“Aslan Imagined” - Modeled by Kafui Dzaka

One of my favorites from my “Narnia Imagined” collection for digital photography class. Still has some work left to it, but this will do for now!

Hi, my name is Justin Corriveau, Afterbirth is my blog of original photographs taken over a period of about 15 years and arranged in no particular order. My work focuses on the dark and strange and the strangely beautiful in the mundane. I use a vast array of equipment (basically whatever is at hand) from 35mm, polaroids, digital, medium format, disposable, and low quality film stills. Feel free to reblog. Enjoy!


FIFA 15 is only just out. But you GFOPs clearly have prophetic powers. We asked you to look into the future and conjure the cover of FIFA 16. You answered by the thousands. Stevie Naismith, Wet Herrera and Kyle Beckerman were key themes in your creative work.

Here are the 10 winners. If you see your entry, a Raven is on the way.