Never drew Krystal before, but I used to get a lot of requests for her back around 2010-2013 when all I drew pretty much was Nintendo stuff. She came up in a conversation I was having with a friend last night so I decided to give her a go. Never actually played any of the games with her. I’ve only ever played Star Fox (SNES), Star Fox 2 beta, and Star Fox 64. However, I never hated her the way most old school Star Fox players do. I’m kind of neutral on her. I don’t dislike her, but I’m not super into her either. Always liked her design, but never seeing her in a game kind of leaves me with little to say about her as a character. She’s typically a love or hate character with fans, but I give her a simple “she’s cool”.

I drew her in a pose for a handgun, and when I got to the gun, I went retro sci fi style, so I went crazy with the b-movie sci fi grindhouse theme and turned it into a movie poster.


warm haze (october) music video

directed by Yoshi Sodeoka and Corry B 

Bootleg Blonde black Jesus thrasher hoodies by my homie Ocnrad. These are a special variant of his already black Jesus bootleg hoodies (his official versions dropping from thrasher this holiday season). I had the honor of adding the final touches to both the blonde version and original version