corrupting america's youth

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Supercat, ♕. (Ideally, for the first time in public!) <3

Kara squints as another flurry of flashes attempts to blind her, the clicks of the cameras deafening until she can turn her hearing back down to a human level. The super hearing always creeps back in when she tenses her jaw, and right now she could snap steel bars with that tension alone. Her fingers grip the edge of the podium in the CatCo conference room, the bespoke podium only ever used for Cat when she sporadically addresses the media. The blue curtains behind Kara billow like her cape as doors open and close, the room descending further into chaos by the second. 

The edges of the podium crack under her grip, and Kara forces herself to let go. The yelling isn’t going to stop until she stops it, so she scans the crowd and finally alights on a friendly face. Friendly to her, anyway.

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