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Halloween Clothes Map 2017- Completed

New Outfits Names:

  • Evil Baroness
  • Soul Sentinel
  • Naga
  • Feather Pelerine??- Not sure if this is the name because all of the items have different names and it´s inconsistent :v
  • Petrifying Empress
  • Mad Scientist- Only available at Exploration
  • Voodoo Priestess
  • Starry Witch- Only available at the store. PO only

Abandoned Cemetery: - Completed

  • Vampire eyes
  • Frankenstein Leather Shackles
  • Familiar Osstoplasm
  • Queen Spider Sword
  • Sweet Mourne Bags Under Eyes
  • Angel Smile
  • Evil Baroness Dress
  • Soul Sentinel Boots
  • Spider Queen Body
  • Spider Queen Socks
  • Food: Terrifying Sweet
  • Background: Do not be Afraid of the Dark
  • Illustration Piece

Demonic Altar: - Completed

  • Lost Bride Splatters
  • Googly Eyes
  • Stealth Crow Mask
  • Stealth Crow Shoulderpad
  • Lost Bride Shoes
  • Unwanted Gues
  • Sweet Mourne Underwear
  • Bloody Countess Belt
  • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier Necklace
  • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier Boots
  • Frankenstein Wrist Cuffs 
  • Mysterious Enchantress Veil
  • Bait: Red Gem
  • Illustration Piece


Doll Island: - Completed

  • Bathory Wig
  • Flames
  • Black Widow Stockings
  • Familiar Globulosaurus 
  • Naga Skin
  • Mad Scientist Coat
  • Sweet Mourne Boots
  • Blood Cloaked Soldier Socks
  • Magician Coat/ Sweater
  • Spirited Away Mask
  • Petrifying Empress Shoes 
  • Skull Necklace
  • Petrifying Empress Dress
  • Sweet Mourne Nail Polish
  • Illustration Piece  

Ghost Ship: - Completed

  • Assassin eyes
  • Harpy Headdress
  • Blood-Cloaked Soldier Coat
  • Familiar: Hydracarys
  • Stealth Crown Pants
  • Lost Soul Underwear
  • Luminous Spectral Skin
  • Lost Soul Camisole
  • Soul Sentinel Staff
  • Voodoo Priestess Mask
  • Evil Baroness Thigh-Highs
  • Magician Top
  • Naia Wig
  • Illustration Piece

Hangman’s Tree: - Completed

  • Bloody Countess Shoes/Boots
  • Wolf Druid Gloves
  • Mask de la Muerte
  • Frankenstein Skin  
  • Bloody Countess Bolero  
  • Skeleton Witch Crown 
  • Spirited Away Kimono
  • Skeleton Witch Stockings
  • Skeleton Witch Earrings
  • Vial of Poisonous Soul
  • Skeleton Witch Shoes
  • Sweet Mourne Pants (Stockings)
  • Pointy Nails- Pereline Outfit     
  • Morgane Wig       
  • Fran Wig   
  • Food: Possessed Apple
  • Illustration Piece

Haunted Forest: - Completed

  • Soul Sentinel Monocle
  • Living Hat
  • Lost Soul Gloves
  • Skeleton Witch Top
  • Mad Scientist Lighting
  • Voodoo Priestess Tattoos
  • Illustration Piece

Laboratory Manner: - Completed

  • Basilisk Tattoo
  • Lost Soul Eyepatch
  • Black Widow Necklace
  • Sceptre Mysterious Enchantress
  • Druid Wolf Belt
  • Pumpkin Meeting- Pereline Outfit
  • Mad Scientist Googles
  • De la Muerte Skin
  • Illustration Piece

Lava Cracks: - Completed

  • Evil Succubus Wings
  • Thirsty Mouth
  • Demon´s Eyes
  • Frankenstein Necklace
  • Bloody Countess Dress
  • Invasive Thorns
  • Lost Bride Garter
  • Soul Sentinel Fur
  • Lost Bride Veil
  • Magician Hat
  • Evil Succubus Necklace
  • Viper Tongue/Mouth
  • Possessed eyes
  • Skeleton Witch Wings
  • Food: Candy Corn
  • Illustration Piece

Lost Souls Labyrinth/Maze: - Completed

  • Bloody Countess Cape
  • Wolf Druid Dress
  • Queen Spider Helmet
  • Mysterious Enchantress Tights
  • Bloody Countess Corset
  • Wicked  Mouth
  • Magician Shoes
  • Black Widow Dress
  • Wolf Druid Arms
  • Wolf Druid Claws 
  • Alchemist Belt 
  • Wolf Druid Legs 
  • Bait: Blood Gem
  • Sweet Mourne Gloves
  • Censored Mouth
  • Bat Thigh-Highs- Perleine Outfit
  • Evil Baroness Scepter
  • Spider Web Corset
  • Soul Sentinel Crown
  • Illustration Piece

Odessa Opera: - Completed

  • Evil Succubus Stockings
  • Voodoo Priestess Earrings
  • Lost Soul Pants   
  • Evil Baroness Horns 
  • Skeleton Witch Teddy
  • Mysterious Enchantress Dress        
  • Frankenstein Dress
  • Mysterious Enchantress Shoes
  • Illustration Piece

Phoenix Castle: - Completed               

  • Wolf Druid Mask
  • Munak Hat
  • Bloody Countess Gloves
  • Possessed Eyes 
  • Lost Soul Pants (Stockings)
  • Mary Wig 
  • Petritying Empress Jewelry
  • Mad Scientist Boots
  • Voodoo Priestess Hat
  • Mad Scientist Top
  • Worn Leather Shorts- Pereline Outfit
  • Illustration Piece


Pumpkin Alley: - Completed

  • Pumpkin Shorts
  • Cassandre Wig
  • Sweet Mourne Necklace
  • Mysterious Enchantress Mask
  • Censored Mouth  
  • Stealth Crow Top
  • Feather Pereline/ Youth Seeker Choker - Part of the Pereline Outfit maybe??
  • Evil Baroness Necklace
  • Illustration Piece

Pyramid of Doom: - Completed

  • Black Widow Shoes   
  • Magician Skirt
  • Lena Wig
  • Empty Eyes in Tears
  • Spirited Away Belt
  • Insane Mouth
  • Soul Sentinel Dress
  • Open Wounds Sweet Mourne
  • Illustration Piece


Thorny Forest: - Completed           

  • Crown de la Muerte
  • Petrifying Empress Cape
  • Petrifying Empress Shoulder Pads
  • Talisman
  • Blood Stained Cape
  • Mad Scientist Gloves
  • Stealth Crow Boots
  • Spirit Away Ghost
  • Mad Scientist Socks
  • Floating Candles- Pereline Outfit
  • Lost Bride Skirt
  • Fake Blood-Cloaked Soldier Teddy
  • Fake Blood- Cloaked Soldier Gloves
  • Empty Eyes
  • Illustration Piece

Village of the Damned: -Completed            

  • Voodoo Priestess Skirt
  • Top Voodoo Priestess
  • Skeleton Witch Belt
  • Tail of the evil Baroness
  • Mowa Wig
  • Mad Scientist Pants
  • Bustier Lost Bride
  • Evil Baroness Clogs
  • Graveyard Background
  • Bait: Plaid Patchwork
  • Illustration Piece

Well of Souls/Spirits: - Completed

  • Body Evil Succubus
  • Mysterious Enchantress Top
  • Reckless Adventurer Coat
  • Skeleton Witch Arm
  • Empty Eyes with Tears
  • Soul Sentinel Tights
  • Food: Possessed Apple
  • Bait: Hunted Rune
  • Illustration Piece

Witch Cauldron: - Completed

  • Mummy Bandages
  • Pointy Ears 
  • Empty Eyes
  • Dress Sweet Mourne
  • Bloody Countess Glass
  • Mysterious Enchantress Top
  • Inari Wig
  • Spectral Skin
  • Stealth Crow Cape
  • Stealth Crow Sword
  • Stealth Crow Hood
  • Mysterious Enchantress Necklace
  • Spirited Away Eye
  • Evil Baroness Corset
  • Decorative underwear - Pereline Outfit
  • Bubbly Cauldron
  • Illustration Piece

Finally was able to finish it! Hope it helps someone ^^

Xena by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. Please do not remove caption.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess. Portrait is from the waist up in profile. Xena is wearing a leather corset decorated with hammered bronze armor in swirling patterns. A sword is strapped to her back. Her long dark hair falls around her neck and shoulders. She’s gazing to the left, and her expression is forbidding. The background is deep plum with a blaze of vivid blue.]

The Selection | Part 9

A story based off of the Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass.

Ten girls, one crown. The competition of a lifetime.

Warnings: Angst, Language, Death, Fluff (These are all the warnings summed up together. It’s not all the same for every chapter.)

Words: 1.6k (I don’t feel like it has this many words)

Pairings: Prince!Steve x reader || Bucky x reader

A/N: This is for @buchonians​ Writing Challenge.
Okay, so this… lol, don’t worry guys! There’s still a lot of chapters coming your way! What she did… it’s okay! xD ANYWAY, LET’S GET THIS STARTED!

Part 8 | Series Masterlist

It’s been three days since you lost the bet and a lot has happened. Hope left the day after you officially met the Prince, saying that her and Steven… it felt wrong. And it is a reciprocated feeling.

Your maids were happy, finding out about your upcoming date with the Prince and sewed you a whole new dress in two days. The dress is beautiful, by the way. It is a short gown. The skirt is rich despite its size and the corset is decorated with small silver flowers. Its sleeves are short, falling off your shoulders, and the neckline is simple, per usual.

And the last but not least thing is, that today is the day your date with Steven is happening.

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Thank You for 4,000 followers (beep boop to those of you that are bots) here’s some more of my second year work, a carousel horse for Mary Poppins. The garments that make up this costume include an organza blouse, a short bustle and silk corset and skirt. The compass pattern on the skirt is a screen print and the corset is decorated with applique, the eyelets are covered with buttonhole stitch. 

The Selection | Part 7

A story based off of the Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass.

Summary: Ten girls, one crown. The competition of a lifetime.

Warnings: Angst, Language, Death, Fluff (These are all the warnings summed up together. It’s not all the same for every chapter.)

Words: 1.4k

Pairings: Steve x reader || Bucky x reader

A/N: This is for @buchonians Writing Challenge.
Here you go, here’s my Christmas surprise for y’all.
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Part 6 | Series Masterlist

“My parents met through the Selection and they seem happy. This is my only chance to find love and I don’t want to waste it.” His voice is so hopeful. “I want to find a wife the whole Illeá will love, a wife who’ll help me deal with the leaders of different states, a wife who’ll get by with my friends and who I can be open with. I want to find the right partner, and I am ready to do so.” It captivates your attention. How determined he is to find his true love, the right partner, as he says. How his voice is void of irony. He seems desperate, but full of hope. Your defiance against him decreases. Slightly.

“Do you really feel like you’re in a cage, here?” he asks and you nod.

“Yes, I do,” you say. “Your Highness.” You add, not sure how to call him.

“I felt this way too many times.” He chuckles. “But you need to admit it is a wonderful cage.”

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In a Name: 28

So guess who just delayed writing about the Ball by writing drabble of the dress and more angst? Spoilers… I want to write it, but like… It’s weird that the end is nearing? So I’m like procrastinating. I feel like I’m building up to something big but have no idea what’s going to happen at the same time, so like… I hope you enjoy, thanks for the supportive comments! Also kinda short - sorry…

The people @ladytaissa @xordinaryxwomanx @megasimpleplan4ever @stace1394 @thebookisbtr @lucifer-the-cuddler @xdebora @hannah-caitlynn @graysonmalfoy @falltoashes @solsticestorm @bingewatchingmylifegoby @elenoranave @incadinkadoo @melanin—senpai @juuliiaa05 @sigridlaufeyson @ihaveanobsessenproblem @oneweirdfangirl @kristenscamander @pabegay1

Tears welled in your eyes as you looked in the mirror.

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C. 1895

This busk front corset is typical of the beautifully designed styles of this period. Made from black lasting lined with white twill it features flexible corded hips and an intricate boning system involving forty two cane strips and four tempered steels down the back lacing. The corset is decorated with sky blue feather stitching. The cane boning allowed decorative stitching to be accomplished by the recently invented embroidery machine, and a skilled operative could safely pierce the cane strips without needle damage. The corset has a waist measurement of 22".

Targeted | Byron x Injured!MC/Reader [Request]

Here’s Byron’s story, finally! Sorry it’s even later than the others, I’ve been really sick for the past few days and have been reduced to lying in bed all day and not sleeping at night XD It’s going under a read more again because it’s quite lengthy (I couldn’t help it, Byron’s such a sweetie and I get carried away with him) I hope this is fluffy enough!

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Aim to Please (M) -- Jimin

Originally posted by queenparkjimin

Warnings: Some D/S elements, face sitting, mild praise kink, submissive Jimin.

“Are you ready, love?”

Jimin whimpers, the rules of this game keeping his arms at his sides, fingers curling into the cream duvet.  His body is placid and stretched across the width of the bed in a long line, his head hanging over the edge.  He’s wearing nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs and a blindfold to match, the rest of his tanned and beautifully muscled form on display.

“Yes, Mistress.”

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Ready to ship. Real sheep leather steampunk style corset with metal decor, authentic steel-boned corset for waist training and tight lacing
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jameskmitch  asked:

I find the ideas that Prince and Bjornson had to cut from the stage design really interesting (Cesar the white horse, rats, lights inside the proscenium angels)- do you know if there were any major early costume design ideas that were axed as well? Or major changes other than Hershey Kiss to Star Princess when it hopped the pond? I figure if anyone knows, it's you! Thanks!

There might be more than the stuff I’ve seen and heard about, but some changes I AM aware of is:

*The Phantom’s mask was designed to be on the other half of his face. But since Michael Crawford has already figured out much of the blocking, and it demanded the mask on the opposite side than the design suggested (and everyone agreed his ideas for the blocking was very good), they moved the mask to the other half of the face. But the design still shows the original idea:

*The Phantom was drawn with the skull stick for his Red Death costume, as seen it worn by Lon Chaney. But this skull stick was instead used in the mausoleum scene, for the large cloak and feathered hat.

*An early idea for Red Death was that he would simply twirl out of his costume and disappear, leaving the costume behind on the floor. This was the idea of the magic consultant, and would be do-able. But Hal Prince wanted the disappearance to be more tangible, more old-school. And so it was. The “twirl out of the costume” idea was instead picked up for the end scene of the Restaged Tour in 2013, where the Phantom disappear, leaving only his cloak to be found on stage.

*For Raoul’s Masquerade costume, Maria Bjørnson seems to have had several ideas. Maybe he should wear a large, black cloak and a black halfmask? Or maybe “just” the uniform? Maybe he started in full costume and shred some of it throughout the scene? Whatever the idea, only the black half mask made it to stage, and I don’t think the big cloak ever happened. Steve Barton wanted full, easy movements in the Masquerade blocking, having a dancer background and all, and he even disliked the fur-lined pelisse and the white gloves. The Hussar costume was trimmed down to a minimum, and the pelisse eventually made lighter, and today the fully cloaked figure seen in the design is definitely one of those getting axed:

There were also minor changes happening - the Slavemaster’s headgear was made smaller, Piangi’s Masquerade costume got the ornamental sun on the chest, Carlotta’s Masquerade costume became more cobweb like, Masquerade’s “Rococo Lady” got a total makeover etc. In addition, Carlotta got a second Victorian dress, so she would wear a b/w one for the First Manager’s scene, and a red/gold one for the Second Manager’s scene. This change happened in West End some time in 1987, I believe.

And of course, Christine went from the white “Bo Peep” to the pink-and-blue “Star Princess” in Masquerade. Both costumes included a corseted bodice with vertical decorations, a short, belle shaped skirt, plus hand held mask. But the colours, decorations and exact making of the costumes differs a lot:

Another Christine costume that was changed, was the Elissa gala skirt. In the original design Christine wears a tabbed creation with hardly any decorations as we know it today - only the tabs and small apron is recognizable. For West End they put this on a plain, dark green skirt, with waterfall backdrapes. Eventually they added a decorated hem and a grand beaded belt, like Carlotta’s version. This is because it was decided Christine’s costume should echo that of Carlotta - you can see on the design the comment on going for Carlotta’s bustle instead. Christine’s slavegirl costume is to the left, and the Elissa costume is to the right (and there’s hardly any difference between them):

But all in all, most of these changes are tweaks rather than redesigning. Only Christine’s Masquerade costume can be called a total makeover. For the other costumes, there might have existed multiple ideas from start and just one was picked. Or the costume was simplified to ease movements or with added details to pop more on stage. The show is overall pretty much like Maria Bjørnson first designed it.