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Announcing the Klaine Book Project STORENVY store!

We here at The Klaine Book Project are proud to announce that pre-orders are officially open! “That’s a wrap!” will be the second and final volume of what has been an extraordinary experience for all of us, both as creators and collaborators of this book. We hope you will join us one last time to enjoy the adorable short stories and gorgeous high quality art that you’ve come to expect from our project.

View our amazing list of participants here! 

The theme is centered entirely on you, the fans, and your endless creativity and some of the most popular Klaine AU’s the fandom has come to love. Together we’ve created entire worlds for our boys to meet time and time again, and fall in love, no matter what obstacle stands in their way. 

There are a LIMITED number of full packages available - Don’t miss out on the adventure; reserve your book today! All proceeds will be going to the Trevor Project. Prices do not include shipping, shipping will be calculated at checkout based on country.


If you missed out on our last book, this is your chance to grab a digital copy!

This time around, all books are being shipped from the USA! This guarantees cheaper and quicker shipping for our many USA customers. International shipping is almost the same as last time.

Tune in to the blog over the next few weeks for giveaways, preview images of the extras AND of the book art as they are submitted/finalised!



I love that Blaine has a picture of the New Directions at their First Regionals in season 1 in his locker.
I’m going with the idea that he was in the audience for checking out other groups and because he’s a big show choir fan. He took a picture, because “damn the boy on the left is really goodlooking”. And after he has met Kurt at Dalton he finds this picture and they laugh about Blaine having a crush on Kurt before he actually met him.


So it is said that our haters, the common petty ones are voting against us and voting for Prince Charming and Snow White, Did that let us down when the glee fandom was against us? no, that shouldn’t stop is now, here’s some motivation:

They are slowly catching up let’s do this

FYI CHRIS DOESN’T EVEN WATCH OUAT, kurt matters is a bitch ass liar remember that

Vote for klaine here

L. ,don’t let these  O. petty pathetic S. people, get E. you down, R.

if you read in between those lines, those are our haters.


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