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Can you explain how California is a Commie or Nanny state?

  1. California leads the U.S. states with $778 billion in state debt, mostly as a result of the state’s $584 billion unfunded public pension liability.
  2. California citizens regularly vote to expand government beneficiary programs.
  3. A Californian city council called one Vietnamese business owner’s factory a “public nuisance” and sought to shut him down.
  4. Dianne Feinstein
  5. L.A.’s Terrible Streets Are Because of Bad Management, Not Lack of Money
  6. A Southern California couple who scaled back watering due to drought received a letter from the city of Glendora warning that they could face fines if they don’t get their brown lawn green again.

  7. the LAPD
  8. California Assembly Bill 2201 — Almost every male between 18 and 26 years old who applies for a driver’s license or for a renewal at the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) would be automatically registered with the federal Selective Service System (SSS)
  9. CA state correctional facilities found guilty of illegal sterilizations of female inmates
  10. Police corruption
  11. More police corruption
  12. So many fucking taxes
  13. Drives business away
  14. Senator Yee, extreme anti-gun Democrat from California gets picked up on corruption charges and then a sworn affidavit comes out about his alleged involvement in gun trafficking
  15. Seriously unshakeable police corruption
  16. LAPD Cops Sabotaged Equipment Installed to Monitor Them

So for those keeping score at home, California is second worst in tax burden, second worst in economic freedom, fourth worst in personal freedom, worst in regulatory freedomworst in civil liberties, worst in “nanny” lawsfifth worst in liability lawssecond worst in occupational licensing, worst in labor and occupational freedomthird worst in property freedom, has the strictest gun control, and has by far the heaviest debt burden (more than double the second worst state). Oh, and cost of living is among the highest in the country, especially in L.A. and San Francisco

Major Crimes Re-Watch-Under the Influence.

The perfect title for this episode. How mother’s influence their children is definitely the theme.

The case-Julio and Mike are giving the producer of Badge of Justice a ride along when they end up in hot pursuit through the streets of LA. When the car finally stops a young man gets out covered in blood. Whose blood is it? Is the person still alive? And why? All questions that need to be answered.

“What corruption?” 

Love snarky Julio. Because it’s become such an Andy “thing”  I’d forgotten that in the beginning nobody was all that impressed with Mike’s “Badge of Justice” . Lots of irritated Julio looks and comments during Jason’s ride along.

During the ride along, while Jason was giving Julio a synopsis of the show–how it focus’s on corruption in the LAPD, planting evidence, taking bribes etc. my first thought was that instead of consulting with Mike, they should be consulting with Sharon. Sharon is surely full of stories from her days in PSB. I’m sure she’s seen and heard it all. But of course that isn’t Sharon’s style. She’s worked very hard to repair the LAPD’s reputation so I think a show like Badge would actually irritate her. 

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Drones for Dorner

I can’t believe that people really can’t see how drones are totally unnecessary. They are using spy drones for a man who allegedly killed three people and wounded one other. Since when is that drone worthy?

Let’s look at the facts.

Dorner has:

  • written an online manifesto, explaining his motives and agenda.
  • clearly expresses NO interest in hurting civilians/those not affiliated with the cops that wronged him.
  • wounded one cop.
  • killed 3 people (including 1 cop).
  • burned his vehicle and fled.

The LAPD has:

  • has “stopped taking low level/low emergency calls” (whatever the fuck THAT means).
  • has several SWAT teams after Dorner.
  • has bloodhounds after Dorner.
  • has set a 1 million dollar bounty on Dorner.
  • is shooting first, and asking no questions.
  • has shot THREE civilians who were driving vehicles that matched Dorner’s (2 Asian women, 1 white man).
  • is now using SPY DRONES (thermal imaging) to try to find Dorner (and heaven knows what other means they are employing to try to locate Dorner).

Something just doesn’t quite add up. And drones, on U.S. soil, for a U.S. citizen… This doesn’t strike you as being problematic? So whose next? What’s next? Indefinite detention is coming… Right now, it’s spy drones… What about drones with bombs? How can you think that drones against a U.S. citizen is necessary? Let’s not even address the use of drones against foreign nations, and how that’s killing countless innocent people (many of them children).

Why are they trying to kill Dorner on sight? They don’t want to “bring him to justice.” They don’t want to take him into custody. That much is evident by their “shoot first” tactics that nearly killed 3 civilians. No one sees how this just isn’t adding up? How does ONE lone man warrant all that they are doing? And how is he a “public threat,” when he’s only targeting officers? Why are they trying to make us think he’s out to hurt everyone? He very clearly laid out who he is targeting, and even urged the public not to get involved.

Drones now… But what later? Where does it stop?

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are you joking about him not being dead orrrr


The following was reported on February 11th, 2013 about facts alleged by the LAPD in a criminal complaint filed in regards to events “on or about February 7, 2013″:

Dorner allegedly attempted to steal a boat in San Diego and, after subduing the captain, said he was taking the vessel to Mexico, according to an affidavit filed with a criminal complaint in federal court in Los Angeles. Dorner is accused of telling the captain that he could recover his boat in Mexico.

After authorities interviewed the boat captain early Thursday, they found Dorner’s wallet and identification cards “at the San Ysidro Point of Entry” near the U.S.-Mexico border. That same day, a guard at the Point Loma Naval Base told authorities he had spotted a man matching Dorner’s description trying sneak onto the base, according to the court records.

The next day, February 12, he was allegedly burned alive (on purpose) in a cabin at Big Bear Lake. Articles ran with this line:

A wallet holding a California driver’s license with the name Christopher Dorner has been found inside the torched cabin where the ex-L.A. cop made his furious, final stand Tuesday.

So either the LAPD lied when they filed the complaint against Dorner, calling into question the veracity of all claims against him, or they lied when they said they found ID in the cabin, calling into question the actual identity of the person found inside.

Which was it?

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I just read talking with serial killers and the author claims that douglas clark of the sunstrip slayers is innocent. Do you believe this or know anything about it?

I agree with him.

Douglas Clark had alibis for each murder except one. Statements from witnesses were obtained and altered to incriminate Clark. Sabra Comer was forced to change her evidence because police threatened to “put her out of business” if she did not cooperate. Carol Bundy had an “S&M lover” called Jack Murray, who she went on to eventually kill and decapitate in a jealous rage while in their van (She claimed she shot him and another man - “a psycho” decapitated him…). Clark had an alibi for this murder. All of the weapons and vehicles associated with the murders either belonged to Carol Bundy or Jack Murray - his van was also washed out after the first three murders and a piece of scalp with blonde hair was found in the vent hatch, probably detached from a gunshot blast. Authorities refused to do a DNA test on the scalp and blood found in Murray’s van. Somebody called “Claudia” called the police following a murder claiming they think their boyfriend was the killer as they found a duffel bag filled with bloody clothes and blankets in his car. They went on to perfectly describe Jack Murray, not Douglas Clark, even down to his age. They even referred to him as “Jack” (This was before she killed Jack). She then described what he told her he did - “He tells me he fired four shots. Two in one girl’s head and virtually blew her head away.” Bundy claimed Clark ejaculated into the mouths of two victims yet when swabs were taken inside their mouth, no traces of semen was found, but traces of sperm and blood were found on their body. When tested, it came back as blood type A - the same blood type as Murray. Bundy claims Clark had sex with two bloodied bodies on his garage floor yet no traces of blood were found when searched. She claimed they scrubbed the garage clean, yet it was clear to police the garage hadn’t been cleaned in years. The judge refused to play the recording of Carol Bundy confessing. Vital trace and ballistic evidence was “lost” by the police. A bloodstained jacket was found in Bundy’s car after she was arrested and authorities never bothered to test it, but Murray’s WIFE identified it as his. Why would a jacket with blood on it be in HER car?

Clark helped Bundy dispose of Murray’s head and when questioned by the police he told them everything he knew. He said he didn’t come to the police straight away because he knew Bundy would incriminate him. She was a manipulative, pathological liar, while he was cooperative and gave them everything they wanted. She kept lying and contradicting herself. The State’s Attorney General admitted that Bundy was given a deal to testify against Clark in return for her life. They NEEDED to convict Clark, after all Murray was dead and it wouldn’t go down too well with the police departments involved after all the trouble they had went through to implicate Clark. On tape Gary Broda begs Bundy to help build a case against Clark and she demands a “deal” to avoid the sex crime charges she was facing (around 20 or so) against an 11-year-old girl and they granted it immediately. That’s when Bundy began building the case against Clark from thin air… Clark fully cooperated  - offering his saliva, permission to search his work, house, and car, and a lie detector test. NONE of which was asked for from Bundy.. The judge dismissed multiple witnesses that corroborated where he was when the crimes were being committed and even banking statements.

This is only a tiny fraction of the inconsistencies and lies of this case. It’s pretty clear that Bundy’s partner in crime was Murray, but she needed to testify against somebody to save her ass from the death penalty and Murray was dead. The level of incompetency of the police is astounding. He was set up and framed by not only Carol Bundy, but also the police. Everybody knows the LAPD are corrupt as hell and this case is a prime example.