Kurt and Blaine Wake up Married

Chapter 15

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Blaine wants to kick himself for ever making that suggestion. The last few weeks have been… awkward. Blaine tries to act like nothing has happened, and Kurt does too, but…it’s not the same. They’re still friends, but the easiness is gone. It’s like with taking away the sex, the familiarity is gone, too. And every now and then, Kurt makes a remark that is either resigned or downright mean, so that Blaine stops whatever he is doing for a moment and looks at Kurt like he doesn’t know him at all.

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You look wonderful!!

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I have been having so much fun meeting so many corset fans on here, answering your questions, and being flattered by your compliments. although the community is small in comparison to some, I just love seeing and feeling how supportive everyone is to one another! 💗 I wish all of you the best Monday possible ☀
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My wiggle go to today. It’s all about cinching the waist and smoothing my hips. Bra and corset is from @whatkatiediduk and my panty girdle is from @ragoshapewear . Lipstick undies from cotton on body . Felt good to unlace once I got home. It’s been a long day.

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restingpearlface  asked:

.......tbh I want them all for blaine


  • ☾:Sleep Headcanon

- he likes to sleep on the right side of the bed, alwayS! he’s also a heavy sleeper, can sleep through a break in tBH

  • ☠:Drinking Headcanon

- HE’S THE SLUTTY DRUNK. he likes to dance against all the dudes and give em kisses, but his friends need to always pry him away bc dangeR! also he’s a light weight, like a fuckin huge lightweight LOL. 

  • ♒:Phobia Headcanon

- HMM i think blaine can be really afraid of the dark, he just does not like being alone at night at all. sometimes santana curses his ear off for running the light bill when she’s out for the night :’I

  • ⋆:Sex Headcanon:

- blaine def prefers to bottom, top is fun too but he just likes being pushed around LOL. he also has had quite a few partners… blaine really likes to know people, it’s just that he likes to get to know guys a little better ;}

  • ☮:Random Headcanon

- OO blaine being a little stronger than he looks! not as strong as tina, but strong enough to hoist kurt over his shoulder ^ 0 ^

  • ☻:‘Like’ headcanon

- likes: jumpers, soup, kuRRT, people, theatre, romance, DISCO, dancing, boxing, movie nights with friends

  • ♤:'Dislike’ Headcanon

- sebastian, mean people, guns, disappointing others, mr schue  

  • ☯:Pet Peeve Headcanon

- i think blaine’s ULTIMATE pet peeve is a MESS. he hates messes, it drives him nuts when santana leaves shit around after snooping. he always regrets having her as a roommate when it comes to him literally cleaning the whole thing up

  • ☄:Weather Headcanon

- like favourite weather? definitely summer thunderstorms! mostly the summer bc it’s just so nice to sit out and watch the rain pour, he likes to observe people running around, wondering where they’re headed or where they were headed to. 

  • ☼:Cooking Headcanon

- MASTER CHEF! tho kurt is a great cook as well, but blaine puts a lot of flavor to his food ;D