corrupted jack

angel in TFTBL

can we talk about how the ai in TFTBL should have been Angel instead of Jack for every single possible reason

and how much more sense it would have made


  • angel gets to be the main hero in her story
  • continuously shatters Rhys’ perception of Jack as a leader/sane person
  • finally gets to adventure on pandora without jackhole hurting her
  • gets to solve mysteries about ATLAS and interact with robots
  • still retaining siren powers??? which would imply that her ‘siren soul’ had not yet been recycled/reborn because the AI would count as a form of consciousness 
  • siren ai powers
  • no jack
  • NO JACK 10/10
  • being a constant victim she would finally have power over someone (rhys)
  • falling into abusive behaviors learned from jackhole and realizing it
  • gettting corrupted by jacks ai on the Hyperion Station
  • overcoming jacks ai
  • killing jacks ai
  • saving the day
  • programming herself into pandora and being the actual guardian angel of Pandora of her own accord
  • happy endings
  • no jack

Third theory about Antisepticeye. Fourth theory in total.

The title of the latest video.
Detention. ‘Blood on Your hands’
This, This is Anti. Blaming us for Jack’s death. The blood is on our hands because we could of stopped this. We could of prevented it but what did we do instead. We /Watched/, Watched as Jack was corrupted, taken over by Anti and then killed. Anti didn’t have to kill Jack, he had enough power to stay In control because like he said. ‘His body was weak’. He killed Jack because he wanted to. Wanted to see if we’d stop him. But we didn’t. So the blood is on our hands…


The hype of Dark pushed Anti to the side. We betrayed them by moving onto Dark, blaming us for neglecting Jack. It’s our fault. Our mistake.

Or is it Jack, we betrayed him. Watched as this happened. We knew the consequence but didn’t stop it. We neglected Jack. If attention gives Anti power then surely it must give Jack power over Anti. But, we haven’t given attention to Jack. We’ve been neglecting him. Which was our mistake.

I’ve been an actor in our play
Long before the curtains risen.

I feel like this relates to Anti.
Anti is an actor. Playing the part of Jack. Making us believe. Making us believe that Anti was gone and that Jack was alive and well.

The glitches. It’s’ Anti’ staring at us. Not in the distance. Directly at us. But the glare isn’t dark and cold. Isn’t evil.

It’s sad. Hurt. Unforgiving. It’s Jack. Fighting back for control. His look shows he doesn’t forgive us. He knows we forgot him. He knows that we forgot he is trapped in his own head.

‘forgotten? Or too scared to remember’

Did we forget about him. Or are we too scared to admit. To scared to remember what happened to Jack. Too scared to admit that we just watched as Anti took over. Watched as it happened. We forgot Jack and we’re scared to remember what happened, scared to remember our part in Jack’s death.

/ Memories are like a mirror. Reflecting the true likeness of your soul/

/Maybe you still want to forget. Maybe your still afraid /

/Facing your own aspirations. But not confessing to the truth /

/I am you, yet you are not me/

All these parts were basically Anti. His voice was distorted slightly, different to the one he had previously used for the shadows text. The first part I’ve explained In a different post to what it may mean.

/ Maybe you still want to forget, Maybe your still afraid. /

We want to forget, forget what we saw, forgot what we let happen. Forget, we want to forget Jack. We want to forget our part in his death, forget. Because if we forget, we won’t remember the guilt. We won’t remember that this was our fault. We had plenty of time to act and stop Anti but nobody did.

/ Facing your own aspirations. But not confessing to the truth /

We’re facing out aspirations. Our own theories. Our own ideas of hope. But we don’t confess. We know what happened. But we won’t confess. Anti is pushing this in our faces. He knows we wont confess, he knows US. He’s showing off, or maybe this is Jack. Knowing that we won’t confess to the part we had in his murder. He’s guilt tripping us.

/I am you, yet you are not me /

I feel like this is Anti talking to Jack.
Anti is telling us that he is Jack. But Jack is not him. He’s basically saying that he is Jack. That the real Jack isn’t here and hasn’t been since October. Jack isn’t him. The glitches. They’re not Anti. They’re Jack.

The most recent Anti sign. ‘Wait For Me’

This could be directed to the new Demon. Dark.

Could be directed at us. Telling us that he plans to make an appearance again.

Or it could be Jack.
Asking us to wait for him.
Wait for him to gain control back. And to get rid of Anti, Atleast for now.

He wants us to wait, to remember him. To not forget.


”I don’t have time for your little crush on Carter”

Sudden plotbunny has latched onto my brain. What if while two gems are fused and a fusion begins to take heavy damage one gem can basically protect the other while they’re fused so if their fusion is broken one might be more damaged when they break apart.

So this got my thinking about overwatch gem AU and how Gabriel’s gem might have become corrupt. If Gabe and Jack were fused and fighting Talon but Talon had a specific weapon meant to corrupt gems and they tried to use it on Jack/Gabe fusion perhaps Gabe could have protected Jack and shouldered most of the corruption before he was able to force the fusion to break which ended with Jack poofing and being grabbed by Ana or someone else while Gabes gem got snatched by a Talon agent.

Also Roadrat idea Junkrat is a very fragile gem and whenever they fuse roadhog tries to take the majority of the damage to try to spare Junkrat the pain.


NOTHING AT ALL: a blackwatch era gabriel mix
a mix for gabriel reyes leading up to his ‘death’. he is in a very bitter and angry place throughout this mix dealing with his crumbling relationship with jack and overwatch’s corruption. this is heavily influenced by contancecomment’syesterday’s news.‘ 

also, a psa: i don’t subscribe to the idea that gabe is an abusive asshole to his comrades in blackwatch or elsewhere. this mix is concentrated at the height of overwatch’s corruption n’ jack’s negligence - leaving gabe very frustrated n’ bitter. this mix is primarily me trying to capture that point in gabe’s life where he’s capable of becoming reaper. happy gabe mixes will surface in the future centering on the SEP n’ overwatch’s beginnings. that being said, if this mix comes across as enforcing a harmful latinx stereotype please let me know.


S.S. Jack’s Apprentice | Part 1

An AU where Jack was serious about the presidency thing…and Rhys finds he enjoys it.


Nerd Corrupted (Jack Gilinsky Imagine)

Request: Can you please write a imagine where Jack g is sort of like a nerd and you’re his popular hot girlfriend and UR at his house and U teach him all about the sexual stuff while doing it to him?

I impatiently tap my pencil and look at the clock for the hundredth time. Class always seemed to take twice as long when I needed to be somewhere.

I jump out of my seat the second I hear the bell ring, but end up moving too fast and knock my my books off my desk. Immediately two guys scramble to the ground to pick them up.

“H-here you go y/n.” one of them says.

“Thanks.” I say, flashing a smile.

“So I was wonde-” the same guy starts talk when Chris interrupts him.

I can’t help but roll my eyes. Chris is your typical jock but probably worse. The only thing he hasn’t failed at is hitting on me everyday…and football. That boy lovesss football.

“Get out of here.” Chris says to the poor guy while placing his arm around me.

“So babe, I’ll pick you on Friday.”

I shrug him off. “You know I have a boyfriend Chris.”

“You’re still with that nerd?”

“Get lost.” I say and walk out of the classroom.

I walk over to my small locker and shove my books inside.

“Hey girl.”

I turn my head and see my best friend ______.

“Hey! I haven’t seen you all day.” I give her a quick hug.“

"Let’s go to the mall.” She suggests.

“I wish I could, but Jack is coming over.”

“Ooooh” She cooed.

I laughed and gave her wink.

“y/n!” I turn my head and see Jack waving at me down the hall, struggling to hold all his books.

“Oh there he is. See ya girl.”

I walk and meet Jack halfway.

“Hey princess.” Jack says before kissing my cheek.

I just smile in return while a hundred butterflies fly around my stomach.

“You’re coming over right?” I ask.

“Oh babe I don’t know. I have this big test tomorrow…”

“Pleaseeeee” I say, pouting my lip.

Jack hesitates and bites his lip, thinking. Damn…

“Oh alright.” He says, giving in.

I cheer. “Yay! Good because I have things planned.” I wink.

Jack nervously smiles.

I laughed. “Don’t worry. It’ll be fun.”

“Want me to hold some books?” I offer as we walk toward my car. He’s holding at least five heavy textbooks.

“No I got this.” Jack says confidently and pretends to use the books as weights.

I giggle. He’s such a dork.


We finally arrive at my house and walk inside. It seems like it took forever to get here. I think today is the day for Jack and me. It’s perfect. My parents are away and we have the entire house to ourselves for the weekend. And he’s perfect. It was by chance that we met. If we weren’t paired together as partners in Science then I honestly would never have noticed him. But here we are. Jack is nothing like my previous boyfriends, and thank God for that. He cares more about his grades and relationships than what he wears and what people think about him. And that’s why I love him.

“I’ll be right back” I inform him before running upstairs to my room. I changed into something a little…a lot more sexier. I pulled a t shirt over and casually walked back downstairs.

“Hey ba-” I begin to say, but stop when I see Jack.

He is sprawled out on the floor and has every textbook open in front of him.

I sigh. “What are you doing?”

He looks up from his book and simultaneously pushes in his glasses that have slightly fallen. “Huh?”

“Babe we have the whole house to ourselves…isn’t there something we could do that was a little more fun?” I say, getting closer and closer.

Jack gulps and pulls at his tight collar. “We could play a card game?”

I laugh. “Come on.” I take his hand and pull him upstairs to my room.

I lightly push Jack and he falls on the bed. I’m in control now. He’s already breathing hard. I crawl on top of him and we make eye contact for a few seconds before our lips press against each other. Before I know it we are in a heated makeout session. I tangle my fingers through Jack’s hair. I then lightly bite his lip. A soft moan escapes from the back of his throat. I pull off my shirt and Jack’s eyes widen. I hastily press my lips against his neck and start sucking. After a few more minutes of making out I unclasp my bra and threw it on the floor. Jack’s eyes widen even more than I thought possible. This is the furthest we’ve ever gone and there is no way we’re stopping now, but as I move my hands to Jack’s shirt, he interrupts.


“What are we going to fast? Do you want to stop?” I ask.

Jack takes a moment to think. He’s breathing hard now. He then looks up at me and smiles.


I smile and begin to untie his little bowtie that he insists on wearing everyday. I undo the top button along with the rest and throw his shirt on the floor next to my bra.

“Damn babe. You’re fit. Why have you been hiding?” I giggle.

Jack blushes and looks away.

I pull off his pants causing him to blush even more. I now notice how nervous he is when I see his legs shaking.

“Babe, are you sure you’re okay?” I ask him, looking him in the eye.

He nods. “I am. Just a little nervous, that’s all.” He assures me.

I nod and before he can change his mind I pull his boxers down. “Holy shit.” I think to myself. “My boyfriend is huge.”

I hear him take a big breath above me.

“Now babe, this is called a blowjob.” I say to him while kneeling.

Jack’s cheeks immediately blush to the deepest red.

I pick up his penis and slowly wrap my mouth around it.

Jack’s breathing starts getting heavier. I look up at him and can tell he is enjoying this.

*Jack’s POV*

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. This is so bad. I should be studying right no- but oh my god. It feel so good.

I look down at the same moment my girlfriend looks up at me. I can’t help but smile when I look into her beautiful eyes. How did I get so lucky?

*Your POV*

Jack starts panting and I can tell he is close. But not yet. I do a feel more pumps then stop.

“W-What?” Jack asks, disappointment clear in his eyes.

I giggle. “Don’t worry babe, we’re not done yet.”

I get up and lay down on the bed. I’m now completely naked. I look at Jack and giggle. He looks like a deer in headlights, completely frozen and unaware of his next move.

I take his hand and pull him over. He crawls over me and places a strong arm on each side of me. I lightly push his head towards my lady part.

“Do you know what to do?” I ask him.

“N-No…” He says, refusing to make eye contact.

I point to my clit. “Suck.”

He nervously nods and obeys.

I immediately arch my back, pleasure washing over me.

“Fuck.” I moan.

At first Jack was a little timid, but once he got the hang of it, he took control.

I turn over and search for a condom.

“Come here.” I motion Jack over and he obeys.

I unwrap the condom and slip it on. I then lay back down on the bed.

“You ready?” I ask.

Jack pushes his glasses back up his nose and nods before slowly entering. He takes a sharp intake, but it turns into a moan.

“Good.” I praise him as he starts to thrust.

“Shit y/n, this feels so good.”


I curl my toes, close to my edge. “Faster.” I command.

Jack pushes his glasses up again then speeds up his pace.

“Yes, that’s it.”

I moan again as we finish at the same time.

Jack and I fall back on the bed, panting.

“Whoa.” I say. Jack, surprisingly, was amazing.

Jack opens his mouth trying to find some words, but ends up just nodding.

Sweat falls down my face, reminding me of a shower.

“I’m going to take a shower.” I inform Jack.

He nods and kisses me before I get up. Normally I would invite him to join, but I don’t want to push it. He’s already out of his comfort zone, but he’s been a good boy.

I open the bathroom door and find Jack in the same position. He’s still slightly panting. Whoa, that must’ve taken a toll on him. He looks over and me and smiles, but it immediately drops when he sees my neck.

“Oh my God.”

“What?” My eyes widen and I look in the mirror.

“Did I hurt you? Oh my God. I am so sorry. I had no idea. I didn’t mea-”

I smile. “Babe. Relax.” I giggle and kiss him.

“What?” Jack furrows his eyebrows.

“It’s called a hickey.”

“No babe look, it’s a bruise!!” Jack says and starts to freak out again.

I cover my mouth to try to lessen my laugh. “Babe, you have one too.”

I hand him the mirror and he looks in it. He cautiously slides his finger over it, checking for any pain, and smiles when he doesn’t find any.


“Yeah.” I giggle and kiss his cheek. “Don’t worry, it’ll go away soon.”

“Good. I don’t want my mom to see it. She thinks we were studying.”

the interesting part of shipping ralph with jack is that you know ralph is sinnamon roll who would be bent by the merridew devil, like he’s so compliant and easily influenced, and he’s so corrupted by jack in the book at times, that if it wasn’t for piggy, he would have long been under jack’s control

well piggy ain’t gonna save him anymore after the island, so you know he gonna make the pact sooner or later

The fact that working in Blackwatch, and presumably with Reyes, made McCree want to be a better person.. makes me think that Reyes’ descent was a gradual and subtle one. That he started Blackwatch with good intentions, as a decent commander and person, that he was for a while, before he began to sink lower and lower into the corruption.

I know that Jack being picked over him first caused the rift between them. But I don’t think that directly lead to the rebellion. It doesn’t seem like Reyes was planning that when he took command of Blackwatch. I don’t think one thing did it either, not that one event at least. I think it was a lot of things, pressure from the UN, criticisms from Jack about their operations, disagreements in how Jack was running Overwatch, and how he was running Blackwatch, other internal pressures probably. And over years all the arguments and disagreements and frustration compounded, slowly turned a bit of jealousy into resentment and bitterness, and at the end a hatred that made him want to kill someone who’d been his close friend.


Another fanart for the Wangst AU, yep.
I was listening to Cold  by the Cure and I couldn’t but think of Icicle Jack and Pitch, so I drew something inspired by it and this is the result.
(Yes, the characters are hand-drawed because I did it at University and then I liked the effect and decided to keep it like this.)

Scarred, your back was turned, curled like an embryo.
Take another face, you will be kissed again.
I was cold as I mouthed the words and crawled across the mirror.
I wait await the next breath, your name like ice into my heart.

A shallow grave, a monument to the ruined age.
Ice in my eyes, and eyes like ice don’t move.
Screaming at the Moon another past time,
your name like ice into my heart.

Everything as cold as life, can no-one save you?
Everything as cold as silence, and you will never say a word.
Your name like ice into my heart. 

Dark Frost (Open RP)

Strong winds blew through Burgess a fierce storm quickly coming in. Heavy snowfall covered most of everything.
Little to no people were out in the bad weather, save for it’s creator.
Jack Frost strode down the street with his staff laid across his shoulders, his hood pulled over his head. He chuckled and sent out little wisps of nightmare sand to spread some fear through the town.

He was so powerful, why had he ever turned Pitch down? This power he had now was amazing, and he believed not even the Guardian’s could stop him. They’d needed him to defeat Pitch in the first place didn’t they? No, he was without competition.

He grinned to himself as he continued to walk through the town.

Fireworks Open RP

Jack had snuck out of the the layer and flew over the tree tops till he found himself in the right spot. It was dark, but the sky kept getting lit up by fireworks.

He sat himself down on a rock ledge and watched from above as the humans set off the colorful things. A small smile made its way to his face as he watched.

He wasn’t quite sure why he liked the fireworks…there was just something about them that he liked, corrupted or not.

He wasn’t quite sure if his Master would aprove of the act, he’d left without saying anything. He usually did that…but it was usually to go on his rounds to spread fear.

The fearling let out a soft sigh and hugged his knees to his chest and continued to watch.

I hope you all know that having a leader that can wave their hands and outright change laws is actually a bad thing. 

I mean it’s all fine and dandy when he/she is shitting on the people you don’t like, but what happens when their future replacements start waving their hands and doing things you don’t like?

Will that happen? Maybe, maybe not. But I can’t imagine too many people would want to hand over their future freedoms based on “maybes”. 

Jack had been put through the wringer these past few days. His wife disappeared, his (ugh) father-in-law apparently being the culprit of that… And that was only the start.

He’d been put into a deep nightmare sleep, but of course it was hard to stay asleep knowing his beloved was in danger and he eventually woke up… A fearling had been planted to guard him, of course it was hard to guard someone far more powerful than you… And now that Jack had killed that fearling and swallowed it as a failed intimidation tactic to get Pitch to give up Jade, he seemed to be developing an addiction despite having brought the thing back up later.

The Guardians wanted him to stay away from this for now so he didn’t go swallowing any more and become corrupted, but Jack could totally fight through this! Jade was in danger. No way he was going to leave someone else to find her.

Plus… Jade had given him a gift early into their relationship - a cat, Shadow, and probably the only sentient shadow creature Pitch couldn’t control…because he was created by Jade, to be completely loyal to Jack. So he mounted the large animal and patted his head gently. “Okay boy…let’s see if we can track down Mommy, okay?”