The Politics and Art of a New Afrikan Black Panther: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

In 1990, Kevin “Rashid” Johnson was a drug dealer, an ambitious member of amerika’s Black lumpen proletariat, or underclass. Like so many, as a young adult he was arrested and received a lengthy prison sentence. He has been incarcerated ever since – for the past eighteen years in conditions of solitary confinement.

“Because I accepted my lifestyle and all of its consequences, I was always reluctant to involve my family or others on the outside of prison in my conflicts with the pigs. I dealt with my own problems–directly.” ~  Rashid. #Love it!

I had a Steven Universe related dream and I just needed to make a quick drawing based on it. :3

So basically I was Steven, and I/he had somehow learned how to heal the corrupted gems, and I was additionally in possession of Blue Diamond´s gem (I don’t know either, so lets move on). 

While alone in Rose´s room I popped her bubble, expecting to see a monster when she reformed. But instead her (enormous) white “base form” turned black and she just became this pitch black, floating figure. She did not try to attack me, but when I stepped closer I noticed how there was this pull to her. To my horror I realized that she had become a black hole of sorts and I instinctively knew that I would die if I got too close.

I remember thinking “I must do like I did with the others”, but I have no idea what that included. Then the dream shifted to another setting. :,o 

Drawn in Photoshop (1h maybe?!)


@renrink‘s reapertale AU is quite fascinating to me.

Especially with these two being the most adorable pair