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18th century inspired bodice with Swarovski crystals. It will come with a hoop skirt as well #fhdolls #forgottenhearts #bjd #bjddoll #porcelainbjd #victorian #bodice #corset

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Pippa Middleton Matthews was a radiant bride in a bespoke Giles Deacon creation

Giles said of the collaboration: “I was thrilled to work with Pippa on her wedding dress. The dress is constructed with a cap sleeve, high neckline and features a corseted bodice with draping to the front and a heart-shaped detail at the back. The bespoke silk cotton lace was hand appliquéd to create the illusion of the dress having ‘no seams’. The lace bodice is embroidered with pearl detailing over an organza and tulle underskirt, which has layer upon layer to enable a floor-sweeping movement. It’s a privilege to show the craftsmanship that my team produces in London and a real testament to Pippa’s support of British fashion.” | May 20, 2017


Working on the LND Peacock mockup & figuring out a dual corset zipper back, the best of both worlds… But laborious! I’ll offer this on future commissions but naturally it’ll add to the price because of labor. Worth every penny IMO! ✨💙💡❓💬 what’s your favorite costume or sewing hack??? I want to learn more! 💬❓💡💙✨ #bodice #mockup #muslin #corsetry #corset #experimenting #zipper #lifehacks #costumehacks #sewing #costumery #costume #design #fashion #pattern #patternmaking #lacing #unique #cosplay #diy #enchantedsea #loveneverdies #peacockdress #inprogress #behindthescenes

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Pennywise & Teen!Reader Imagine Part 2

Chapter 2 Part 2:

EXTREME WARNING: Blood, Reader is stabbed and light rape attempt. If this triggers you at all please DO NOT read this!!!!

Note: Part 2 of Chapter 2 as promised. In here Stan x Reader is more lightly replied and if you squint you can see you started dating Stan. No spoilers just read. Okay thanx :3!

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It was finally 6 and you had gone through way too many outfits to count mixing and matching tops and skirts and pants and shorts and dresses until your floor was covered with clothes some still with hangers. You were stressing about what you should wear cuz ya know…it’s your first ever date and hopefully kiss.

You couldn’t help but feel bad about Stan remembering the hurt in his eyes but then Micheal’s beautiful face would come back into your mind and you’d tuck Stan in the back of your mind. Your Aunts and Uncles were already back to their own homes leaving just you and your Aunts Sam and Kelly.

Neither were much help trying to pick an outfit and decided to wear a beautiful black dress that had a inner corset bodice with cute boots. Your aunt Kelly did your makeup and hair since you had little to no skills in those two beauty compartments. She finished doing your makeup literally seconds before the door bell rang.

You quickly  bolted to the door and peeked through the eye hole just in case to see if it was Micheal or not. You checked yourself over blindly and took a breath before opening the door. You were trying to act cool and collected but once again you felt like you had butterflies in your stomach noticing he was wearing a brown leather jacket with a collared button shirt and jeans.

Your Aunt Sam came over noticing the commotion and walked over to the door before stopping and staring, “Oh, uh, (Name)…who’s this?”

“Um, Auntie Sam this is my…uh, date Micheal.” You introduced the boy.

“Hello miss.” The boy greeted with a firm hand shake before kissing the back of your aunts hand making her flush.

“Oh-oh my, your quite the charmer.” She chuckled.

“Well you two have fun and make sure to listen to the curfew be back in an hour and don’t go into the woods!” Your aunt reminded.

“Aye aye!” You said saluting.

You realized you did that in front of your date and flushed embarrassed noticing him staring. Instead of the taunting laugh you were expecting he instead chuckled from amusement, “Your different than most girls.”

“Uh, thanks.” You smiled nervously.

“C'mon I’ll take you to the best ice cream parlor.” He said holding out his arm.

“Sweet! Bye auntie!” You called.

“Have fun!” The woman called back.

You watched the door shut over your shoulder before turning back to see he was leading you to a motorcycle that wasn’t parked there before. Was this dude Mr. Perfect or what?! Instantly all thoughts of Stan was pushed right out out of your head and heart. You carefully climbed on behind him and he handed you a beautiful motorcycle helmet before putting his on.

He started the bike and you could feel the rumble of the expensive engine beneath you. Micheal kicked out the kick stand and you squeaked grabbing onto his shoulders.

“Here, put your arms around my waist.” He directed.

You did as he told and held back a squeal noticing he had rock hard abs! Like, deep chiseled abs. Without warning he started driving and you squeaked as he set off fast making you hold onto him tightly and press your head into his back. He gradually slowed down until he arrived to the ice cream parlor. It was different than the one you went at with your Loser friends and was pink and blue  with a cute cartoon strawberry ice cream as the logo.

You looked at all the flavors with wide eyes wishing it wasn’t possible for you to get sick from too much ice cream. There was so many flavors; cookie dough, strawberry, rocky road, triple chocolate, Boston Creme pie, and even ones like garlic, hot sauce, and and even carrot ice cream. God you wanted one of each. Well not so much the gross ice cream.

Eventually you decided on (ice cream flavor) ice cream in a waffle cone with rainbow sprinkles. It’s not ice cream if it doesn’t have rainbow sprinkles after all. You couldn’t help but notice Micheal seemed to stare you with darkened eyes watching as you licked and occasionally took a bite of your frozen dessert.

You didn’t pay too much attention to it though enjoying the sweet flavor bursting across your tongue. Eventually you arrived to the tip of the cone and finished the last of it.

“Thanks for recommending this place Micheal!” You grinned.

“Your welcome. Do you wanna go for a walk?” The boy suggested.

“Oh well its almost 7 and-”

He took your hand and looked you in the eye making your face burn and brain melt to goo. When he practically puppy begged, “Please?” you gaped trying to find your words until you finally said, “O-Okay.”

He grinned and squeezed your hand before leading you down the road opposite of where his bike was parked. Not many people were out and the only ones at the parlor were you, a few other teenagers, and an elderly couple who didn’t seem to care about talking too much and just eat their flavored frozen milk.

You and Micheal strolled down the sidewalk hand in hand giggling like teenage lovers. The moon was so bright that night making a romantic atmosphere and lighting up everything. You were always a nerd when it came to outer space and always dreamed of going into space and exploring the worlds and stars. You did have a highly active and creative imagination.

Just when your heart settled down it jumped back up when Micheal said your name in a questioning way. You turned towards him feeling your heart pound so hard it hurt, “Yeah?”

“C'mon let’s go into the forest. I know a short cut to get you to your house quicker.” The boy explained.

“Oh, uh, thanks. But couldn’t you just have-”

“C'mon where’s the romance in just driving you back home on my bike when we can go for a lovely stroll?”

“Well my aunt said-”

“C'mon don’t be a scaredy cat.” He teased already pulling you to the guard rail.

He let go of your hand to step over the rail looking back at you before continuing down the hill. You stuttered but followed him scratching your leg on the metal structure before sliding down the hill carefully. You arrived to the bottom and frowned noticing the trees covered most of the beautiful moon light making the atmosphere eerie and creepy.

“Micheal, I don’t think we should…Micheal?” You looked scared not seeing him.

“Mike?” You asked curious and for once a little scared.

“Micheal this isn’t funny! Where the hell are you?”

Next thing you knew your back was being slammed against a tree and there was a tongue shoved down your throat. You choked and tried to breath or call for help but you couldn’t with the overly violent kiss. The attacker was bitting your lips hard enough to make them bleed. When the person pulled away the culprit revealed to be Mark who licked your lipstick stain you left around his lips.

“What the hell?!” You demanded shoving him away.

He chuckled and wiped the lipstick off his face grinning rather creepily. You took a few steps back feeling the fear come back from when your father used to abuse you. He pulled out a pocket knife and you felt your heart drop.

“You have a pretty face doll. I’m sure your organs will be just as beautiful.” He grinned.

You ran and he chuckled giving you a few second head start before chasing after you himself. You were breathing heavily wishing you hadn’t tightened the corset so tightly. You ironically tripped over a tree root but got back up hearing him call your name in a terrifying way.

“Here kitty kitty kitty. I promise I won’t bite!” He called.

You hide behind a thick tree unsure what else you could do. You saw there was a familiar sewer drain nearby and debated if you should crawl in there. You could buy another one of your dresses any day and getting sick was better than being dead. Just as you were about to run a hand came and wrapped itself around your neck slamming you back into the bark of the tree hard enough that a few pieces of it fell off in the process.

You let out a choked cry of pain as he stabbed his knife into your abdomen. He chuckled and pulled the knife out grinning at the blood. He even licked the flat part of the knife with his tongue. He leaned forward for another kiss and you turned your head away keeping your mouth closed and your eyes shut.

However he stabbed you again with the knife and you let out a cry of pain allowing him to force you to taste your own blood on his tongue. He made sure to smear it around your lips before traveling from your lips to your jaw line to your neck. Your heart best raced faster than before realizing he wasn’t just going to kill you, he was going to have his way with you before you die.

The knife was still in your body and his hand around your windpipe blocking any screams from escaping.

“Please don’t.” You whimpered feeling him ghost his lips from your neck down to your collar bone where the dress started.

He took his hand off your neck and growled, “Make a sound and you’ll die a slow horrible death.”

He jiggled the knife a little just to remind you. You whimpered feeling him reach under your dress to your thigh gently caressing it with his thumb. You closed your eyes and almost instantly he slapped you making you wince.

“Keep your eyes open slut!” He spat.

You heard a chuckling sound and looked through your tears to see a rather scary looking clown was standing there. He had a seemingly glowing red ballon and had buckteeth and orange hair. Why was that clown so familiar? Your brain was too tired from too much blood loss to think.

Micheal growled before spatting, “Get lost freak!”

The clown chuckled and held out the ballon, the sinister grin still on his face. Mark growled and stepped away from you pulling his knife out of you in the process. You dropped to the ground but were able to catch yourself on your hands and knees and knowing the knife had a very high possibility that it punctured a vital organ.

You were panting heavily and with shaky elbows and knees crawled anywhere away from what was going on. You could faintly hear the screams of agony coming from your bag shit crazy date, but didn’t dare to look back. By then you were nearly army crawling only making it at least 10 feet until you saw tan shoes in front of you with fuzzy red pom-poms on the tips.


You weren’t sure why you remembered that name but it seemed to be the clowns name. Then it hit you. That was Mr. Clown! Pennywise! Penny! Your friend! The one who killed your father to save you.

You winced as the clown carefully picked you up bridal style making you wince.

“Don’t worry my dear. I’ll help you.” He said comfortingly.

You laid your head against his chest feeling the darkness take you away.

You cracked your eyes open everything blurry and fuzzy. You felt hot yet cold and were shivering yet your skin was sticky from sweat…or was it blood? You could feel something heavy being draped over your shoulders. You wrapped it closer around you feeling a cold breeze brush past you.

You looked up and could faintly see the outline of a white face with orange hair. You couldn’t really focus on anything. Your eyes fluttered shut before opening again when felt a silk-gloved hand gently caress your cheek and realized that the hand was brushing away a tear.

“You kept your promise.” A raspy voice whispered.

You could feel something soft press against your forehead before you closed your eyes and drifted away again.

“Don’t go….” You whispered.

When you woke up you weren’t expecting to be hearing beeping.

Where were you?

You fluttered your eyes open and winced at the bright light coming from above.

“(Name)!” You gasped as were suddenly attacked in a group hug (more like pile up) by your Maine friends.

You sat up and looked around to see your friends Bill, Bev, Eddie, Mike, Stan, Ben, and Richie, aka The Losers.

“Hey guys, what am I doing in a hospital?” You asked confused.

The happy smiles turned into frowns and you furrowed your brow in concern.

“Don’t you remember what happened that night?” Bev asked.

“Uh. No. Not really. I remember hanging out with you guys and then Stan taking me home.” You replied giving a knowing look to Stan.

He smiled back and you took his hand squeezing it tightly and sharing a blushing moment.

"Well someone found you on the side of the road banged up really badly. Your aunt said you were out on a date with Micheal Koroz before he went missing and you were found a few hours later.” Mike said.

“Why can’t I remember any of that?” You asked feeling your brain hurt.

“The doctor said you had had a couple deep stab wounds that were stitched up to allow you to live a few more hours.” Bill said.

“You seriously don’t remember any of that?” Stan added.

“I wish I did but sadly I don’t. I’m sorry. What about this Micheal kid?” You asked.

“He disappeared. A lot of kids these days are.” Eddie explained.

“Oh…wait how long was I asleep for?”

“A week.” Beverly replied.

“So…when am I going back home?” You asked sadly fidgeting with the sheet covers your legs.

“Tomorrow, but we’ll make sure to send letters back and forth as much as possible.” Richie replied.

“Thank you.” You nodded.

They all shared into a final group hug but you couldn’t help but wonder one thing…

Whose this Penny you had to keep your promise with?

Epilogue: Yes. This is not the end. Only the beginning. Lol Idk. I’m thinking of doing a Bill Skarsgard x Reader next cuz you find none of that. Like you only find his character Roman from Hemlock Grove (who under the smoking and sex and drugs is HOT) and ya know Pennywise who is hot too but never an actor. Just request it with a prompt and I’ll do it. I might have the 3rd chapter up tonight no guarantees though! Thanx for reading!! :3!

Claim (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Hey guys! So I’ve been on a Bucky itch for a few days and thanks to @emilyevanston​ doing a nifty little Cards Against Humanity writing challenge, I got to quell that itch. Thanks for that! Anywho, I hope you all enjoy it because I had fun writing it!

Summary: When Bucky Barnes sees a child (a la Clint Barton) lick a popsicle, the long journey of claiming objects with his saliva begins. Soon, you find that it might not be such a bad thing. (PROMPT: Licking your things to claim them as your own.)

Warnings: None (unless you count slobber). (Let me know if you need anything else tagged. I want you to be comfortable when you read my work.)

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This is my first imagine I’m posting on here! I normally post these on my Wattpad (you can message me for the username for there if you want) but I wanted to give Tumblr a try! I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to send me some feedback! I would really appreciate it! Also please tell me if you want more! Enjoy! x



“A bit too tight, Mama,” I wince slightly as she yanks the strings to my corset so tight I couldn’t breathe.

“Pain is beauty, Adelaide, and if you need to look absolutely perfect for when the King comes to town tomorrow. The Master can’t see you looking anything less than perfect,” She says as she takes a pin from her mouth and places it near the new, makeshift hem so she can remember to sew there so I won’t trip over my own dress tomorrow.

“I’m scared. He has never come to town. Do you know what he’s coming for?” I whisper as I look out the window to see the tiny faeries glowing brightly as they fly and dance in the moonlight, darting to each and every scarce flower they could find in the chill of winter to find pollen to make their faerie dust. Mama tenses and pauses for a moment before shrugging and continuing her work.

I giggle and wave as one of the faeries flies to the glass and watches in awe as the candle light illuminates my dress that I was to wear for when Master arrived.

The mere thought of him sent chills down my spine. I had never met nor seen him, but I had definitely heard of the cruel, vampire king who ruled over this land. His skin was so pale that it was nearly translucent, every bluish-green vein noticeable, with eyes so red, it was like a fire blazed within them. He had chestnut brown curls that barely grazed his shoulders and his teeth were glistening white with points so sharp that with just a bit of pressure, he could pierce your neck and drain you dry in seconds.

They say he is a sad man, even though he ruled over many, many lands with all the riches of the world. In his thousand year reign, he never found love and, tales say, he searches relentlessly for his mate but to no avail. He knows only two features of his intended mate; fiery, red hair, the color of the very thing he craves the most, and eyes as green as emeralds just as his used to be before his blood lust settled in. They say his eyes have been red for hundreds of years, so long that they were beginning to say his past, gentle, kind nature and viridescent eyes were a myth.

Rumors were now going around that his sadness was developing into fierce, desperate anger, setting fire to every village that lied to him, saying there was a girl there who matches the description of his beloved.

I was used to the stares, the whispers, and pointing over my eighteen years in this world. I was the only redhead on a town of snow blondes and chestnut brunettes; a peculiar sight. I knew I matched the description of the king’s mate and so did everyone else in this tiny town. Sometimes, I dreamed vividly of a man so beautiful that he took my breath away. Even though I never dreamt of him with eyes like fire, only deep green, I knew it was the Master, the king, but I tried not to think much of it. I could never be his beloved.

“Okay, darling. Take it off so I can finish the hemming. I want to be able to get some sleep tonight,” my mother says tiredly as I slip off the beautiful, flowing dress and hand it to her.

Leaning over, she places a small kiss onto my forehead. Pulling back, she gazes at my face with an odd look in her eyes before sighing quietly. “Get some sleep, Adelaide. It could be a big day for us tomorrow,” she says and I immediately know she’s talking about the mate rumors. I nod softly as I pull on a nightgown before climbing into bed.

She walks out of my room, the wooden door eerily creaking shut, and I tug my quilted blanket closer as I hear the winter wind whip against the trees, the snowfall making it difficult to see the faeries glow as they continue to desperately scavenge for a few more hours until barren winter truly begins.

Feeling myself start to drift off, I lean over and with a quick gust of breath, I blow out my candle and my room goes completely dark, moonlight slowly creeping in through the window. Closing my eyes, I wonder if I’m going to dream of Master tonight as sleep overtakes me.


The once boiling water that was now my bath was starting to chill as I soaked absentmindedly. I could hear the villagers clamoring and shouting outside as they ready for the King’s arrival. I couldn’t believe that they believe that I was his mate so much that they sent a messenger to his castle. They put our little village, our home, in danger because of their beliefs. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

“Adelaide! Time to get out! The watchers spotted Master Styles about thirty minutes away, my child!” My mother shouts as I wash the rose oil off my body. Standing, I let the water roll and drip off my naked body as I grab my towel and quickly dry off.

Walking out into my bedroom, I gasp at the beauty of the dress my mother had finished making. The tight, corseted bodice was intricately designed with elegant pearls that shown with brilliant luster. My breasts were lightly pushed up and my pale skin looked even more translucent in the white dress. The flowing skirt billowed to my feet and felt soft on my legs. Extra fabric made a cape-like train appearance that just kissed the ground behind me as I walked. It was beautiful.

My hair was down with a few elaborate, delicate braids across the middle. On top of my head, my mother placed a wreath of baby’s breath that showed a stark contrast against my blazing red hair.

Turning to my mother, I open my mouth to speak when a loud horn is blown. The King was here.

My mother quickly grabs my hand and pulls me out of the house. My father and my younger brother stand there in the snow, looking down the beaten, dirt road in awe. For once, the tinkling of small bells was not heard as the faeries hid from the cold winter. Only gasps and whispers were trickling into my ears as I turn to see what all the fuss is about.

Walking further into the road, I stand there as dry leaves crack and crinkle under my feet, the ground cold and damp from the melting snow.

My eyes dart around to see the villagers in their best outfits gazing at me for a quick second before looking back down the road in trembling fear and excitement. Looking forward, I squint slightly only to gasp to myself as I see a small team of steel, black carriages pulled by dark stallions. Their heavy puffs of breath were evident in the cold air and their black manes were flowing behind them as they trotted, tiny, white snowflakes getting caught in the strands.

They slowly come to a halt as I feel my heart beating fast in my chest, my breathing becoming more and more frantic as I see a man hop down from his driving seat and open a carriage door. One dark boot stepping out is all it takes to send my body into overdrive before a masterpiece of a man as beautiful as the legends say fully steps out of the carriage. For someone who has lived over two thousand years, he still looked youthful and perfect.

His face is smug and dark as he looks around with a slight scowl, the commoners and people of the town swarming him instantly. His steps were calculated and determined as he walks to the stage where local news is normally projected. It was amazing to think he could actually run faster than a gust of wind.

I was in awe of him.

“My people,” he starts as something inside of me begins to tingle and a feeling I’ve never felt comes over me. His voice was raspy and smooth like thick, sweet molasses, sending every hair on my body on end.

He inhales deeply, looking like he was in pain and holding himself back but it seemed me and his guards were the only ones who notice. His guards take a step towards him as if they were ready for him to pounce on someone any second.

“As the years go by, your king stays healthy and young, ruling over this country fairly and keeping war at bay. But as I stay young, my servants and my slaves, especially my dear, sweet, generous blood slaves, grow old and frail. When they grow a certain age or get sickly,” he smiles kindly but I could see the maliciousness behind it. “I dispose of them, letting them leave the castle and go to a… a better place.” He says as the townspeople grow curious and anxious at his impending words.

This is not what they thought he was here for. He wasn’t looking for his mate at all when he decided to come to our village. He was looking for slaves, particularly blood slaves!

I take a step back as the realization comes over me, hoping no one will notice but the guard beside the king locks eyes with me and smiles demonically, his sharp teeth glistening as I imagine all the blood he has sucked from innocent people. His smile widens when he sees the color of my hair and his intrigue deepens.

“So, my lovely people, you are going to have to make a decision - a sacrifice, if you will - and hand over just a handful, only a handful, of your healthiest. After all, it’s the least you can do for your king,” he smiles once more, surveying the area as the people begin to panic. They didn’t want to be separated from their families!

Shouts of disagreement and outrage fill the small space before he holds his hands up to silence them. “If that’s how you are going to behave…Seize them,” he flicks his wrist, instructing his guards to rush into the crowd and start grabbing our healthiest and best-looking villagers.

I let out a small yelp of fear as I turn on my heel and start to run, gathering my dress up so I don’t trip and fall. Looking back, I see the guard I locked eyes with fighting through the crowd to get to me. Sending a quick prayer, I rush into the dark, nearby woods.

“Sir, there is a lady with red hair! Matching the description of your beloved!” I hear the man say as I run through the trees.

“Where?” The way Master Styles speaks sounded desperate and angry that the guard let me get away. His deadly, demonic tone sends shivers down my spine. By now, tears of fear are rolling down my cheeks as I feel briars and switches cutting into my legs as I run for my life.

“She ran through there!” is all I hear until an inhuman growl pierces the air and strikes terror into my heart. My breathing is harsh and scarce as my corset digs into my ribs and I feel myself becoming lightheaded.

Coming to the edge of the woods, I spot the clearing where our horses are kept. The grass is long and it was dark as it was still early in the morning and the winter clouds covered the sun. I pray the heavy odor of the horses will cover my scent as the wind blows, causing my dress to billow freely behind me.

I become so distracted by my loss of breath and the horses stampeding across the dark plain, I forget the one that is chasing me.

“Let me see your face.”

The voice that belongs to the vampire king sounds hopeless and sad, begging for me to turn and face him. I freeze for a moment, scared out of my wits before something inside of me yearns for me to turn to him.

Slowly, I turn to face him and our eyes lock. Instantly, a feeling I have never felt before takes over me and I suddenly want nothing more than to spend my life loving this man.  In a split second, his deep red eyes instantly turn emerald green as a dimpled, beautiful smile outbreaks on his face. His eyes fill with tears as he takes a step towards me, arms open to embrace me.

“My love, you don’t know how long I have waited for you.” He speaks softly and before I know it, he is within arms reach and gently taking my hand in his. He lightly gasps at the electrifying shock that goes through us and somehow his smile grows wider.

“You’re bleeding.” He states simply, making me look down to see my dress torn and my feet and my shin dripping blood from the briars. Surprisingly, I wasn’t scared as he leans down and places his face in the crook of my neck, even though I could feel his sharp fangs scraping across my vital veins. “Your blood smells so sweet, so delicious.” I tremble at his words, his tone causing tingles to run through me.

I actually wanted him to bite me.

Tiny, curious faeries emerge from the wood and their tiny bell-like rings fill my ears as a few watch us. I mentally say goodbye to them in my mind.

“What is your name, my darling?” He asks as he continues to lightly drag his teeth down my soft, vulnerable neck.

“A-Adelaide, Your Highness,” I whispered shakily, shocking myself as I turn my head to expose even more of my throat.

“Adelaide,” He purrs my name, the tingles now in my most private and secret place. I blush at my thoughts and feelings after just meeting this man, but what he does next shocks me to the core.

“You will never run from me or leave again. You’re mine now, ” He says, his voice turning dark before his sharp teeth sink into my neck and a bloodcurdling scream escapes me as he holds me still. He is ravenous and acts as if he hadn’t drank in years as I feel my body being drained dry. He slowly sinks us to the ground and I feel the soft grass against my skin as I stare up at the sky in shock, my mouth open in a silent scream as I feel myself becoming weaker and weaker. My pure white dress was now covered in my own blood as it drained out of the two puncture wounds in my neck.

Finally, he pulls away and I stare at his blood covered face as I feel my eyes failing me. Still, I did not fear him for an unknown reason. I trusted him as he whispers and lulls me to close my eyes. “Sleep, sweet Adelaide. We are going home now.”

plantkyun  asked:

Hey Nina! Just a quick question here :) Do you always line your fabric when making a costume? If you don't always line your fabric then when do you know to do so? Thank you for your time! <3

I admittedly don’t line things as often as I should, which I think a lot of cosplayers relate to; usually we’re working up until the last minute trying to finish a project, and there isn’t always time to bother with lining if one can “get away” with not including it for that particular project. (For example: Sheik’s top probably could have benefitted from lining, but it didn’t need it, so I saved time during con crunch by not including one.) However, I make it a point to include linings for garments that truly need them, such as bodices/corsets, jackets, capes, and dresses. Something like Batgirl’s leather jacket would’ve been awful to wear without a liner so it was important to factor that into the construction time and plan accordingly!

Here’s an excellent guide on lining, including the drafting process and choosing fabric! A good rule of thumb: if the garment is made of irritating/uncomfortable materials, involves significant structure, or will show the inside at some point while being worn, it should be lined. Again, in cosplay, you can “get away” with skipping the lining process in some cases (i.e. you don’t always need to line pants or a top), but it’s good to get in the habit of including a lining layer whenever possible and practical to do so!