The person at the store with food stamps isn’t the problem. A corrupt tax code that allowed 8 dudes to accumulate as much wealth as 4 billion people is the problem.

why don’t we talk about thousands of people all over the country protesting in russia today? they’re protesting against medvedev and putin’s corruption (for the second time this year, because they still didn’t get the answers). they’re tired. they just want to see their country free from these toxic people. they want to live in a happy country.

they want answers

they are not their government

(russian constitution - she died for your sins)

hey, tumblr, why don’t we talk about this for a while?

Corrupt thugs. This is how THEY start shit & then to cover themselves they kill innocent Black folks. Glad he did not go over there. Black folks have been saying this for YEARRRSS!!! This is how they plant shit in people’s cars, stop them later & abuse or kill them. Instead of doing actual police work even if they suspect the person of being a criminal, there is a legal process, laws THEY swore to uphold.

Seriously guys. It’s 2017, stop being corrupt.

Eric Trump’s charity for kids with cancer funneled over $1 million to for-profit Trump Org

  • Eric Trump’s signature charitable foundation has been funneling huge amounts of cash intended to benefit children with cancer into the for-profit Trump Organization, potentially violating federal and state laws on taxesand charitable foundations, Forbes reported Tuesday.
  • Eric Trump, who is now co-head of the Trump Organization with his older brother Donald Jr. has run the Eric Trump Foundation for years. 
  • The organization’s signature event, an annual golf invitational, has provided the “vast majority” of the more than $11 million it has raised.
  • According to Forbes, filings show Eric Trump’s foundation eventually paid out more than $1.2 million to the Trump Organization for use of the courses; golf charity experts told the site that “the listed expenses defy any reasonable cost justification for a one-day golf tournament.” Read more (6/6/17)