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How do you pull off a convincing evil person act? I have the role of a evil person and I'm actually really nice, so it's hard to be mean to the main character!

In my experience, some of the most evil/despicable characters are played by the nicest people. I had to play a psychopath once and I think it was one of the greatest acting jobs I’ve done so far. So you’re in good company! 

Rule #1: Nobody thinks that they are evil. Everybody thinks they’re right. If you take away nothing else from this post, this alone will be your guiding star. 

Rule #2: As taught to me by Fairlith and touched on in my Portal Video Diary #2, don’t try to be evil—be sexy instead. 

Rule #3: Remember that the character is not you. Their words, actions, and intentions are not yours. Regardless of what you think about the other actor(s), your character has their own relationship(s) with the characters that they portray. Don’t get caught up in “Oh, I’m saying mean things to [actor],” but instead stick with your character’s intentions of “I need to win against [main character], whatever it takes.” 

Rule #4: Building on that, remember that you are always trying to “win” something. It may not be big; it may just be hitting them with a good insult or making them question their beliefs. (This is a good acting tool in general: “what am I trying to win right now?”

I’m going to assume that you’ve seen Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical since you’re asking me about how to play an evil character. With Wheatley, I asked myself what would it be like if someone who had been bullied and teased his entire life suddenly had the power to do whatever he wanted to get back at his tormentors. But power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Wheatley turned the hurt that he had received outward onto everyone else, which unfortunately included Chell, who was the closest friend he’d had. Sad, really. Wheatley would never have said that he was evil when running the facility. As far as he was concerned, he was putting things right

Hopefully this helps you!


After many months of overthinking this fella’s design and being encouraged by friends to just do this…. HERE IT IS. MY…. STUPIDLY LONG REF SHeet for Wheatley (1.0)…. 


Side note I have never drawn robots in my life so uh bear with me… 

This ref sheet is mainly for Wheatley in the beginning of the game, before he gets damaged (hence the 1.0). When I drew him I always wanted to bring the properties of the core and what his character is about into the “droid” design- from his thick expressive eyebrows and large eyes to his claw hands to his clumsy feet…..The next minute I was trying to figure out how his body functioned and the purpose for almost every little part of him. I had to stop myself before I started building the thing in my room.  I never drew robots to this extent, let alone design them from scratch, so this was a very very interesting and fun challenge! There’s so much that I may have missed a thing or two but I can explain them in the future. 

There are a lot of things I want to really do animation-wise to reflect his personality and bring him to life- like his darting eyes, spastic movements and twiddling fingers. This one has a hard time standing still. 

This was very tedious but also very fun to make, and I am glad I finally got it all out of my head and onto the screen. I hope you enjoy!

And an expression sheet I did a while back! 

Now to start on Corrupt!Wheatley refs…..

When I see all those people drawing Corrupted!Human!Wheatley as this super-smooth, elegant, animeesque evil genius I sometimes can barely hold back the laughter, because…that’s not what he was like??? At all??

I mean, sure he made a big point about portraying himself as “The Big Bad” (he even compared himself to Moriarty at some point) but, let’s be real: even though the Core corrupted him to the point of wanting to kill Chell, it couldn’t take away the fact that Wheatley was and is a moron.

Every single turret and/or cube he made was badly malformed, his insults were laughable at best and mildly irritating at worst and he ultimately had to result to brute force (mashy spike plates) because he was nowhere near GlaDos’s skill level when it came to managing the Aperture facilities effectively.

an infodump on my portal ocs nobody wanted

Mainframe: So like. What if someone was put into the chassis before Caroline, what if there was a personality dump test before that? Florence Manner got shoved in and quickly overriden by the tech. They ended up going dormant and assisting in corrupting both GLaDOS and Wheatley alike. They have no memories of being human but they have some kind of gnawing desire to feel human, which leads to stuff like the Tangled Up verse on @vxrgil or the plot of this one thing I’m not revealing by name. Yes. Their color associated w/ them is red. But also black.

Jin - The Light Core: A blind and mute core. They weren’t always like this, though! They used to help test subjects in the case that the lights went out during testing, or to help in tests with no lighting at all. When GLaDOS was destroyed by Chell, they were in a chamber close to Hers and ended up plummeting into Old Aperture as the chamber they were in got destroyed in the explosion. The impact ended up with their optics shattering, their flashlight being permanently stuck on, and their ability to speak getting basically broken. Their flashlight function can spread to their accents at will, so post-fall they’re basically a walking light bulb. Their color is light yellow, though it’s a bit less bright when their flashlight is off.

Samuel - The Morse Core: He’s usually pretty sociable and helpful, having basically adopted Jin as his child due to becoming kind of protective and feeling responsible over the core after helping with getting them out of Old Aperture. After certain events in @wheatlev‘s comic he ends up bitter, speaking only in his Morse beeping. He’s fully capable of normal speech, though. His color is gray.

Jeffery - The Creativity Core: He was originally made as a counter to Wheatley, as an effort to get someone that gives actually useful, creative ideas to the scientists and other employees at Aperture. Instead he just gives creative but stupid and useless ideas. Not really moronic. Just… really dumb. You can’t solve tests with a dozen cubes and a bunch of tape, Jeffery. His color is lime green.

Jackson - The Antagonism Core: Nobody knows why this little asshole was made. He’d be a really good villain if he wasn’t so petty and relying on Jeffery for ideas. Jeffery thinks they’re best friends. Jackson thinks he should push Jeffery into a pit. His color is red.

Shawn - The Radio Core: He’s basically one of those radios from the first game except with more static. He just sits around and drives subjects insane. He’s also a jerk. Except to Ellis? His color is a kind of fuchsia looking color. Ugly

Nancy - The Criticism Core: roasted .. her color is minty

Elliot - The Photography Core: You know those assholes who take pictures of people out of nowhere with flash on? His color is a rusty orange

Lyra - The Truth Core: She’s supposed to be a sentient lie detector that only says truth, but she’s gone corrupt and lies half the time. When she does so she shocks herself because she’s a corrupt lie detector. One time this happened on a collapsing catwalk and she ended up ripping the skin off of the area around her right eye, which is also now inoperable and covered up. Her color is a kind of steel blue.

Horaz - The Time Core: His only purpose was to be a clock, but now he’s become self-aware and salty as fuck. The numbers on his body are always randomly shifting, and if you ask him the time he’ll probably insult you. His color is teal, though he also has a lot of gold color on him.

Wrecking Ball // a [corrupt] Wheatley fanmix

[ 01. Electric Lights Orchestra / Mr. Blue Sky // 02. The National / Mr. November // 03. Filter / Happy Together // 04. Portugal. The Man / Purple Yellow Red and Blue // 05. The Neighbourhood / Female Robbery // 06. The Killers / Spaceman // 07. Portal 2 Soundtrack / I AM NOT A MORON! // 08. Mother Mother / Wrecking Ball // 09. Metric / Gold Guns Girls // 10. Mountain Goats / Birth of Serpents // 11. Portal 2 Sountrack / The Part Where He Kills You // 12. The Neighbourhood / Wires // 13. Coldplay / A Rush of Blood To the Head ]

[listen here]

Things from the unofficial portal 2 musical that killed me:

Every time Wheatley calls Chell “luv” or “sweetheart”
Chell’s lil’ peck on the cheek to Wheat
Rick the adventure dad
The turrets
How the actress who played GLADoS/Caroline rocked it in those high heels
Black mesa getting roasted in a song
Cave and Caroline dancing
Cave and Caroline kiss
The lemon with a sparkler and Wheat running away with it
High fives when corrupting evil Wheatley
Now I only want you gone
The musical being over

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The anon who wants MTT to play Portal just gave me an idea. MTT in the place of corrupt!Wheatley would be hot as hell. Imagine him power-mad and getting off to watching you obediently complete your testing.

As soon as he takes power he would yell “OHHH YESSS.” And he would make the labs pink. And you know all those cameras before you go through the doors at the end of each stage? He would add more of them, and he would televise your testing experience and add his own commentary. “Oh my, what is she doing with that companion cube? Did you really think that would work, darling?”