Advocating Nature Conservation With Fiction

Advocating Nature Conservation With Fiction

Nature Conservation Novel

A reader of my novel, Corr Syl the Warrior, emailed a review today that I decided to share.  The novel is my first attempt to use fiction to promote nature conservation.  Arizona librarians chose it as Arizona’s 2014 contribution to the One-Book-One-Community program.  This month, April–2014, you may down the eBook free from

Review of Corr Syl, April 4,…

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Death Beneath the Pavement

Death Beneath the Pavement

Death Lies Beneath the Pavement

Entombing the life of the soil.

Beneath the pavement of the street and the concrete of the sidewalk lie the corpses of tiny creatures by millions entombed unknown and unremembered.

“When you thrust a shovel into the soil or tear off a piece of coral, you are, godlike, cutting through an entire world. You have crossed a hidden frontier known to very few. Immediately…

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