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La Corriveau was said to be a witch in old Quebec around the 1500s who was publicly executed. After the execution, her body was put into a cage and hung on a tree beside the river as a warning. It's said that schoolchildren walked by her every day. Anyway, so centuries passed and the cage was found in Michigan, I believe, and displayed for an exhibit. Just days after the exhibit opened, there was a fire that destroyed a large portion of the display. After that, the cage was moved to a (pt. 1)

Different museum, where it was kept in storage for a few years. It was displayed again, and yet again, a fire happened. Now, Quebec is trying to get the cage as a historical artifact, so… {ps. If any of this is incorrect, feel free to tell me I’m not 100% on my memory}

holy SHIT how did I never hear about this???? brb spending my afternoon going and reading about this!