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#357 Because of shapewear.

Because we haven’t come that far from the 19th century corset. Because in girl world, dieting and working out will never be enough. Because shapewear for women can be found in any shop that sells women’s underwear, while shapewear for men is somewhat of an oddity. A niche market. 

Because plus size models have to wear it to create an impossible ideal plus size body (Small wrists, face, waist, big bust, big hips. Sound familiar?)

Photo: Kristina Wilson

Photo: Kristina Wilson

After losing a lot of weight due to depression, anxiety, and intense and unbearable amounts of stress for over a year, I have been working so hard to get back to good health and gain not only my sanity back but my body. And my curves! I’ve gone from a measly 89lbs (at my worst), to a healthier 119lbs (as of today). I have thighs again. (Never wanted the “gap”). I have a BUTT again. (so thrilled about that!) I’ve been eating well, which is great because I wasn’t eating at all for so long. I’m doing yoga and things that balance my mind and body. I’ve also started to waist train again after stopping more than three years ago. I can say that I am happy with my progress. I feel good, therefor I look good. In my mind anyway. Not too concerned about what others think. I feel beautiful in my skin again. And that’s hard for me after a year of struggling to find myself again. I took this today, just an hour ago and I look at it and smile because this time it’s me and not a girl who I envy on the internet. If I can get through what I’ve been through in the last two years, anyone can. It’s been really fucking hard and I’ve struggled to keep my sanity it tact. But I’m here. I’m breathing. And I’m living.