corset decoration

Xena, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess. Portrait is from the waist up in profile. Xena is wearing a leather corset decorated with hammered bronze armor in swirling patterns. A sword is strapped to her back. Her long dark hair falls around her neck and shoulders. She’s gazing to the left, and her expression is forbidding. The background is deep plum with a blaze of vivid blue.]

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So guess who just delayed writing about the Ball by writing drabble of the dress and more angst? Spoilers… I want to write it, but like… It’s weird that the end is nearing? So I’m like procrastinating. I feel like I’m building up to something big but have no idea what’s going to happen at the same time, so like… I hope you enjoy, thanks for the supportive comments! Also kinda short - sorry…

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Tears welled in your eyes as you looked in the mirror.

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C. 1895

This busk front corset is typical of the beautifully designed styles of this period. Made from black lasting lined with white twill it features flexible corded hips and an intricate boning system involving forty two cane strips and four tempered steels down the back lacing. The corset is decorated with sky blue feather stitching. The cane boning allowed decorative stitching to be accomplished by the recently invented embroidery machine, and a skilled operative could safely pierce the cane strips without needle damage. The corset has a waist measurement of 22".

jameskmitch  asked:

I find the ideas that Prince and Bjornson had to cut from the stage design really interesting (Cesar the white horse, rats, lights inside the proscenium angels)- do you know if there were any major early costume design ideas that were axed as well? Or major changes other than Hershey Kiss to Star Princess when it hopped the pond? I figure if anyone knows, it's you! Thanks!

There might be more than the stuff I’ve seen and heard about, but some changes I AM aware of is:

*The Phantom’s mask was designed to be on the other half of his face. But since Michael Crawford has already figured out much of the blocking, and it demanded the mask on the opposite side than the design suggested (and everyone agreed his ideas for the blocking was very good), they moved the mask to the other half of the face. But the design still shows the original idea:

*The Phantom was drawn with the skull stick for his Red Death costume, as seen it worn by Lon Chaney. But this skull stick was instead used in the mausoleum scene, for the large cloak and feathered hat.

*An early idea for Red Death was that he would simply twirl out of his costume and disappear, leaving the costume behind on the floor. This was the idea of the magic consultant, and would be do-able. But Hal Prince wanted the disappearance to be more tangible, more old-school. And so it was. The “twirl out of the costume” idea was instead picked up for the end scene of the Restaged Tour in 2013, where the Phantom disappear, leaving only his cloak to be found on stage.

*For Raoul’s Masquerade costume, Maria Bjørnson seems to have had several ideas. Maybe he should wear a large, black cloak and a black halfmask? Or maybe “just” the uniform? Maybe he started in full costume and shred some of it throughout the scene? Whatever the idea, only the black half mask made it to stage, and I don’t think the big cloak ever happened. Steve Barton wanted full, easy movements in the Masquerade blocking, having a dancer background and all, and he even disliked the fur-lined pelisse and the white gloves. The Hussar costume was trimmed down to a minimum, and the pelisse eventually made lighter, and today the fully cloaked figure seen in the design is definitely one of those getting axed:

There were also minor changes happening - the Slavemaster’s headgear was made smaller, Piangi’s Masquerade costume got the ornamental sun on the chest, Carlotta’s Masquerade costume became more cobweb like, Masquerade’s “Rococo Lady” got a total makeover etc. In addition, Carlotta got a second Victorian dress, so she would wear a b/w one for the First Manager’s scene, and a red/gold one for the Second Manager’s scene. This change happened in West End some time in 1987, I believe.

And of course, Christine went from the white “Bo Peep” to the pink-and-blue “Star Princess” in Masquerade. Both costumes included a corseted bodice with vertical decorations, a short, belle shaped skirt, plus hand held mask. But the colours, decorations and exact making of the costumes differs a lot:

Another Christine costume that was changed, was the Elissa gala skirt. In the original design Christine wears a tabbed creation with hardly any decorations as we know it today - only the tabs and small apron is recognizable. For West End they put this on a plain, dark green skirt, with waterfall backdrapes. Eventually they added a decorated hem and a grand beaded belt, like Carlotta’s version. This is because it was decided Christine’s costume should echo that of Carlotta - you can see on the design the comment on going for Carlotta’s bustle instead. Christine’s slavegirl costume is to the left, and the Elissa costume is to the right (and there’s hardly any difference between them):

But all in all, most of these changes are tweaks rather than redesigning. Only Christine’s Masquerade costume can be called a total makeover. For the other costumes, there might have existed multiple ideas from start and just one was picked. Or the costume was simplified to ease movements or with added details to pop more on stage. The show is overall pretty much like Maria Bjørnson first designed it.

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Okay I have a prompt for you!!!! Can you do fic of Anna trying to be sexy but totally failing ( kinda like fetchingly draped against the wall part) and Kristoff trying so hard not to laugh cause he doesn't want to make her feel bad plus he's enjoying it ..... If that made any sense :) please and thank you

Yay! It’s been a while since I’ve had a prompt. Then again, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Such a cute prompt

                                 Operation Temptation 

Summary: Anna decides to seduce her mountain man after he comes back from a long ice harvesting trip, but is stifled by her clumsiness.

Rated: T for sexual themes and hiilarity

Pairings: Obvious Kristanna

  “Sleep well, buddy.” Kristoff cooed as he shut the door to Sven’s personal stable, the reindeer snorting in response.

  Dusting off his pants, Kristoff scanned the area for his routine welcoming committee but without success. Anna would usually have him pinned in a tight embrace by now, especially after being gone as long as he was. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t a little hurt that she wasn’t there to greet him.

  Shrugging, Kristoff made his way to the warm interior of the castle. She’s probably asleep, Kristoff reassured glancing out of the window at the ebony sky. Like a human.

  As he stood outside of his bed chamber, he was alarmed to hear a faint and familiar giggle coming from the other side of the door. Slowly, Kristoff twisted the brass handle slowly and eased the door open.

  Eyes on the ground, his vision made contact with a slim silhouette cascaded over the floor. His gaze traveled along the shadow and up to his bed where he discovered his welcoming committee. Kristoff’s mouth almost dropped at the sight.

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6 current Star Princess costume styles in replica productions: 

1. Japan (here: Rumi Iryo). Very romantic tutu like skirt in pale shades, corseted bodice with bold colours quite heavy fringe and ruffle decorations. The bead fringes goes all around the bodice, not just in front as in other versions. 

2. Germany (here: Valerie Link). Feathery light silk with netting underlayers; one layer usually of a metallic floral fabric, and corseted bodices of medium bold colours with heavy ruffles and a defined V shaped beaded fringe. 

3. Russia (here: Elena Bahtiyarova). Rather short and full skirt, with a metallic floral underlayer like in Germany, paired with a fairly long corseted bodice with small decorations set very high. Bold skirt colours, paler bodice. 

4. Broadway (here: Sierra Boggess). Romantic tutu like skirt of pale pink and silver shades, with a corseted bodice with a pale lower half and bold upper half. Heavy ruffles and a discrete bead and star decoration. 

5. West End (here: Harriet Jones). Cone shaped skirt of shiny silk in bold colours, paired with a corseted bodice of equally bold shades. A heavy Elizabethan-ruff-pleated decoration over the bust. 

6. World Tour (here: Claire Lyon). Cone shaped skirt of pale shades, with the upper layer made of a silver star fabric, with a very short corseted bodice of bold colours. Rich ruffles transforming into puffed sleeves, and also rich bead fringe. Only Claire Lyon has this silver star skirt, the others have a wider, more tulle based version. 

Slow and steady wins the race ~ All done applying zipper stops to the Loki corset and most of the cape. I’ve set myself a goal of 100 a day as to make the quantity and hand fatigue more Manageable.

The stops are from wawak sewing supply, and the pliers are regular flat noise pliers. I briefly had a pair of zipper stop pliers, but returned them because they did not work as well as the flat-nose.

Little over a month until Wondercon!


“Hit me!” Tony slurred as he stumbled to his seat by the couch. 

“Are you sure you wanna do that Stark? She’s twisted.” Spoke Clint from the floor. 

“Do it, I can handle it!”

“Hm…” you said as you placed a hand on your chin, trying to think of a great dare, “Alright, alright! I dare all of you to wear the sexy versions of your uniforms for halloween and walk around town!” 

“No way!” Steve immediately interject.

“If you don’t then you have to pose naked with your shield and let me sell the pictures!” 

“Coulson would totally buy those,” Natasha interjected. You simply nodded in agreement.

“I-I…” Steve was at a loss for words. 

“Deal!” Tony said loudly as he stood on the table, “to the halloween store!”

It didn’t take long for all of you to make your way to the halloween store and buy your costumes. Wanda had come up with the great idea of just wearing the costumes out of the store. You, Wanda, and Natasha held their clothes as all the guys were trying to squeeze into corsets that were decorated with their logos and signature colors. 

Tony was the first to walk out, of course he was more than happy to twirl around and strut his stuff while sending a wink at you guys. He wore a corset that resembled the suit and a bright red tutu. 

Pietro came out soon after Tony. Since he wasn’t as popular as the other Avengers he didn’t have a costume based off himself so he went for the second best thing, a female Flash costume. It was very similar to Tony’s but with a flash symbol on the chest. Rather than being upset about wearing the costume, Pietro was upset how bad the red and yellow suit looked with his white hair. 

He was hesitant but Bruce came next, he wore green knee highs with a pair or booty shorts that were way too small. His shirt was a purple button up corset that didn’t button up nearly as far as it should revealing his curly black chest hair. 

Thor wasn’t hesitant at all about putting on the costume. Finding one that fit his muscular body on the other hand, was very difficult. With no luck we finally decided to have him wear a black widow costume. Although it stretched to cover his muscles, it was much tighter than it was intended to be. 

Clint’s costume was much like the costume Thor had worn. Rather than a corset, it was a latex suit that came with a foam bow and arrow, which Clint found “just insulting. 

Bucky was hesitant about this entire costume thing, but since he was indeed a member of the Avengers, he had to participate. But there were no winter soldier costumes so you all improvised and gave him a sexy nurse costume to wear. When Bucky emerged he was surprisingly happy as he walked out of the dressing room while twirling his stethoscope. 

Steve was the last to come out because he hated this idea the most. His costume was a really tight dress that had his uniform design on it. He had to carry a small sparkly shield that made his own shield look enormous. As he walked out all of you began to whistle at him teasingly causing him to turn red as a tomato. 

After taking pictures and walking out of the store and down a few blocks all the guy’s turned to you three girls with expectant looks. “What now?” Bruce spoke. 

Wanda looked at both and Natasha, a mischievous smirk on all three of your faces and all their clothes in your arms. “Run,” she said and all of you sprinted down the street, leaving all the stunned Avengers behind you in their promiscuous costumes.