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Corsa Record generation debate

Often debated, the generation numbering of the Corsa Record (C-Record) gruppo. As mentioned earlier on this blog, the famous delta brakes were temporarily unavailable due to manufacturing issues after their introduction.

During the unavailability they were replaced with Cobalto brakes, regular Super Record brake calipers with blue inscribed “Campagnolo” and a blue sapphire coloured mounting nut.

The return of the delta brake took as much as a year and confusing is whether or not these were called the first or second generation brake calipers. To add confusion, there appear to be some prototypes, for which the first generation was often confused with.

The C-Record gruppo suffered another confusion, the rear derailleur came in various edition, mainly caused by prototyping of Campagnolo for its racers. Definitely the first generation is the engraved ‘Corsa Record Cambio’.

Later, Campagnolo released a prototype version which had an open wheelcase. As one could imagine from the above photo, dirt would clog up inside causing malfunctioning and creating distressed racers. Finally, Campagnolo took it into full production and some debate this is the second generation.

Next, the rear derailleur was redesigned with the same open wheelcage, while the beautifully engraved logo, made place for a plain black one.

So would the above one be called second or third generation? I would say a new generation arrives upon succession of its predecessor, by functionality or design. The clogging wheelcage was succeeded by both, thus in my opinion a new generation, marking the above as a third generation.

I am very lucky to have the above one in my collection. The engraved one is arriving next week, together with a century finished front derailleur. To add a little confusion, or not, the century had a different finish. More on that next week!