corrupt purification

corrupt-purification replied to your post:

His reply was a low growl as he watched him closely, snorting and sweeping his tail across the ground. It was his now, for the time being. He wouldn’t give it up willingly.

When that becomes evident, you bare your teeth at him in anger and allow your body to shift into a more natural state. Bones creak and cartilage pops as your body distends into bigger proportions.

A more menacing snarl leaves you when you’re finished, jaws parted in warning. You won’t wound him terribly, but you’ll definitely rough him up until he gives it back. You aren’t a pushover– not when you’re bigger than him.


His first day back had been exhausting, but hey! He was home, and that’s what mattered! He couldn’t wait to see all his friends and talk to them again!

For now, he curled up in the small nest he’d left upstairs in the Library– actually managing to make it up the stairs with minimal difficulty as he sank down into the cold blanket lying there. 

He pulled off his boots and his mask, dropping them with his shed backpack before lying down on his belly, head turned to face the wall as he closed his eyes.

The silence was soothing for once– no longer the quiet bustle of people passing by his door or the chitter of birds outside his window.

He never thought he’d miss it.

Corrupt-purification was encountered. Be nice!


You found another Batter, watching him disappear into a quiet building you recognized as once being the Mall.

You weren’t sure whether or not to be happy about that, considering their aggressive natures. Perhaps it would be best to remain cautious. After all, it wasn’t like there was any hard to do to a land that was already dead. The shop smelled of tea and dust, but you didn’t mind; it had a rather homely feel to it, and you found yourself enjoying it.

“Hello?” you dared to ask, your voice breaking the heavy silence of the land. Jesus christ– you could swear you could hear your own heartbeat. It was starting to weird you out, actually.