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Seriously… What is that GIF from?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

idk honestly, but it looks cute as hell. 

im not that well versed in what is current in the animu world. 

even though ive recently become obsessed with brs


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Huh. I never joined your streams, before. If I do join your streams, what are your rules, and what do people do to get banned from your streams? And I think the fandom will collapse in on itself and only the true bronies will remain true to their word of love and tolerance because I've noticed that a lot of bronies in the fandom dishes out more hatred than love (including me, but I stopped knowing it was wrong) and it's messed up. And thank you very much for your well wishes too. ^_^

The rules are pretty simple, basically boiling down to one primary tenet : Respect others in the stream.

  • Do not troll or abuse other users.  Such actions will not be tolerated.
  • Do not link without permission.  Linking other streams is expressly forbidden.
  • Do not roleplay.  If you would like to roleplay, do it on a forum, it is not welcome in the livestream chat.
  • Topics of discussion will stay away from religion, politics, and anything of a sexual nature.  Jokes are another matter, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Bold text is for moderators only.
  • Hedrah/Supermare uses an artificial larynx to speak.  She lost hers in the service of her country protecting civilians.  Mock her or call her a robot and you will be summarily banned.

If these rules are violated, it is common practice to notify the user of the infraction as an initial warning, then afterwards ban and lecture, as if someone does not know why they were in the wrong, they will repeat that behavior.  Usually this is done in a military manner, or in other words, harshly.  All of these rules are set in place as a groundwork ensuring that everyone in the stream respects one another.  As a prior military member, I tend to not tolerate disrespect, nor do my moderators.  Basically, as long as none of the rules are violated, there are no problems and no one gets yelled at or banned.  Each and every case where someone has been yelled at or banned, they have been in direct violation of at least one of these rules, sometimes multiple.  Also, should a ban be enacted in error, apologies are made and the ban is rescinded immediately.

“Love and tolerance” was a term created on 4chan in order to troll the MLP community.  It has nothing to do with the show, though it may have been adopted by some members of the community.  Regardless, as it is not a direct tenet of the fandom, but a subversion of a troll tactic, it is not something one should expect others in the community to adhere to.

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I mean... I was just wondering since you break the fourth wall a lot.

Hey don’t worry about it too much man.

If it’s any consolation for kinda using your ask to make a joke earlier, my mod says Pinkie Pie is easily his favorite pony.

Are we cool dude?