GUYYYYYS. So for the masquerade at AE @hattamarch surprised me with a super cute (and SPARKLY) corsage!! It was so sweet! AND NOW THEYVE MADE THIS SUPER CUTE RENORA EDIT FROM WHEN THEY GAVE IT TO ME. It was so sweet of them to cosplay my OTP with me and we had so much fun!! And just the fact that they put so much thought into it?? THANK YOU!

Time- Peter Maximoff x Reader

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Us and Them- Part 1

A/N: *climbs out of deep dark pit* HELLO FRIENDS IT IS I. Sorry, HSC trials happened, I’ll also be out leading up to and throughout October in case you lovely people would like to request anything. This can be read on it’s own, but I do reference Us and Them. The title for this piece is also taken from Dark Side of the Moon.

Also, just to let ya’ll know I’m also open to requests from other fandoms, tbh I would kill for a Chekov or a Bucky Barnes fic.

Part 2

Senior Prom had been an elegant disaster. Torn corsages, spilled punch, misplaced kisses- but certainly not on your part.

Or at least, that was how Peter had phrased it. Or was it you?

You weren’t entirely sure anymore, but the sight of your best friend in a proper suit at the door had been enough to still the cynical breath in your throat and the fidgeting fingers toying with the soft, silver fabric of the gown you’d spent month agonising over.

Since childhood, wasn’t it? He’d turned up at your doorstep, sunny grin missing a tooth and (then blond) hair perpetually a mess as he’d attempt to politely ask your mother to allow you out of the house, an adventure to the corner store perhaps, or to the park. And she would allow you, in your precocious nature, be-ribboned pigtails and pristine bobby socks knowing that you would come home with scuffs in your shoes and scrapes on your knees as you proudly announced that Peter had landed in the mud. But then you drifted apart as you hit early middle school, caught up as the girls insisted your favourite colour was pink and that the boys were 100% icky. You’d agreed, laughing in all your innocence as Peter found equally-as-eager friends and by your first year of high-school you barely saw each other. Just fleeting glimpses of someone you’d once give the world to.

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#Classical style steel boned corsage #dress with matched #handmade #choker DR00122:
#Cravat front could also be removed for different looks.

#FlatHat P00574, pink version sold out.
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Damon wasn’t the prom type.  He’d never gone to his Junior Prom.  He’d never gone to Homecoming, but he and Caroline were seriously dating now.  She was his girlfriend.  He’d asked her to prom, she’d said yes, unsurprisingly, and now he was at her doorstep, corsage in hand.  He was dressed in a tuxedo, with a bowtie to match her dress.  They were supposed to head to Tyler’s house for pictures and what not; he didn’t mind.  It really wasn’t his thing, but he’d do anything for her.  It wasn’t like they even had the prom sex pressure; they’d already slept together.  But regardless, he was nervous.  He just felt a little bit jittery; he’d never gone to a dance, let alone with the girl he loved.  He rang the doorbell, sliding his free hand into his suit pants’ pocket.        

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Tina/Jimmy Jr, prom?

for the five sentence fic meme

“Okay, kids — wait, no—Gene—at least let me get one of just the two of them, first.”

He had one arm looped around her waist, the weight of his hand warm and heavy where it rested on her hip, her shoulder bumping against the black fabric of his suit jacket. The hem of her dress brushed against the indents in the carpet where the coffee table had been shoved aside, but even in heels she was still a few inches shorter than him, could see the wayward strands of his bright ginger hair sticking up in the back where he’d run his fingers through it. She leaned into his chest, careful not to bruise the petals of her corsage as he looked down at her, his smile eager and open and nervous all at the same time.

“Alright, on the count of three — one, two…”

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That was an internet find, but I have the link to the genius who did it. And tumblr prom? Sure. Think of the tasty crunch of that matching corsage.

ok nerds, me and treb are going to tumblr skeleton prom together, the rest of you had better find dates or don’t or whatever also it’s tomorrow night and it’s real.


robe du soir 1913 by .pintuck

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Les Modes (Paris) May 1913 Robe du soir par Buzenet 

Robe en liberty rose. Corsage en mousseline de soie et dentelle.

KFC Chicken Drumstick Corsage

Keep your date well fed while simultaneously reviving chivalry with the KFC chicken drumstick corsage. This delectable grease-filled staple of the fast food industry will complement any outfit, and will have all the other girls in trailer park overflowing with envy.

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Epic Things To Buy

@lookslikerainydays I almost feel like I’ve inconvenienced you somehow… maybe that ask really was too long, I don’t even know, anyway I can’t use my drawing computer right now so I thought I’d use my sketchbook and I… drew Amari with freesias?? I’ve been wanting to practice flowers anyway even though these ones are kinda small… it’s a matching corsage and boutonniere because reasons and I just. yes 

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silk, jungle, mist, regret

her silks trail behind her like the trailing remains of a specter / her veil plastered to her head with sweat / her corsage of dead flowers she wore proudly down the aisle / now lies somewhere behind her, an immortal imitation of the gorgeous blossoms around it / the trees reach for her, grabbing and cutting with their sharp fingers / until she has bled too much pain for her to go on / a stark figure of white against the lush vibrancy of the jungle / until she is swallowed by the kind mist 


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Rorschach Corsage: Papaver Somniferum ( poppy/opium) 2015 at RR gallery NYC opening Sept 8th! #shadowtheme #ajfishere #rrgallery #contemporaryart #contemporaryjewelry #steeljewelry #contemporaryjewellery #joyeriacontemporanea #klimt02 #ajfishere #TJA #thejewelleryactivist #jewelleryactivist

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Clyde is that guy who everyone swears they saw at the party, but there's just no physical valid enough PROOF. He just dissapears behind the housplant. Meanwhile Bonnie is just akwardly adressing a hell-cat sitting on the couch because fuck talking with people, nope can't do that. Clyde, clyde, clyde, when will you learn? The way to a snake's heart is thru less forward lewd intentions. Buy her a nice corsage. Or at least dinner.

Clyde is just that one guy from High School that could silver-tongue his way out of trouble and detention(Loki should be very afraid) and was DEFINITELY a part of the Debate Club too. Imagine him being the Class/School President.

He was a jock among nerds

no one loves him and he doesn’t even care, he’s just so vain his ego is so inflated you can see it from Pluto.. but it’s just.. so… delicate..

If Bonnie tried, I’m sure she could get him to crack within minutes.

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Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Monet, and Picasso 💕

Da Vinci: Describe your dream wedding. Oh man. I want a wedding so much more than I actually want to get married. really just want to wear a giant wedding dress and design all the table settings. i think i’d go for something that combined the pine forest with the ocean? so like, wedding itself in a pine forest, fairly low key but with TONS of flowers - flower crowns for sure - and harley would walk me down the aisle with a little custom flower corsage. then the reception on the beach with a small seated area in the park right by it to start for the meal, and then ending with a bonfire on the sand and dancing.

Michaelangelo: Do you show your teeth when you smile? Do you squint your eyes? Sadly, yes to the first. I have terrible teeth and really hate the smile I have, so I always try to smile with my mouth closed but….does not always work out. Yes to the eyes too but that doesn’t bother me.

Monet: Where will you take your significant other on a date? anyone I potentially dated would have a dog so we’d take our dogs to the boardwalk and go for ice creams (for all of us) and then maybe chill out at a park so the dogs can play, then afterwards drop the dogs at home and go to the movies and dinner at a nice but affordable place.

Picasso: Would you rather sleep on the moon with a stardust dress or on a tiny flower in a sunflower dress? okay can i breathe on the moon in this scenario? if so, moon definitely.