a three-quarter circle skirt with most of it pleated into the back, so that the front is straight and slim but the back is full and flowing. The butterfly bow in the back has horsehair braid in the seams to give it some body. The wig is Broadway by Sepia in 130. 

This is quite old now - from 2012! I learned a lot with this costume, particularly the corset. The neckline edge stretched out quite a bit on the bias, which I later stabilised with twill tape, but it’s a messy fix. My boning channels were also pretty bulky, since I made them with flat felled seams - I definitely wouldn’t do this again with such a substantial duchess satin for my fashion fabric, especially not on those curvy overbust seams. And I’d definitely do a modesty panel!

Photo credit George Germaine.


I spent waaaay too long on this… My friend told me she wanted a Bucky, but for some reason I was in the mood for dresses.  And I love military-inspired fashion, so….Have a fem!Bucky with excessive use of Hydra print patterns.