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Never drew Krystal before, but I used to get a lot of requests for her back around 2010-2013 when all I drew pretty much was Nintendo stuff. She came up in a conversation I was having with a friend last night so I decided to give her a go. Never actually played any of the games with her. I’ve only ever played Star Fox (SNES), Star Fox 2 beta, and Star Fox 64. However, I never hated her the way most old school Star Fox players do. I’m kind of neutral on her. I don’t dislike her, but I’m not super into her either. Always liked her design, but never seeing her in a game kind of leaves me with little to say about her as a character. She’s typically a love or hate character with fans, but I give her a simple “she’s cool”.

I drew her in a pose for a handgun, and when I got to the gun, I went retro sci fi style, so I went crazy with the b-movie sci fi grindhouse theme and turned it into a movie poster.

It’s about time I got around to drawing this. I’ve been meaning to draw this picture for years now. Gravity Falls is my favorite cartoon of the modern age. The writing, the jokes, the visuals, the stories, the setting, it’s all something extremely special and top quality. I originally planned to throw Gideon in the back and possibly other main supporters like Soos, but ultimately decided to do strictly monsters aside from the main three protagonists. I not only love the monsters in this show and mostly wanted to represent them, but also I feel there’s a much greater shortage of fanart of the monsters. Everybody just draws the human characters.I just love how the show generally has that cute art style, but then something that looks like a Contra boss or a Freddy Krueger manifestation can pop out. It’s a shame I’ll never know the experience of watching this show through a child’s eyes, because I believe it would likely be rather terrifying at times for a kid. There’s a few monsters i didn’t have room for. Can you identify them all?

Had to draw my favorite character, Grunkle Stan, though. Practically every line that dude says has me laughing out loud. Great freaking character all around.

I never did it intentionally, but every year when i happened to get back into watching Gravity Falls again, it was always around September and October. That, mixed with its obviously horror connections, have always made this cartoon part of the Halloween season in the past 4 or so years, despite it taking place in summer.

e io invece ti dico
di correre
vivitela di corsa sta vita
hai solo da guadagnarci
e chi ti insegue non ti arriva
chi vuole trattenerti non ti afferra
chi vive immobile non ti conoscerà
ma non ti preoccupare
non serve conoscere tutti

corri dico io
brucia veloce brucia giovane
guardati i tramonti
ma non perderti le albe
non dormire
c'è tempo per quello
per ora corri
fatti trovare da una parte e dall'altra
sbattiti forte, scuotiti se sei stanco
quando fai una cosa bella
non è vanità il riconoscerla
abbi la cura di darti una pacca sulle spalle

non aspettare la musica per ballare
balla, salta e corri
corri come un felino
sii ingordo di vento
il vento sta dalla tua quando corri
ti si sbatte in faccia e ti fa lacrimare un poco
ma son gocce preziose
i fiori hanno sempre sete

brucia veloce brucia giovane
dai tutto e subito
che l'unico orologio esatto della vita
indica solo l'ora e l'immediato
corri e corri
non ti preoccupare dei paesaggi
ti verranno incontro
le cose che ti servirà imparare
verranno ad abitarti dentro

tu pensa a correre
a correre forte forte
che tanto
visti di sfuggita
siamo tutti più belli.

—  Gio Evan